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message 1: by October (new)

October | 7 comments Hello,

So I’m looking to do a Beta Swap. I need someone to beta read my 67k young adult fantasy novel, and in return, I’ll beta read your novel.

I’m open to any type of book. Just please have it somewhat grammatically polished. And no novels over 100K; I just wouldn’t have the time.

I can help with grammar and structure, or just give my opinions of the plot and sub plots and the way they flow. I can be obsessive, so please let me know in detail what type of beta read you are looking for.

For me, I would like an overall tough critique of the plot, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and flow.

PM me or leave a comment here if you are interested. If you are interested I suggest we start off by beta reading each other’s first chapter, exchange notes, and see if we are a good match.


message 2: by Lise8 (new)

Lise8 | 29 comments Hi October,

If you are interested, I have a 128k words novel (yep I know, it is long. Although that was the count before my last round of beta reading and I have been chopping a fair bit since)
My novel is contemporary fiction that I think would appeal mostly to women. It has been read by 5 beta readers who have enjoyed the plot, although, through their feedback, the style has evolved a fair bit.

I am therefore looking for a new beta reader who could help me spot the other areas within the story that needs chopping, making sure that all the scenes are worth staying.

As a beta reader, I type any thoughts that come to mind as I read (e.g. here I am confused/ I love this sentence/ phrase/ I am excited/ that word feels strange here, what comes to mind is... that kind of things), and will also give feedback scene by scene/ chapter by chapter, and I am quite sharp at noticing incongruities, anachronisms...

If you think you might want to swap first chapters, just message me.

By the way, I have read young adult fantasy before, but the soft type e.g. twilight, the Shivers series, Hunger game (less soft), The Host, and am about to start on Divergent at some point,as I want to read it before seeing the movies.

Hoping to hear from you,


PS: I am a French native, but English is my main language, I write in UK English, but one of my character is US.

message 3: by Mariann (new)

Mariann (dinamin) | 8 comments I'm happy to swap with either of you. I'm writing romantic suspense (roughly 80K words).

message 4: by J.w. (new)

J.w. Haymer (jwhaymer) | 8 comments In this world of short attention spans and OCD 128K may be considered long, but it's not if it flows and keeps the reader's interest. Read some of Larry McMurtry's novels or Stephen King or even John Grisham and it would be considered medium or short. Some books just need to be the length they are to tell the story and develop the characters. Just rembember (as Elmore Leonard said) to leave out the parts readers tend to skip.

message 5: by Myra (new)

Myra | 2 comments Hi October,

I've finished a 87,000-word young adult fantasy novel. The first draft was critiqued with my writing group, so it's somewhat polished. I'm looking for feedback on the overall plot structure and whether the ending works, as well as feedback on how it can be improved. If interested, PM or respond to comment. I agree with looking at exchanging early chapters first.


message 6: by Greg (new)

Greg Strandberg (gregstrandberg) Author with 50+ books here. I'm looking for other authors that need extra eyes to catch those pernicious typos. Contact me if you've got a few chapters, a short novel, or even a long sucker. Thanks!

message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat Smutz (katsmutz) | 5 comments Hi, Greg. I seem to be having trouble fidmg beta readers, im part, due to my lengthy manuscripts, usually 100K or more, I have a crime novel I have been working on far some time, I could use some honest feedback . Fair warning, I write about women who find a way to Keep getting back up, no matter how many tines they are knocked down, I've published three history books and one historical fiction ' with quite a few more waiting their turn.

message 8: by Greg (new)

Greg Strandberg (gregstrandberg) Sounds like one of the lead characters from my thriller universe, Katherine. I'll send you a message.

message 9: by Layla (new)

Layla Dorine | 29 comments HI Greg and Katherine, Most of my manuscripts are 100k plus, and I wouldn't mind exchanging though I am not sure if the genres would interest either of you. Feel free to PM me if you are interested in knowing more.

message 10: by Neil (new)

Neil Rochford (neiltr) | 2 comments Hey, so many beta readers! I guess there's a few on this thread who would be available for a swap?

I've just polished off the last draft before sending it off to an editor and eating cereal for the month after I pay for it, and I'd like some fresh eyes (never mind the wood for the trees, I can't even see the hill the wood is on)

It's a mix of mystery and sci-fi, around 61k. Get in touch if y'all are interested, and let me know if you want feedback on your works as well!


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