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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Not many characters to choose from here, so will be given out on an application process. Also the positions need to go to active members. You may claim/apply for 3 characters.

Human Royal Family
King Xavier-
Queen- Destiny
Heir (Prince)- Laura
Princess- Hayley

Other Human Positions
Head of the Army-Alpha
Head of the Royal Guard- Fiend

Fey Ruling Council
- Hayley
- Alpha
- Destiny

Fairy Guards
- Fiend
- Laura
- Alpha
- Destiny

Water Spirit Positions

Orcalai Positions
Chief- Fiend

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Position: What character did you want?
Roleplaying Sample:

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ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments Name: Laura
Activity: I am on GR every afternoon and evening after school, anywhere around 3-10 p.m., with dance and homework in between.
Role playing sample: (this is from a selection roleplay)
Lilia had missed what Orlando had said from the wind in her face, too caught up in the joy of riding to realize he wasn't behind her. As she looked back, Lilia noticed him walking back to the castle, completely forgetting about the princess and the fact that she was riding towards the dangerous forest at dusk.

She turned back to face the trees, and slowed her horse down. She was surprisingly sad, though not exactly sure why. She had wanted him to leave, didn't she? Yes, she did. Lilia had most certainly not wanted him to follow her. But at least Orlando would take the time to hold a conversation with her. Most servants and guards around her own house could barely even take their own time to speak with their princess. Maybe that's why Lilia had almost wanted him to follow her. No, she didn't want him to follow. He had been on her nerves for a good hour now.

Lilia shook her head, and slowed her horse once more, turning back towards the stables. Maybe she wasn't going back to the palace, but at least she wouldn't be yelled at for being in the forest alone, especially at this time of the day. Lilia quickly walked her horse back into his stall. Once again, she lay down in the grass, looking up at the millions of stars in the sky, counting them. Before she even realized this, Lilia found herself drifting off to sleep and finally gave in to her exhaustion of the night.

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Laura wrote: "Name: Laura (or the character's name?)
Activity: I am on GR every afternoon and evening after school, anywhere around 3-10 p.m., with dance and homework in between.
Role playing sample: (this is fr..."

Your name :)

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments Haha, okay :)

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
What character did you want?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 8 comments
name: Fiend
activity: I'm fairly active, on everyday
position: head of royal guard, chief of the Orcalai, and Fey guard.
Had it really only been ten years? Michal had a habit of counting the days to the anniversary, and he was quite amazed that it had passed for the tenth time. The first time he watched his parents shuffle up to the house, or where the house once stood, he'd been phasing in and out. It'd taken him some time to get used to the whole "being dead" thing, and he could barely keep his form. He wanted to go over and speak to them, say they could keep coming back and he'd always be there, like old times, but as he watched their faces, he realized that they needed their peace.
The peace he had yet to find
He realized that it would eat them up inside if they thought his soul couldn't find peace, so he let them be. Better let them think that he'd moved on to a better sort of afterlife rather than the one he'd found. The one filled with anger, hate, and that tunnel at the end. It wasn't filled with light, but darkness, and it was sucking him just a bit more everyday.

The first time he'd ventured into it, he'd had a hard time coming back. He couldn't seem to find that urge to go back, but he knew, he knew that where he was wasn't meant for his soul. So he shut the door, and bolted back into his existence of perpetual wandering. Which is what left him where he is now, strumming absently on a guitar in an empty house. It took them two years before they built over the stop his house had been once. He'd met a few wandering souls in that time, and when they'd heard the news, they booked it. He managed to stop one before they left and they explained that his soul would be stuck here once the new house was built. He had the chance to leave, but he didn't take it. Mostly because that door was still there, floating in the empty space neither seen or noticed by human eyes.

See, he had a game. He'd scare off everyone that tried to buy the house, so that they'd stay away from that door. He figured it would have the same effect on people, like in the movies. Only, he'd learned that so far, being a ghost was nothing like what the movies portrayed. Sure, he could walk through walls, make things move with determination and will, and disappear from sight. Touching people was something he had yet to be able to do, but he heard that was possible. Maybe.

So, back to the present, he's sitting on the kitchen counter behind the agent. He usually looked over his shoulder to see when people were coming in, so that he had time to put something new together. His eyes landed on the name on the page, and he glared down at the date. Today. There was already a big red mark next to it, meaning that whoever it was must have bought it already. Great.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments @Haley
The prince, if he's open.

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Yes he's open

All requests approved.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments Oh, ah sorry, could I have a fey guard as well?

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 33 comments Thank you!!

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Your Welcome :)

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Name: Mally
Position: Queen, Fairy Guard
Activity: I am on everyday, way more than I should be lol
Roleplaying Sample:
Juliette looked at her husband, love in her eyes. She leaned to whisper into his ear, "Remember, treat him as your son. Not as the heir to the throne. He's nervous darling." She then turned to look at James, reaching out to place her hand on his. "Sweetheart, remember, I was a Four, when I came here to the castle. And not all the girls will act like they are made out to be. Though, I didn't talk much with the girls in my Selection, towards the end, I did become close to one girl who is a natural Two. She didn't care all about the fame. Give them a chance and do not be too hard on them. It is a scary thing to be suddenly thrust into a world that you had never thought you would have even a chance at seeing." She smiled at him gently. "Everything will happen the way it is meant to."

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you :D

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
Your Welcome :)

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Alpha Dor (novador) | 19 comments Name: Alpha
Position: Head of the Army, Fey Ruling Council, Fairy Guard
Activity: I'm on every day after school at 3:00/4:00 EST to about 10:00 and on longer on weekends.
Roleplaying Sample:
Seth sighed and rubbed his eyes. He had been getting migraines for the last year because he had been foolish enough to become the Head of the Army. He snorted he was more forced to become the head of the Army, he should have never left the room in the middle of a election. He sighed again he felt much older then his 22 years. The last year had aged him much, the many late nights and strategic meetings had drained his spirit. He had been lost in thought for most of the nights and had been lacking sleep. he also hadn't been eating enough it was a surprise to many including himself that he was still going. Of course like all things political he wasn't getting any credit for his work. Everyone thought he was just lazing away and not doing any work. Truth was he liked it that way,less people interrupted him that way. Except he hated the looks of contempt shot at him when he was walking in the palace and the whispers. They always followed him "Look the useless caption, the Bad Luck Head."

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Name: Destiny
Position: Fey Ruling Council, Fairy Guard,
Activity: I am and off all day, usually sporadically due to a university schedule. I may take extended breaks to cope with mental health but I will warn the people i'm roleplaying with when that happens.
Roleplaying Sample: Arleen let out a soft sigh and stared up at the foliage of the trees. She had had a hard day and had come out to relax. Breath in the scent of the trees and sit by the river, listening to its steady trickling. She had always loved the sound of water in any form, whether it was rain, a river, or waves from an ocean or lake. She loved it all. Even though she had nearly drowned in a river as a child she couldn't stay away. She had always felt like she should have been allowed to drown, to be owned by the river, to let her soul become one with the river. She didn't belong as a human, she never had. She was sure she had been a creature of the water in many past lives and wanted to become one again. She stood with confidence and walked to the edge of the river, looking down at the swirling water, following the movements with her eyes before she walked in, heading to the middle where it dropped off and seemingly had no bottom. Walked to the place where she would once again become a part of the river she was made to be.

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod

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Name: Willow
Position: Water Spirit Chief
Activity: I'm on quite frequently because I'm homeschooled and not restricted to specific times of schooling. Sometimes I might not be on for a day due to larger, extra curricular activities and projects but I will notify the group when that occurs if necessary.
Roleplaying Sample: [This role play was from an old roleplaying group that is no longer active/in existence.]
Vivienne's cold breath lingered in the stiff winter air as she rubbed the edges of her fingers against her chapped lips. The seasons had changed much too quickly for her liking, and judging from her growing wrinkles, there was not much time left for her on this earth. She placed her hands behind her for balance as she sat across the bench's edge beside Edwin, her longest and last remaining friend, reminiscing about when she was young and just as bright as the sun that blazed against her eyelids. Her loved ones had disappeared through the cracks of time, and it would not be long before she would shortly join them.
"You know, Edwin, I hope you will remember to sit on this bench even long after I'm gone..." She smiled. "There aren't many suns left to set or moons to rise. Not in my time anyway." She trailed off into silence, mumbling on about the cracks of skin that were forming on her frozen palms. She had seen too much agony in the world to care about anything but death anymore. Although afraid of age and non-existence, Vivienne's heart longed for the end.

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod
The Queen and a fairy guard are open again due to Mally leaving the group

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Could I possibly have the queen?

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Hayley | 127 comments Mod

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Thanks :)

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Alpha Dor (novador) | 19 comments Can I make twins for the fairy guard

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