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Okay so what do we want to do? MxF or FxF?

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Sure... romance?

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Okay so characters?

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Name: Josh Kang
Age: 21
Appearance: Google Ansel Elgort

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You start.

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Josh was working behind the bar of the "Johnson's Bar." He was constantly working to because his mom was a bum and he had to take care of his little sisters.

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A woman comes into the bar and she catches Josh's eye. She was wearing a bright red, short dress, and she looked absolutely stunning. She had all the guys staring at her.

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He looks behind him to see if someone was standing behind him, he only sees his reflection in the mirror. He turns back to her. "Hello, what can I get the beautiful lady?" He says in a deep voice.

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He laughs. "You don't even know me, darling." He says as he leans on the counter towards her.

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((He's originally from Texas so he speaks with a Texan accent btw))
"Darling, I've got to work. But I would like that." He gives her his best smile.

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He looks at the time. "Now, actually. Why do ya ask?" He says leaning towards her more. He really wants to just kiss her right here and now, but refrains.

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He looks at Lauren the other bartender. "Laur! I'm on my break. I'll be back in a half hour." She waves to him. "Alright, see you then." She says flirtatiously and gives him a wave and a smile. He turns back to the woman in red. "Alright we can go take a walk. But first you have to tell me your name, missy. I'm Josh."

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"Who? Lauren? Nah, I don't have a girlfriend. No one notices me."
((Btw I'm changing his appearance. Google Michael Trevino))

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He looks down and rubs a hand on his neck. "Oh, well thank you for noticing." He doesn't think that the girls normally notice him because he stands out from everyone.

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He looks at her, and grabs her hand. "Yeah just follow me." He knows a garden that everyone seems to have forgotten about but not Josh. He takes her there.

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"Here we are." He says as they get to the garden. He lets go of her hand and sits down on an old swing set that is there.

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"Color? Umm, blue. I guess, yours?"

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He smiled. "You'll just have to find out."

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He kisses her, and wraps his arm around her to pull her in close.
((You don't think this is to soon?))

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He pulls back. "Hey, maybe before we go any farther, we best get to know each other."

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"I'm sorry, Laura. I think your so pretty, but I want to get to know you first." He kisses her forehead.

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"no hard feelings?"

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((so, i'm just taking over?))

He smiles.

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He smiles.

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((um... what would he do?))

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((lol ok))

He died.

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(( :P))

He smiles at her. "well if ye want to find out,"

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((ah ha! i got it))

He starts to break dance.

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He started to do the dubstep.

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He was done.

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He smiles.

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"now what?"

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"something wrong?"

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"aye. i guess u be right."

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He pulls away. "What you be doing, Lauren?"

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"wrong answer! i ain't and won't be dating you if was the end of the world!"

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He looks back and forth and grabs his skateboard and tires to leave.

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He saw what had happened so he went back to the diner and was going to burn it down.

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He grabbed a gasoline can and dumped it on the building and struck a match.

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His eyeball twitched.

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He pulls away and was about to drop the match on the gasoline.

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"u lucky u a girl." He ran to help Laura.

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"he picks her up and carries her.

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He dodges the rock.

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"we are going to my place."

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He jogs down the street.

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"i going as fast as i can."

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He takes his shirt sleeve and wipes the blood. "what do you like to do?"

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"music and dancing." "um do you like video games?"

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