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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hellow! C:

I was wondering if you'd like to hear my werewolf idea; the one I talked about ^^

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) And yeah, this is my idea:

A = Girl
B = Guy

A was born as an omega in her the Red River pack, and she wasn't popular. Because her parents had been omegas and had died in battle, A hasn't gotten much status around the pack and gets bullied and teased a lot. To give herself a better life, she became a hunter, and her status grew. Now, she is one of the youngest and best hunters of her pack. Close to their territory, there's another pack called the Knight Pack. B is the Alpha of that pack, feared and respected, and very intimidating. When A's Alpha gets mad at Alpha B, he orders A to set up a mission to kill B. But when she is about to kill him, they lock eyes and find out they are mates.

We could do it where A and B have a love-hate relationship sort of thing? Where since they are mates they have to love each other but otherwise they can't stand each other because A is loyal to her pack and B has plans to attack them after the assassination attempt and B refuses to allow her to leave his pack? I don't know, just throwing stuff out there because it would be boring if they just accepted each other xD

I hope you like it :3 and I would love to be A, if you wouldn't mind!

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Me gusta

I do like that idea, I especially love omega x alpha stories (but I normally read them ^-^)
I like the love-hate relationship idea, where they try hard to resist their instincts (I would like it if the pack members don't actually mind that they become once they find out in the end, and they just wait for them to find out at the end and can tease them about it while A and B stay oblivious. Once A and B get together they can become the bridge between the two packs and the packs can become close if you don't mind?)

At the beginning it would be cool if no one knew she was his mate except those two but someone finds out sometime during her captivity and B's friends (so his beta and most trusted pack members) tease him etc.

Sorry, you told me the plot but then I basically planned out details >-< But, is it okay though?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) No, I luv it ^^ It's cool. I don't mind you planning out the details, I actually like it when people join in with their own ideas. It usually makes the roleplay even better :D

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments =^-^= (My happy cat face)
That's cool, shall we start planning out the characters now?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yesh! Is it okay if I copy it from the topic I was supposed to roleplay on? I had the character planned out already :D

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Sure c: Can I use the template?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yup!

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Name: Savannah Maria Jones

Age: Seventeen


♣ May 8, 1996
♣ 1:13 AM
♣ Denver, Colorado

Gender: Female

[Sexuality] Heterosexual

[Relationship Status] Not mated and hoping to stay that way.

Pack Rank Lead Huntress

Human Appearance:

(view spoiler)

[Face Claim] Shay Mitchell

[Hair] She has dark black wavy locks that curl slightly at the ends.

[Eyes] A warm chestnut brown

[Complexion] She has a natural tanned complexion with a few scars here and there from fights. There is a bite mark on her shoulder, which causes many others to believe that she is already mated while she is not.

[Height] 5'7"

[Weight] 121 lbs

[Distinctive Markings]] This tattoo on her collarbone. (view spoiler)

Wolf Appearance:


Savannah used to be a timid, fragile little girl who was scared of the world. When her parents died in battle, she had no one. Her parents had devoted their lives to the Red River pack, even though they were omegas and disrespected. Even though her parents were omegas and many told her how low she was because she was one too, she never stopped loving her parents. She wasn’t as devoted to her pack as they were. She, in her first years into puberty, really hated her pack. She lived in the pack home’s basement, because that was the filthiest place there was. She was just an omega, and didn’t deserve a nice place to stay. Her old house had been taken by other wolves. Perks of being an omega… All these things led to the fact that Savannah changed. She grew angrier and angrier and that changed her.

She grew to have a hot-temper, and because that wasn’t really a nice aspect of an omega’s personality, she got bullied more and more. This only made her angrier. Savannah, when teased a lot, got angry and into fights a lot. She wasn’t timid anymore. She wasn’t scared anymore.

She wanted to fight back. She had gotten that from her father. Savannah was really determined. Determined for her own goals, her own achievements. She really needed to get something out of life, and she didn’t want to be an omega anymore.

But behind the hard and intimidating person Savannah is now, there is an emotionally fragile girl who is scared of getting into relationships. She doesn’t want to have a mate because she is scared that he will reject her. Savannah has dealt with rejection so much in life; she wouldn’t know how to cope with more. She would hide and get annoyed or angry, but behind that mask she would really get hurt. That is what Savannah is. She hides her real emotions behind anger and frustration. She is that person that knows how to fake a smile when she’s hurt.

But behind all the serious parts, Savannah likes to take risks and likes to mess around with people. Though her job requires her to be serious, in her free time she likes to joke around with her friends. She has some good friends in the pack, though some of them do not know of her dark past.

Savannah was born in on the 8th of May in 1996 in Denver, Colorado. She was very unexpected as a pup. Her mother, Julia and father, Aiden had just gotten together and completed the mating process. Even though Savannah wasn’t planned, she was a welcomed suprise.

Julia had met Aiden in the time where the Red River pack was still on good terms with the Knight pack. Aiden had been Alpha Tiernan’s beta and best friend, and Julia met him when the Red River pack came visiting the Knight pack. Julia had only been seventeen years old, and was welcomed into the Red River pack with ease. The Alphas were friends, and didn’t mind the transfers. But Alpha Tiernan still needed Aiden, so he remained the beta. But due to Alpha Tiernan’s anger issues, Aiden was removed from his position and banned to the low ranks of the omegas. Julia was forced to join him; not that she minded. They were deeply in love, but still devoted to the pack, even though the Alpha had doomed them to an unpopular and disrespectful life.

Soon, Alpha Tiernan got into a fight with Alpha Trevor of the Knight Pack. Alpha Tiernan was killed and his son Uriah took his place. Under Uriah’s command, they got into a battle which caused a loss of many lives. Julia and Aiden both died in battle, because Uriah had both gave them the order to fight, even though Julia wanted to stay at home and take care of Savannah.
And so, Savannah was left alone in the Red River pack. She was merely two years old, and was still learning everything in life. In the pack, there was a special centre for pups without parents, and Savannah grew up there.

Savannah didn’t have a happy child hood, unlike many other pups. She was hated and bullied, just because of her past. She was just an omega, worth nothing in the eyes of the other pups. Though, she got through it all with the help of her best friend Alex, who was an omega too. Now, Alex wasn’t bullied as much, just because he was really buff and strong, so they left him alone.

When Savannah was a child, almost a teen, she got angrier and angrier. The bullying wouldn’t stop, and she just wanted to get it over with. She started to get into fights with the older children, which caused her to get punished with the whip. Uriah, at the time, was thirty years old. (Currently, he’s thirty-seven years old). Savannah has scars on her back to prove of that. She thinks they are very ugly, but learned how to live with it. It was not like anybody wanted to be the mate of the omega.

Savannah started to work up her status, doing the tasks nobody wanted to do. People started to respect her. She moved up the ranks and soon became a hunter. Because she was a really good one, and led the hunters a lot, even though she wasn’t supposed to, Uriah decided that she had to become lead Huntress.

Even though Savannah is respected now and lives in her own house on pack grounds, she is still very insecure. She doesn’t want her mate because she is scared that he will reject her. She ist just very scared of letting people in, so she puts up an angry face and pushes thema way.


♦ Savannah’s insecurities may sometimes lead her into taking the wrong decisions. She pushes people away instead of letting them in, and pushes herself too hard because of that. She wants to do everything by herself, when she should really let others help.

♦ Because Savannah wants to do everything on her own, she pushes herself to the mere blink of exhaustion. She is pushing herself too hard, she is working too hard, just because she wants to prove everyone that she does matter.

♦ Anger is not really one of Savannah’s strong points either. She will lose her emotions into her work a lot, and that affects it badly most of the time. She tends to get annoyed a lot, and is very bad at hiding that. And when she hides her other emotions behind anger, it will all come out after a while: as anger.


♦ Savannah is very strong-willed and determined. When she wants something, she’ll get it. She isn’t afraid to speak up about what she wants, and doesn’t let anyone talk her down.

♦ Fast. That’s one thing you can’t deny about Savannah. Her body is in great shape. She is really fast, strong and can really sneak up on people. Because her wolf is kind of small (because she is an omega), she can use that as an advantage.

♦ Her walls. Even though hiding her emotions can be a bad thing, she tends to never let them show. She won’t let anything get to her, and that makes her mentally strong. Though it can all come crumbling down at once…

Julia Emily Jones
Aiden Killian Jones

Alex Mason Gillan ~ Eightteen years ~ Best friend

Everyone except her pack members. Though she is not quite fond of them either.

She absolutely hates cats.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I know this may seem weird, and I'll make my profile soon, but I just wanna say thanks for giving her a realistic height - lots of people create characters and think it's cute to make some 5foot 2 for instance, and I'm like Do you know how short that is?!?!?
*rant over*
That was weird, sorry again >-< And thanks again ^-^

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments What does face claim mean?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I know right! 5'2" is so tiny, like... The Hobbit dwarf tiny. Haha! :D

And face claim is just to let you know which celebrity I used for the pictures :3

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments {Name}:
Vincent Lucinder

20 years of age

♣ 7th December 1995
♣ Unknown
♣ Great Britain - Northern Scotland


[Relationship Status]

{Human Appearance}:

Dark brown
Dark brown, almost black

[Distinctive Markings]
His tattoos and his nose ring.

{Wolf Appearance}:

Vincent is a strong willed young man, he is a born leader, which helps his alpha status. He is able to control people but it works particularly well with omegas since they're normally always willing to listen. He sometimes finds it disturbinly distisgusting how wolf chemistry makes omegas want to throw them selves at him but he has learnt to live with it.

Vincent can be controlling sometimes (most of the time) and hates it when people doesn't listen to him. He has a short temper, the shortest temper in the world and snaps very quickly. If he says something and someone may have not heard and asks him to repeat it he will snap at them and have a go at them. If he is in his pack and someone lower down asks that he doesn't hesitate to change into his wolf form to show them their place. Although this may make him seem like a bad leader, he is ultimately a good leader as he is willing to listen to his pack's ideas and views and looks out for them. He is caring underneath all that thick skin and some may call him a tsundere (when one appears not to care on the outside but on the inside they do).

Vincent is a clean freak and likes to make sure his area where his pack live (they live in a large apartment surrounded by woods) is always clean. Anytime his pack hear he is coming back to the hideout after being away they rush to clean it to please their alpha. Vincent normally lives alone in his own home most of the time.

Vincent can be violent (if needed) and when he became alpha of the pack he has not hesitated to kill for his pack members. He has a sort of ritual that new comers must undergo when they are to join his pack. He only has two other alphas in his pack who are his second in command and his closet friends. He curses a lot and likes to call people 'muppet' as he believes it's an easy-go curse word and good for his heart. He normally always has a stoic expression on his face and is very loyal.

Vincent was born in Great Britain, in Scotland. Northern Scotland to be exact. He still lives there today. He grew up in a small town called Newton Mearns, where he lived with both his mother and father. Yes he does have a Scottish accent - but of course that isn't obvious to him as he's lived in Scotland his entire life. He used to live with his parents in a small cottage, and this didn't bother him because when growing, you don't know the meaning of 'rich' and 'poor' you have yourself, your family and your friends.

His friends didn't live in impressive houses either and they didn't have much modern technology like some children may have but it was fun for him to run around and play imaginary games with them. He would often have sleep overs with his friends. Vincent's father is an alpha and his mother is an omega, he didn't find out about wolves until his parent's told him about wolves and what he was when he turned 13. Many children in the small village where he lived had parents who were were-wolves and had children who were alphas, betas or omegas.

Sometimes Vincent would get into fights with children who he believed "had taken his space," or "played with his toys." He didn't know why he behaved like this but he knew that he had to take it back as his, including some of his friends. If he saw his friends playing with certain other people, he would walk over to the group, yank his friend by the arm and march back to where he previously was, saying things like "You're my friend, don't play with anyone else."

He had close run-ins though, for example, when he was around 4 or 5, he had a friend who would follow him everywhere and do everything he said - he like this boy a lot. His name was Arthur. He was obedient and didn't answer back. And when Arthur cried, Vincent didn't know why but he always felt sorry for him and felt like he had to protect him. One time, Arthur was playing at Vincent's house but it was soon time for Arthur to go home. Vincent didn't want his friend to leave so he told him to "stay." Arthur did as Vincent told hime (mainly because he couldn't will his body to move) and this made Vincent please that his friend listened to him - like usual.

Vincent's parents soon started to snap at Vincent, asking him why he had done that. His mother tried to tell Arthur that he could go home with his parents now, his dad was waiting by the door but Arthur shook his head and said he couldn't move. Arthur soon started to cry and Vincent started to argue with his parent's at making Arthur upset. To try and calm Arthur down, his dad picked him and got ready to take him home but this made him cry harder and louder. Vincent's mum told Arthur's dad that Vincent had "commanded" Arthur to stay and Arthur's dad put Arthur down and told him it was okay for him to move now. Arthur soon stopped crying and Vincent's dad took Vincent onto their front porch to say goodbye to Arthur and apologise. Vincent merely glared at his dad but hugged Arthur and told him that he would see him at school.

Vincent soon found out he acted liked that, and was able to control people like that because he was an alpha - the highest status of wolf and this meant he could esaily control an omega - that was what Arthur was and that's why he felt those urges. Vincent's dad and Arthur's dad are also alphas, so that's why he reacted that way when they wanted to take Arthur, because he believed Arthur was his friend and should obey what he said, nevermind their parents.

Because of things that have happened in his childhood it causes him to be highly possessive now.

Vincent, now 20 years of age, lives by his-self in a reasonable sized house. His mum and dad still live in the cottage and Vincent tends to visit them whenever he can (he absolutely adores his parents and his pack tend to tease him about being big, strong and dangerous whilst also being a sap). Vincent, in his spare time works as a manager of a mechanic company. His dad, who was the previous alpha of his pack handed the role down to him.

His dad had owned a pack house in the middle of the woods where the pack could stay in times of need of if they just wanted to pig out and watch films and stuff. It wasn't all seriousness in their pack. As Vincent became leader of a pack, it became his duty to find new pack members, people he trusted. He had Arthur become part of his pack, because they stayed close friends and he knew that he need at least one alpha to be in his pack, but he got two - two of his closest friends.

It was difficult, because they were reluctant to submit to him and it took several tries for them to enter his pack. He got some betas, some stray wolves who wanted to join. Each had to submit and prove their loyalty to join his pack. Hunters had to prove their worth and skill and ones who joined to fight had to prove their loyalty more than others as they could be especially dangerous to those who were not that equipted to fight.


♦ Tsundere and Short temper - Hides what he is feeling and bottles it all up on the inside. When his dam breaks, it breaks. Instead of leading to hurtful emotions it normally leads to anger where Vincent lashes and and breaks many, many things. He normally changes into his wolf form and then hunts, but one time a beta pack member was near him when he was pissed and the beta got mauled into other pack members mangaed to savage what was left of his body. Lucky for him that wolves can heal quite quickly when in their wolf state, but when he turned back into a human, he has scars all across his torso, face and legs.

♦ Over-Confident. He feels as if this should be there for most alphas, but he has put it down anyway as this is true about him. He's just lucky that he has strategists in his group to help him with his decisions (and that they're so calm when they talk to him - he should probably just thank his whole pack that he loves so much because they can put up with him, and they're like a second family to him.)


♦ His strength. His physical power is almost unmatchable. It helps that he's the manager of a mechanic shop, because when no one is around he is able to weight lift with some of the heavier metals... Mainly the body of the car without its wheels. Yes - the whole truth. His physical strength literally is almost unmatchable.

♦ Charasmatic. He has a way with words, what can he say. He just knows what to do and say at the right time.

♦ Sly, Vincent is more sly and stealthy then agile and fast but he prefers it that way - makes him feel more of a ninja. Yes, that again is also true.

Anastacia Lucinder
Malcolm Big Mac Lucinder

Too many to list.

Almost more than his friends.

Vincent is a giant flirt and playboy, he hasn't been a virgin since 1999, when he was 16. The first time was definitely his worst time, he was new and experience - he'd be surprised if the girl enjoyed it more than him. Ever since then though (after a year of celibacy), he decided to up his game now and he played around, never kept the relationship going for more than a couple of weeks because they bored him. (Plus the human girls thought he was really possessive, which he would surprisingly get bashful and unsurprisingly close up after they would say that).

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Ohhhhh okay - I used google images so I dunno who the dude is.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I plan to finish this by the end of this week, and then we can start roleplaying ^-^

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yay! Guys with tattoo's... omg, they are so hawt *fans self* x)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I finished the personality but need to do the rest soon.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Alrighty (:

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Did the history.... Sorry about the length :/

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) It's fine! I love it; it gives a good inside on Vincent's life :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) He looks great! Should I start?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Please, feel free to.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah, slowly and carefully, took one step at a time to go to the pack's Mansion. God, it was huge. Bigger than the Red River's one, where she had lived for several years. She could smell the wolves that were patrolling and guarding the mansion, but she knew it wouldn't be hard for her to slip in. The dress she was wearing moved a little bit to the wind, and she quickly tore a bit off so it wouldn't move again. Her scent couldn't be picked up. Not now. She didn't wear dresses to feel girly, no, Savannah did not care about appearance, only about skill and strength. She wore them because it was easier for the shift. She ran to the side of the Mansion, being silent on her swift feet. A smile crept on her lips as a wolf passed her but didn't notice her. Idiots. She put her boots on either side of the window and pushed herself up to the next floor.

Her job was to kill the Alpha, and she would happily comply. Even though she disliked Alpha Uriah, he had made her Lead Huntress and gave her a place to stay. That was enough, for now. Slowly, she took a deep breath and smelled that dominant scent. But... it was so strong, it made her frown. Why was it affecting her like this? She shook her head, a determined look on her face. Just ignore it, she told herself as she climbed up, using her claws to pull herself up. She reached the window on the second floor and opened it, and slowly slid inside.

Than, she saw him. The Alpha. She had to admit, he was pretty damn sexy, especially when he was sleeping. Damn. Shaking her head, she pulled her knife out of her boot and crept over to him. When she reached him, she noticed movement and her alarm clocks went off. So, she acted out of desperation and lunged for him. She ended up straddling him, and reaching up to push the knife in his heart.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) (That okay? :D)

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments (Oooooh me gusta >-< Now that she took her dress off, is she nude or does she have items of clothing underneath?)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((No she tore a bit of it off haha, so it would be shorter ^^))

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent was asleep. High emphasis on the word, was. As he woke up to the scent of an omega. An omega in his chambers. An unmated omega in his chambers. An unmated omega from another tribe in his chambers. And the latter did highly intrigue him. Vincent was well known, however he did not want to brag. His father had foolishly started a war with another clan and they had carried the feud to him, even though he suggested a peace making to the other clan but they refused - and his dad just smiled and laughed it off, saying he was proud of him when all Vincent wanted to do was smack him round the back of his head. But not only would that be disrespecting his own father but his high position as an alpha. An infamous alpha amongst most wolves.

Vincent was dreaming before he was awakened. He was dreaming of flying which he found weird because he was part wolf - wolves don't fly, they run. When he ran he felt free, more than what a bird can give him he decided. He stayed still as the strange figure approached him, he silently sniffed, working out that this was a strange female from an enemy clan and his eyes darkened. Death, that was the only result for what would happen. It had to be, as the only reason they would be sent here is to spy or for a kamikaze mission. To kill the alpha than be killed by his pack.

A noise startled him outside his door, a busy beta dropped a some books they were carrying and quickly tried to clean it up but the sudden noise startled the imposter; startled Vincent and made him jump. The stranger jumped on him straddling his waist and Vincent flipped them over, grabbing their wrists before the weapons they were carrying could penetrate his skin and pinned them to the bed. "Who are you?" he snarled. He leaned down near the person's neck and inhaled deeply, letting out a deep growl as he realised that this person could be no more than a servant for an enemy clan. He sat up, putting his weight on the female's waist as he glared into their eyes and his expression changed for a couple of seconds as he felt something snap inside of him but he quickly put it back on. The feeling was uncomfortable but he had worse, so he decided to ignore it. "One wrong move and I won't hesitate to end your life," he said decidedly, still glaring. "What is the name of your pack?" he asked, his voice strong and powerful, his eyes unwavering from his opponent, although he wanted to with the emotion they were showing him.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah let out a squeal of surprise as the Alpha flipped them over and straddled her waist. There was something going on between them, she could feel it. The tension... it was as if she could sense it in the air between them, growing thicker with their proximity. Her breathing went slower, and it seemed like the world had stopped spinning; as if all focus was lost when she finally touched him. Mate her wolf practically screamed out to her, trying to force the knife out of her hand. How dare she try to kill her mate? Her wolf tried to reason with her, but all Savannah could think of was the consequences of failing her most important task... the punishment. She could almost feel the whip slashing across her back again, creating marks that would leave scars forever. But before she could act, her wrists were pinned to the bed and she felt the knife slip out of her hand and clatter to the ground. "None of your business," she breathed out in a gasp, trying to get over the fact that the Alpha was her mate. Her mate. The truth finally dawned on her, and she was scared shitless. This was the enemy; the leader of the enemy pack was her mate. She could never be with him, and besides, he would never want an omega like her. She didn't belong to the power he held, and the beauty he held too. He was handsome, with his strong features, dark hair and striking eyes.

When he commented on ending her life, she held her breath. It was decision time. She could stay quiet, possibly letting her own mate kill her and decide for her, or she could tell him the truth and be forever banished and hunted by her pack. Alpha Uriah wasn't merciful, and surely he'd have her head if he found out that she had left the pack and went with the enemy. He had hated her, for no reason at all, besides being the child of her parents. The hate had been rooted into his heart by his father, and it would forever remain there. "Let me go," she struggled against him, trying to get him of off her, but he was too strong. Even her years of training wouldn't be able to top his off. He was... power itself. "Killing me won't help you, either. They will just send someone else," she breathed out, trying not to wince at the pain he was causing her back by pushing her against the bed, hard. The lashes from two weeks ago were still hurting, bright red and possibly infected. Her back was marred with scars, and she could not be more disgusted by it than she already was. "I am not going to tell you anything," she said stubbornly, clenching her jaw and letting her eyes glare into his.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent's eyes positively flashed with anger, and if looks could kill, this omega female would have been dead, with her tail up in the air. He moved his right leg from around her waist, to press it against her abdomen. He didn't want to do it too hard, he honestly didn't but he was furious at this strange omega for questioning his authority, and he had such a small temper. But he had to hand it to her for actually holding out this long without quivering with fear from his power. He was secretly surprised that she didn't answer his question - he was an alpha and she was an omega. Insticts said she had to do what he told her to. But she didn't even seem to be affected. Vincent would be lying if he said he wasn't intrigued by her nature.

But his anger took priority. After digging his knee into her abdomen, he took her wrists between his left hand and wrapped his right around her throat, pressing hard enough to cut off a little of her air supply but not enough to start choking her. He couldn't help but start to swear, he was tired after spending most of the night before with a random beta who was roaming wild. Doing... well, things his parents would disapprove of - he had a reputation to keep after all, they couldn't help but be worried for him. But he was bored for the past few weeks as he had spent most of it at his work and mucking around with his pack.

This was the most excitement he had in ages.

But he was tired. And tiredness meant he would start using foul language, such as asking her, "Who the fuck are you, damned omega?" When she just glared at him, he tightened his grip, his short nails digging into her throat and leaving crescent shaped marks.

Vincent felt another sharp pain in his stomach, more intense than the last, and he moved his eyes away from hers so she couldn't see his emotions - so he could hide his weakness. He gritted his teeth, and breathed deeply, he felt like he had just run a marathon, like not only her oxygen supply, but his oxygen supply was getting cut off too.

He opened his mouth to snap at her but instead a sharp howl left his soft lips in a cry as he felt another sharp kick in his guts. His hand moved completely away from her throat, but the weight he was holding up from his legs failed, and officially digged into the girl beneath him with as much force as his limp body could muster. He dug his hands into his bed, beside her head, his pupils dilating. He snarled at her, his nostrils flaring as his emotions ran wild, he didn't know how to act to this stranger here, and it was causing the upmost confusion from him.

His brain was telling him to rip her to pieces, but his insticts were saying to embrace her, - but for what damn cause? Vincent could feel beads of perspiration forming on his forehead, his hair, falling limp in front of his eyes, as he tilted his chin up to look down at her, a steady, dangerously calm look on his face, his mouth in a sneer.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah tried to hide the fact that he was hurting her -- badly -- and that he was making her feel as if she was being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach. She wheezed, feeling the breath knock out of her as the pressure started to build up. Why was he doing this to her? Why not just kill her already and be done with it? Sure, it wasn't her number one choice, but it was better than getting tortured by her mate, which was kind of strange when she thought about it. Her parents had had the connection, which was fairly rare, considering mates were almost never found these days. But they had loved eachother dearly... and of course... shared eachother's pain too. But wouldn't this man, this Alpha, share her pain as well? Maybe it was because she was just an omega, and that he exerted power like he was a electricity beacon, never once faltering. She tried, desperately, not to cry out in pain.

But as he began to choke her, she felt a whimper crawl out of her lips and into the open air, filling the silence. She tried to keep on forcing the air between her lips and trying to keep her lungs up and running. But even though she could feel her body turn limp at the denial of oxygen, she could also feel how the body on top of her was slowly becoming limb as well. So... it was affecting him? As he asked her, she decided to answer truthfully, without giving her name and risking her own pack. "No one that matters," she whimpered out. "An omega," she breathed out, but realised her mistake when more oxygen was lost. She felt tears burn at her eyes, but held them back, not wanting him to see more weaknesses of hers. All fight was slowly leaving her, and she felt herself relax at the idea of floating away and having no more pain anymore. No more lashes... no more emotional pain... no more torture... No more...

She was slightly startled when she heard the cry leave his lips, and then knew that her pain was definitely affecting her. But by the way he was still hurting her, and torturing her, Savannah was sure that this man didn't know that she was his mate. And maybe it was better that that certain information would remain hidden. She was sure she looked like a fish on land, right there, as he let go off her neck and she could finally breath freely again. But then the breath was knocked out of her again -- as he dug his knees deeply in her abdomen with so much force, a cry left her lips. She cursed out loud and shut her eyes tightly, her body trembling in pain. "Please just... just stop," she pleaded, feeling broken as he stared at her with that dangerous, angry look of his. He didn't care and so should she. She shouldn't care. It wasn't as if anyone in her life actually cared about her pain. Her pleas would fall on deaf ears -- she was sure of that -- but she just wanted to ask him for something he would do, willingly. "Please just end it," she breathed out.

To be honest to herself, she was shocked to hear those words leave her lips. But there was a certain truth to them. She was so tired, so tired of getting hurt. It seemed like there was nothing else to live for, except getting hurt. And that didn't seem worth her pain...

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent continued to glare down at her, his glare so intense it felt like it would permanently burn its shape into his face. Why wasn't she going to answer him truthfully? God dammit, couldn't she feel his will? Vincent stopped his glaring for a second, moving his knee from her abdomen to place both of his legs at either side of her hips. He moved his hands from the side of her head and crossed his arms. If he left them near her head then he would be in an uncomfortable position, not to mention awkward. He sighed, turning his head away from her and stared towards his wall. He was pleased to know she was hurt, but he felt slightly sick in his stomach, and was soon feeling guilt. He groaned internally and cursed himself for being soft. His pack needed a powerful and strong alpha, not someone who would pity his enemies. But that was what he was doing. He rocked back on his hind, grabbing the strange female by the wrist and pulling her off the bed with him as he got off it.

End it? No, she wasn't going to get that - but not because Vincent wanted to save her, of course not. But because he had to find out what the name of this enemy pack was. Methods of torture would be brought out upon her. Vincent attempted to stiffle a violent shudder but couldn't as it racked his shoulders - the thought of doing harm to this female... Revolted him. But that was only because she was a woman, right? He had never done torture to a woman before so that's why he probably felt guilty. God, he needed a cigarette right now.

He stopped just outside his bedroom door, clamping his hand hard over the girl's right wrist as he reached out to a side table he had, taking out nicotine patch. He peeled off the wrapper on the back with one hand - it was awkward and not at all manly as he struggled with his large fingers - then slapped it on to his right arm which was holding the girl's wrist. Vincent was dressed in dark grey jogging trousers with the draw strings pulled loosely to tighten the pants against his hips. He was wearing a loose vest as the weather was chilly but he preferred it that way. The vest didn't define much.

He breathed deeply and opened the door to his bedroom, dragging the girl out with him, walking down his hallway and ignoring the confused yells from his subordinates. He pulled the girl by the wrist, ignoring what he was feeling deep, deep down. Unease? But why? He was a natural born leader, he shook his head and stopped in his path, right in front of the large southern window, facing their back entrance. The window took up more space than the wall and was in a circle shape, with a chunky, wooden frame. The walls were painted white, contrasting against the dark brown. Outside, the sky was as dark as sapphire, hardly any stars seen in the night. If you focused hard outside, you would be able to see the dark outline of the tallest trees. As Vincent stood with the stranger, he snarled quietly, a deep, gutteral sound from the back of his throat. It was a warning sound, and he could tell that all of the wolves who were currently up instead of sleeping suddenly all thought sleeping sounded like a good idea and head off to their rooms. Vincent looked the stranger in her eyes again, his dark pupils reflecting what her emotions showed him. This almost stopped him in his tracks, and he had to wet his lips to ask her the question again. "What is your name?" he persisted, deliberately saying it slowly.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah let out a cry of surprise as he took her wrist in his strong, crushing grip, and pulled her off the bed with him. She went with him, unwillingly, scrambling and trying to remain steady on her feet. Biting her lip hard, she didn't say a word as he pulled her with him to the side table. She couldn't help but feel scared of this... man, her mate, when he looked at her with his glaring, dangerous gaze. It was true, she had her fair share of dealing with impossible Alphas, but dealing with her mate was another ball game she didn't want to play. She wasn't sure what he was planning on doing though, even though it was obvious that he wasn't going to end it for her. No, he was too smart to do that, too cunning. She could see it in his eyes every single time he looked at her, with that calculating gaze of his, trying to figure out her game. Well, she wasn't going to tell him anything. She wasn't going to risk it -- mate or not.

Strange, it was, to see him taking a... a nicotine patch? Why did he smoke? As supernatural beings, they practically lived forever, unless they were wounded fatally. Smoking didn't cause that, and it surely didn't help a person either. For a werewolf, it did practically nothing. So why did he smoke than, or rather, had he smoked? To relieve the stress? She could imagine being an Alpha was quite stressful, but then of course, her own life hadn't been all rainbows and unicorns either. A title should never come with certain prejudices, even though she was quite sure that this Alpha was the embodiment of all prejudices against Alphas. "Wha-" she began, as he took her outside the bedroom, dragging her down the corridor with an almost determined look in his eyes. Where were they going?

Savannah, though, couldn't help but stare at his gorgeous body as he moved. He was the embodiment of masculinity, with his strong shoulders, back and chest, and his hard features. Hot. Dangerous. Tempting. If only they had an actual chance... but Savannah had always known that her mate would either reject her, or kill her, and she didn't know which of the two would be simpler. Both seemed quite normal to her, after all she had been through. She wasn't used to being supported -- loved -- or anything similar to that. So her mate wanting to kill or torture her, wasn't as big of a surprise as she thought it would have been. Though, she knew it was egotistic of her to think that he would want her after she had tried to kill him, and after she had denied him any part of her information.

Suddenly, they stopped at the end of the hallway, near a window. It seemed so sudden, Savannah stumbled into his body and quickly righted herself, stepping back even though his grip on her wrist was stopping her from going as far as she would have liked. "Why do you care?" she scoffed, shaking her head. "You're going to kill me anyway. Don't you think I know how this works? I'm not an imbecile. First, you'll torture me for information, which, hopefully for you, comes out of my mouth. And then afterwards, you'll kill me. Information given or not. It doesn't matter. So now, why would I give you my name? To make it easier for you? It's not like you care," she said, and almost wanted to slap herself from letting that last sentence slip. God damnit, why did her wolf always want to but in? Especially now, when she was so scared. Her wolf was jumping with excitement at the thought of mating, but she hated to break the news to her. That wasn't going to happen.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent looked down at the female omega again. His eyes half slitted as he glared at her, his lips in a sneer. This girl was getting on his last nerves; how dare she keep questioning his authority?! Vincent snarled darkly at her, his eyes flashing. He let his face calm for a couple of seconds, his grip still on her tight, as he turned his head to look out of his window. It wasn't open, so the view from outside wasn't as clear as it could be, but he could still see the stars. Shining and burning bright as their light illuminated the world below. He turned his face back to look down at her and let out a deep sigh. "You're right," he said quietly yet strongly. "I don't care," but as he said those words, it felt so wrong in his mouth.

But he didn't let that show on his face, he couldn't. If he couldn't explain it himself, then what was the point? Plus, he hated not knowing so thinking about it agitated him. So he decided to block his emotions for her. Why should he care?

He grabbed the woman's left wrist and pulled her down the stairs with him, heading down what felt like several flights except it was just four (they were very long stair cases, wrought iron, painted black that were wrapped round in a spiral), then he walked straight down the corridor to the end of the hallway where there was a metal door.

Normally, it would be locked, but because there was currently no one inside it, it was left open... For moments such as these. There was no one around to see this happen as they had all run away into their respective rooms. Vincent went and looked at her again, her emotions surprising him but he just turned back to the room and pulled her inside with him.
Through the metal doors, the entire room was white padding, just like one for a mental patient in an asylum. There was no other colour here. Except the girl's clothes... Which Vincent would have to deal with later. He pushed the female inside the room, and grabbing the key that was in the lock in the back, he turned it and locked the door behind him, taking the key which was on a strong, titanium chain (It had to be, because they kept all kind of nut jobs in here) and placed the chain around his neck and went to the girl.

This room wasn't necessarily physical torture - more like the mental kind. This was because they would keep people in these white walls without any human contact for months until they broke. They would see white and dream of white, there were no windows in here so you couldn't see outside (there were ventilation systems though). And a white bathroom so they could bathe and have their basic human needs. However, the bathroom didn't have a lock. It didn't need one because it didn't have a door. Sure they had two separate rooms, but you could see straight into it when you stood in the middle of the main room. Vincent walked towards the female, and barked a command at her. "Strip."

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah felt an iron fist clench itself around her heart at the look on his face, which filled her with terror. He did really look intimidating, with that scary sneer on his face. Sure, her own Alpha was quite intimidating as well, but maybe because this one was her mate, it had a different effect on her. Like it was all wrong that he was treating her this way, because it really was. Mates were supposed to be eachother's different halves. They were literally made for eachother, to fill eachother's voids. But how was she supposed to do that, when he was the enemy, and had no intention of letting her in? And she was pretty sure that the guy had no idea who she was. He would find out soon enough, though, she realised, as she felt him grip her wrist.

It didn't take Savannah long to figure out where they were going. Heading downstairs was never a good thing, which was what most horror movies did right at least, and she was quite sure that they were heading towards the dungeons. It was a silly name for something that werewolves used to hold rogues or other scum, for questioning or just for torturing information out of them. Savannah had seen her fair share of torture alright, and she was quite terrified when she saw the white padding on the walls. As she was pushed into the room, she stumbled before turning around, looking at him as he locked the door. It was strange, because he was still in the room with her, which didn't really held anything good for her in mind. He was probably going to do the job himself.

Gulping slightly, she averted her eyes and stared hard at the ground when he walked over to her. But his command startled her, and she unconsciously took a step back, biting her lip. Strip? What the hell does he want to do with us? "I-" she began, but she immediately shut up once she saw his eyes darkening. So okay, it wasn't a smart thing to just play with him and protest -- that much was clear to her.

But what was she supposed to do now? Just follow his command? A part of her wanted to let him see her naked, and see what that would do to him, exactly. But another part wanted to defy him -- hate him -- for what he was doing to us; to Savannah and her wolf. "Fine," she snapped at him. She pushed her hair over her shoulder and then kicked of her shoes, then socks. Then, she moved her dress straps over her shoulders and let the black fabric pool at her feet. Her skin wasn't exactly flawless, with the mud and dirt on it, but she was scared of what he might do when he saw her back; her scarred and marred back. It was so disgusting and ugly to her, that it had been her main insecurity. When he would see it, he would surely reject her; if he had realised that by now they were indeed mates. She just stood there, in her lace black panties and bra, hesitating to take them off as well. She wasn't sure what he wanted.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent wanted to show such expressions on his face. Many expressions. He could see the confusion running through her eyes, but eventually she did what he asked of her. Vincent would be lying if he didn't say he was surprised, she actually listened to him. But he was pleased, and he had to strongly resist the urge to let out a deep growl from the back of his throat with delight. He leaned against one of the padded walls - padded to stop the prisoners (is prisoners even the correct word... Well, he is he captor) from injuring theirself or trying to commit suicide. It was all fool proof. Vincent didn't bother to hide his gaze as she took off her items of clothing. Sure, his mum had always taught him to be a gentleman, but that was all gone now. He was an alpha and he had to show his status.

As the female omega peeled of her items of clothing he made his self comfortable by adjusting his position and sinking into the walls. Eventually the female was just standing there in her underwear. He stared at her, taking in her form that ignited a sudden fire in his chest. Vincent turned his gaze away to stare at a plain wall. "Clothes are in the bathroom, in the counter beneath the sink," he told her quietly, still not looking her in the eye. The clothes in the counter was a white sleeveless shirt and white trousers, white socks and white tennis shoes too. There was also white underwear there too, which made Vincent a little hesitatant but he still said "You need to take your underwear off." He turned his face back towards the female, waiting to see her expression, to see if it would change or not. His eyes then travelled back down her body, to trace the outline of it and look at her skin, which he could see as flawless, she didn't have any moles covering her body and her long hair framed her cheeks nicely. Vincent had to admit, she was a pretty woman.

The brass key on the silver titanium chain shined against the odd light in the bright room. He could tell she may have trouble sleeping, but that wouldn't surprise him, the room wasn't dark at all and you would have trouble telling what time of day it was.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah felt awkward there, standing in only her underwear, feeling very naked under his gaze. His eyes and face were an emotionless mix, and she didn't quite know how to react. Maybe she had been wrong... maybe he wasn't her mate after all? Maybe it was just a wrong assumption.. No! He is our mate, you aren't wrong, her wolf told her suddenly, growling in her mind. She shuddered and averted her gaze to the ground, not sure if her wolf was telling the truth or not. A wolf's instinct was always right, of course, but how could he react like that? Stand there so coldly, as if everything she did, didn't matter to him. It just didn't make any sense. She was jerked out of her thoughts when he spoke to her about the clothes, in the bathroom. She turned to the open bathroom, seeing the white clothes there, making her furrow her eyebrows. "You sure like everything spotless," she murmured under her breath, shaking her head slightly. What was it with him and white?

She held her breath as he told her to take her underwear of as well; because that was just plain embarrassing. Sure, she had agreed to taking of the clothes, just so she could see if it would affect him, but now... now that it was clear to her that it didn't change a thing -- she didn't quite want to expose herself to him like that. "No..." she gulped. "I can't do that," she told him, crossing her arms over her chest. She shook her head again, and suddenly felt humiliated. How could she have been so weak? She should never have listened to her wolf -- to take of her clothes to see how he would react. She couldn't just take her underwear off too, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"And you know what, this is my favourite dress," she breathed out, trying not to let any fear leak into her voice as she picked the dress up and pulled it back over her head. "And I don't quite like white, it's too pure. I don't want to wear that," she shook her head, took a step back and wrapped her arms around her own waist. "I don't know what you're planning, but I can't believe how much of an idiot you really are," she just wanted to laugh in his face. How could he not realise that the attraction between them meant that they were mates? "Of course you don't get it," she shook her head and closed her eyes. Of course the only person that was meant to safe her from all her sadness and depression, didn't even know that he had a mate. And he just, to put it simply, didn't care.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent saw her shudder and tried to keep the confusion off of his face but he felt himself frown. Was she cold? It him feel like there was something clawing at his throat, like there was something he had to say and it made him burn inside. He felt like he needed a drink of water, but he resisted. He had to and he didn't know why. He couldn't give in, showing emotions was a weakness. Spotless? Vincent couldn't help but chuckle quietly at that, his human friends and pack members called him OCD as he had to make sure that everything was clean. Even though he worked the manager ofo a mechanics - which couldn't simply be a clean place, he tried his best to make sure the environment was a healthy one. However, for this room, it was designed with one purpose, which was to slowly drive the person insane.

Favourite dress, he pondered silently. It looked like she crawled through a pig sty with it. The ends were frayed and muddy, possibly from her treck here, he noted. A piece of the dress looked ripped - maybe she had a struggle while getting here with stray wolves or maybe it caught in some thorns. Then again, Vincent didn't live deep in the forest but his father did own a great majority of land which eventually got passed down to him - and unfortunately, the bill did too.

Vincent stopped leaning against the wall, to stand up straight, listening to this female's voice. He couldn't believe this stranger, an omega of any less, was talking back at him in his own home. He had to admit, she had guts. But that was the last thing he would be thinking as he took quick, precise steps to her location. He grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her down towards the ground with such a force, that he was once again on top of her, his knees on either side of her. His right hand was on her left shoulder, pressing her down as his left hand was beside her face, keeping her locked in this temporary human prison. "Idiot?" He snarled lowly at her, "What could I possibly not understand?" He said, daring her to tell. "As far as I can tell, no one is coming here to rescue you, you may as well just tell me what you know, little omega." he said, patronising the female, his voice deep and dangerous. His eyes flashed as he smelled her scent, it feltt stronger than before, or maybe was it because he was leaning his face closer to hers. They were only a couple of inches apart as Vincent stared at her, his eyes trailing over her face, the back to hers. Everytime he breathed he could smell that intoxicating smell, and he really hoped it was a perfume she was wearing. If so, he could just buy it and spray it around and... He wouldn't do that, on second thoughts. That would just be very, very strange.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah heard his chuckle and was left shocked at the sudden change of mood. This guy definitely had to be bipolar; he just couldn't go from insanely mad to happy cheery Alpha in a matter of seconds? What was going on with him? She shook her head and crossed her arms in front of her chest, feeling quite exposed under his constant gaze. She really didn't know what his problem was. Did they always go through this routine when they encountered an enemy? At least it was simple at her pack, they got questioned, and if they didn't answer, they got tortured. And when that still didn't work, they were killed off. So why was this guy putting her in a spotless room, for mentally insane people, and hope that would get her to talk? It wasn't like her brain could get anymore damaged. Ouch, it sounded kind of harsh in her head, but it was the truth. All the torturing and whipping hadn't only left scars on her back, but also on her soul... on her mind.

She gasped as he threw her on the ground, and felt her body tingle at the proximity of his body against hers. His hand so close to her face... his knees on either side of her... his hips- Oh god, stop it, She shook her head wildly and kept staring at him, biting her lip slightly. Jesus Christ, why did the guy have to look insanely sexy when he was angry at her. But then she heard what he said, and she flat out broke into laughter. "You don't get it, do you?" she breathed out, shaking her head with a sad grin on her lips. "They sent me because they don't care if I come back or not. I'm just a pawn, a playable pawn -- and it doesn't matter if I live or die in the heat of the game," she averted her eyes. It hurt to tell him exactly why, but she needed to do this. Maybe then all the hurting would stop. "No one cares," she said through gritted teeth. "And you're an idiot, because you don't what's happening in front of you," she whispered that last part.

She could barely control her breathing as he stared at her, his face so close to hers. If he would just lean in... they would be kissing. Savannah wondered what it would be like to kiss this gorgeous man -- to kiss her mate -- would it feel as perfect as everyone told her it was? "I'm your mate, you stupid imbecile," she felt her voice starting to break, but she gulped the lump in her throat away and made her eyes cold. "So why don't you just reject me and get over with it? Because we both know that you want information I simply can't give to you," she let out a soft breath. "And you won't get it out of me by torturing me, because I've had enough of that already. I just... I can't go through that again. I can't betray my pack and just tell you everything. That would have consequences for my friends," she felt her eyes burn with tears. "And I would rather take the pain myself, then let anyone else endure it instead."

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent watched the female bite her lip, tempting him to watch her but her resisted. It was weird, it was making him feel weird and he didn't know why he was reacting like this to her body. As she laughed Vincent got a look at her, a real good look and just stared. She looked like a maniac, her clothes dirty but her face grinning in that false hope, that false laugh. It was sad, Vincent thought, listening to what she had to say. He could never allow his pack members to be treated like that, no matter how big or small their roles were, they were a family and they had to stick out for each other - all differences had to be put aside, especially as they all lived together in his house. Apartment complex. Manor. Whatever you wanted to call it.

How could no one care about this woman. Didn't she have any family, or someone who cared about her? She was quite a pretty young lady, surely she had someone who liked her, or maybe a mate? Then again, from what Vincent could tell of her personality, it was as bitter as the expressions she constantly showed him. "You're my mate?" Vincent repeated in disbelief, shock evident in his voice. "What kind of crap are you feeding me?" he said lowly, glaring at her, "Do you really expect me to believe you?" he told her, because Vincent had never experienced a true kind of 'love' from someone. He knew he should have listened to his dad when he told him what a bond felt like, but it surely didn't feel like pain, right? This female was talking pure nonsense, how could he reject her if they weren't together? "Stop talking shit," he snarled.

Vincent was angry, not just with himself for not knowing how he felt now (because, yes, even though it still sounded like complete crap, deep down, it felt like perhaps, just perhaps this woman was telling him the truth), but Vincent was also angry at this woman.

"Betray your pack," he growled at her. "Give me a fucking break. You said it yourself; they don't even give a shit about you, so why should it matter what you say to me right here and right now, although it seems like you don't have a problem with lying." he spat out coldy. She said he couldn't get it out of her by torturing her, "What did your pack do to you?" Vincent thought - well he thought he thought that, until he realised he said it - quite softly - out loud. He moved his head further away from hers, practically sitting now, his hands still by her shoulders but his head had turned to the door as he thought about what she had told him, his mind lost in thought.
(Damn his tsundere personality.)
Before he had looked away, he had seen the tears in her eyes and the sorrow in them and he had seen that look before, on people who believed that they couldn't continue living. That they were worth nothing. Now this intrigued him, as she had to be worth something to be given an important task to try and kill an alpha. But obviously she's been fed trash all her life, His conscious told him.

His instincts were telling him to stop, to stop her pain, and it made the wolf inside him want to howl. He gritted his teeth and turned his head back to look at her, feeling his body heat up from looking at her eyes so he settled for looking at the side of her head as he spoke his harsh, rough words to her. "You cry for your pack, but do they do the same for you? You cry for your friends, but does it matter to them if you come back alive? Why don't you think about yourself for a change?" He finished, his gaze still not looking straight at her.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah had known that he would not simply believe the words she would tell him, but she had thought that the signs had been quite obvious. They had been practically thrown into her, but also his, face. The tingly feelings when they touched, the pull between their bodies, the tightening in her chest when he said mean things to her. He had power over her like no one else had, but she couldn't let him have that. But it was not as if he would use that power, seeing he had no clue that what she was saying was actually true. But apparently, he only had the ability to get angry at her, or just be plain stupid to her. She wondered if she was mated to a werewolf, or just a mentally disturbed monkey with no brain cells. Nevermind. "This 'shit' I'm telling you," she began, quoting the word shit with her fingers, "-is the truth. Whether you like it or not, I'm your mate, but as I said, it's clear that you don't want, nor care about me, so why don't we just get it over with?" she said through gritted teeth.

When she listened to him, ranting and ranting about how her pack didn't give a damn about her, or just wanted her to die, she just felt something within her snap. "You don't even know what you're talking about!" she shouted at him. "You have no idea, what I've been through," she growled, throwing her hands up in the air. "You probably had a nice mom and a nice dad, and everything you ever wanted. The Alpha, who always gets when he wants something, and always wins," she snapped. She shook her head wildly. "What my pack did to me is none of your business, but hey, you've taken all my rights away anyway, so here," she growled. She turned her back to him, and let the straps of her dress drop a little so her back was on full display. It was marred with scars, in a horrible and terrible way, as if there had never been a smooth back to begin with.

"You happy now?" she asked, her voice trembling as she spoke. She felt tears bite at her eyes, but she didn't really know why. Shouldn't she have expected it? That her own mate wouldn't care? That, even when she was confused, angry or scared, he wouldn't help her? She should've known, and she realised that now. "Because I've had enough of your complete and utter bullshit," she told him, turning back around after tugging her dress back up. She winced as she did, knowing some of the cuts on her back were recent and had not healed yet.

"Don't you think I know that no one cares? Didn't I tell you, oh mighty Alpha?" she said sarcastically, shaking her head. "Thinking about myself will only get people killed. They might not care about me, but I have some people I still love, even though they hate and despise me," she whispered with a shake of her head. "So there's nothing you can do or say that will make me betray them, because even though I'm treated like dirt, there are still people I care about."

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent wanted to roll his eyes at what the female was saying. He had just met her yet here she was dropping the bomb that he was her mate and here he was reacting like a girl for it and he just had to calm down and think for a couple of moments. To think what to do, because he never had to do something before like this as an alpha but now he was facing a pathway of his life that he didn't know what to do nor did he have advice for it.

If she really was his mate he wasn't going to let her go so easily - no wolf was stupid enough to do that. Everyone knew that once you found your mate that was it, if you were even lucky enough to find your mate or even get a mate. Because some wolves weren't made for that natural bonding, he had around 4 people in his pack who weren't made for natural bonding - they took their love life like a normal human would. If she was his mate, Vincent didn't know how he would go about even getting on good terms with her, because what was happening now between them was doing nothing to bring them closer together.

Vincent turned his gaze back towars her, surprised at her outburst. Sure, he did have a nice mum and dad but that was nothing to equate with his status as an alpha. It was because he had really nice parents. He couldn't take anything for granted, his parents made sure of that because they made sure that we worked hard for a living. "You don't know what I've been through either!" I had to work hard to get where I am today, just because I'm an alpha doesn't mean I have an easy life!" He yelled right back at her, his mind blazing with all the things he wanted to yell at her. Who was she to judge his position and assume his quality of life was great because of that?

But then Vincent wished he hadn't spoke. He really wished he hadn't because then she showed him her back. She twisted out of his arms when he was weak from anger and he moved them from her sides, to bring them to fall loosely at his sides as he was on his knees, over her. Vincent wasn't sure if his mouth quickly closed after his harsh words or if it was hanging open. He was pretty sure that it was the latter. Shock was evident on his face and his mind blazed as his instincts inside him burned. Vincent gritted his teeth, his hands balling into fists and he was over the female, doing nothing uselessly as he kneeled over her legs.

It was obvious that the marks had and were currently causing her pain. This made Vincent want to lash out at whoever hurt her and God - he was beginning to grasp these feelings but he couldn't - wouldn't - do it. As he quickly thought about the chances of a relationship being possible the more it seemed like fate had just laughed in both of their faces and shat on whatever dreams any one of them had about having a relationship.

"And look where you've ended up," he said distastefully. He shook his head, slowly hitching his knees up and over her so was now sitting a little distance from her. He was still wary, ready to make any sudden moves... But he was calmer than before, after seeing her ordeal. "What will you do now, I wonder, little omega?" He asked her, his dark brown hair brushing in front of his eyes as he blinked at her, watching her every move.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah knew that she had hit a bad string when he reacted so badly on what she had said about him having an easy life. She hadn't meant to be so blunt, but she felt so angry, so angry at what she had been through, that she had just reacted. Sometimes, her temper couldn't be controlled, which had earned her most of the lashes on her back. She knew that she should learn to control it and reign it in, but it was difficult, especially when she was treated as an omega, unfairly and judged by all. She hated it. It was not like they were any better than her, just because their parents were born into a high rank. It was the middle ages all over again, with the stupid ranks and classes. It just didn't make sense to her, really.

Shaking her head at his antics, she watched with wide eyes as he knelt before her. She was sure of it now, they were mates. He wouldn't have reacted in that way if they weren't, because he was angry. She could see the anger burning in his eyes, in his stance and in his clenched fists. But the way he knelt before her had surprised her most of all -- because above all, he was still an Alpha. Even as his mate, an Alpha never bowed down to anyone. It was... odd. It was just such a strong indication that he was her mate, though, and yet, she could still see that stubborn glint in his eyes; the glint that meant that he refused to face the truth.

As he hitched his knees up and pulled away from her, she let herself sit down in front of him, her legs curled to her chest. She just felt so weak under his gaze, so weak because of the pain, physical and emotional. It was difficult when you had no one to empty your heart and soul too -- which was the purpose of a mate. Unfortunately for her, hers didn't seem to be keen on doing just that, instead just saying more and more hurtful words.

"I know," she just said calmly and quietly at his words. She had ended up right here, in his prison. It had never been an irrational perspective; that she would eventually get captured on one of her missions and be killed or tortured. She looked into his eyes as he spoke his next words, letting out a soft breath. "What will I do now?" she almost laughed at his choice of words. If she would play sassy, she would probably say that she would remain here forever or die. Because that was what Alphas did to prisoners. "I don't think you quite accept the fact that we're soulmates, or never will," she said softly, trying to calm her beating heart. She was trying hard at keeping her anger in check, and actually succeeding. "So I will probably remain here, until you decide on what to do with me," she sighed, shaking her head, then looking into his eyes again. "What do you want from me? Alpha? I don't even know your name," she murmured.

She suddenly felt stupid for showing him her scars, her dark past, and lowered her gaze. Vulnerable, that was how she felt. Exposed. She knew that he must think of her as a crazy person. "You think I'm insane probably, for staying loyal," she huffed a weak laugh. "But disloyalty and dishonor is just something I can't... deal with. My parents made mistakes, but were still accepted into the pack. I can't undo all their hard work to get me into it. And I can't betray the little friends I have left, but you probably can't see that point of view," she sighed, running a hand through her hair. "But I feel this bond between us," she began, hesitantly. "And I have Always dreamed of meeting my soulmate, though quite differently, but still. But I know you don't want me... can't accept me," she breathed out, averting her gaze. "So... what are you going to do? Because getting my heartbroken now, would be better than waiting for it to happen."

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Vincent was silent as his anger dissipated slowly, his breathing soon becoming even instead of the ragged, quick pace that it was previously at. Instead of avoiding her gaze like he had been previously doing, he looked her in the eyes as she spoke her soft words. He released a breath he didn't know he was holding, this argument felt rough on him and he can tell it has taken its toll on her as well. He looked at her as she spoke, he looked at her and she looked back at him, there eyes catching each others and he noticed that her pupils shined in the little light from the darkness outside that lit up this room.

Her eyes were pretty, he noted. They were dark and deep and it felt like it was sucking his soul in. And there was that feeling in his chest again, but it felt less like pain and more like calm and he wasn't used to it - couldn't handle what was happening, so he avoided her gaze again like a coward. Because he didn't know how to react, what to do. And this thing inside of him wanted to claw its way out and claim her as his. But he couldn't - not yet. He had to figure himself out first. And maybe, just maybe they would have a chance.

He flickered his eyes quickly to her lips and away just as quick as she questioned for his name. He stayed silent, wondering how he should play this slow moving game they were in, but she spoke up for him. He could tell she was making an effort to stay calm - they had stopped yelling at each other. Plus she had reciprocated his actions by allowing herself to sit in front of him. Though his head was now facing the wall to avoid her eyes. Those eyes that were dangerous to him as they made him lose his ambitions and want his wolf to take control. "I...-" Vincent had started to say but stopped, he wasn't that good with opening up and telling people his feelings. Before, they were angry and it almost came out naturally but he felt like it was a weakness to share the bad emotions, the ones that made him look weak. But it felt almost natural to tell this girl how he felt. So he did.

"I..." He started again, swallowing hard before his brain had a verbal malfunction and let loose everything. "I know it may sound strange, but I do know what you may be feeling," he said glancing at her eyes before he turned his gaze toward his hands that were clasping each other, his legs mirroring her stance and pulled taunt against his chest. "I do look out for my pack and do the best that I can for them and as weird as it sounds I can feel their moods as it's like we're one big family," he said, inwardly cringing at how cheesy that sounded but it was true. They all looked out for each other - differences had to be set aside because Vincent didn't take any nonsense.

"I know what it feels like to have little and to try and protect what you have," Vincent said, pulling on the experiences from his childhood to try and guide him. "I..." He sighed, he knew that this speech was inadequate and unkempt but he had to say it to her.

"I know what I said before about thinking about yourself, and I do believe you should do that still," He spoke softly, his gaze still on his hands that were clenched together in a mediocre grip. "But I think it's good that you still carry loyalty with you, it shows you're an honest person."

He groaned out softly, unclasping his hands and burying his face on them as his elbows rested on his knees. Her eyes were looking away for him - which he considered good as he was looking away from her. "I also know what you're feeling because," his voice came out muffled but just audible.
"Because I feel something between us too." He finished, his voice in a soft whisper and his teeth clenched as he ran a hand through his hair and looked up to her. He hoped his eyes didn't show the anxiousness and nervousness that he felt. He continued to look at her as he muttered, "I'm not that dumb to give up a mate," he stopped wondering if he should continue, his eyes casting back downwards at his unease, the tips of his ears a slight pink. "I don't know what to do though." he said his voice stronger as he looked her in her eyes, answering her question. The pit of stomach warmed slowly and he furrowed his eyebrows as his mind wandered.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savannah felt nervous as he kept staring into her eyes. She had never looked at someone like that before, or had never seen anyone look at her like that. Like she was his sun. She held her breath, watching as he searched her eyes for some answers; not that he was going to find any. Eyes were the mirror to the soul, everyone said, and it was the utmost truth. Savannah had learned to mask her emotions well, almost too well, but her eyes... she had never quite learned to mask her eyes too. Biting her lip slightly, she averted her gaze after a couple minutes, feeling like she should squirm under his gaze. He made her feel terribly nervous all the sudden.

A jolt of surprise went through her as he began to tell her about how he felt. And that he knew how she was feeling. She wanted to make some snarky comment about the fact that he couldn't know, because he wasn't her, but she didn't do that. A part of her felt so intrigued because of his change in attitude, that she kept quiet and just listened to what he had to say. When he started talking about one big family though, she had to look down. She missed her parents terribly. It was more the idea of them that she missed, but still. She had never had that loving family that all werewolves had had, and had instead grown up into a big, dark world full with pain and secrets. "I just don't want anyone to hurt because of me," she said quietly, looking up for a moment, resting her chin on her knees.

"Very little?" she blurted out, before she could stop herself. It just sounded so ridiculous, coming from an Alpha. Alphas always had it all, money, family, a strong and loyal pack. How could an Alpha say something like that. "It just seems very unlikely to me, that's all," she murmured under his scrutinizing gaze, sighing softly. She didn't want to anger him again, if anything.

"I want to think about myself. You're right," she said with a soft laugh, shaking her head. She believed him, because he was telling the truth. He really was. "And loyalty is good, but sometimes I would really just... just want some time to myself," her eyes got a faraway look in them. "My own place... a nice hot bath..." she shook her head, getting rid of her daze. "Nevermind. It's not like that's ever going to happen," she laughed sadly. "Not before I die, anyway."

But then he suddenly said that he felt something between them, and her heart tightened in her chest. He did? He really did? She suddenly felt a spark of hope within her. Maybe... maybe he did want her? He did say that he didn't want to give up on his mate... and that meant her. And... if he didn't want that, then maybe they had a shot at being together. If they could work something out. As his ears turned pink, a slight smile graced her lips. She had never seen a guy flustered like that, and it really made her heart thump in her chest. It was adorable, really. She hesitantly moved closer to him, biting her lip. "Just do what feels right. It's like this because it's meant to be," she let out a soft breath. Her eyes flickered to his lips, and her cheeks flushed pink as well.

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