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Giana Darling | 4 comments In the same vein as Jodi Ellen Malpas's One Night Series or 50 Shades of Grey (but more functional!). It is (hopefully) the first in a series and I am almost finished the second book. It does not have a title yet, but the working one is The Holiday Affair.

Brief Summary: When Giselle Moore, a young up and coming artist freshly accredited from the University of Beautiful Arts in Paris, accepts a weeklong holiday in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico the last thing she expects to discover is Sinclair, the enigmatic French businessman who proposes a no-strings-attached affair. After meeting the handsome mogul on the plane, and embarrassing herself thoroughly by being sick and terrified the entire trip, Giselle never expected to see him again. But when she arrives at the Westin Los Cabos Resort, he is there, asking her for dinner, dancing and a logically laid out, no detail, emotionless holiday affair. Even when she discovers he has a dedicated girlfriend back home, the normally angelic Giselle is unable and unwilling to resist their connection or the dark secrets he wants to share with her. After a week of adventures both inside and outside of the bedroom, corporate intrigue and reluctant bonding, Giselle and Sinclair must decide if their affair should end when the holiday does or if it is powerful enough to change both their lives.

Looking for Beta Readers willing to give me honest criticism without being cruel. This is my first romance novel and I am eager to share it. Thank you!

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Cassie (cfite) | 165 comments

Angie'sLilNeckofAuthorWorld | 17 comments can you contact me I would love to Beta this book.

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