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Mark | 785 comments Jimmy wrote: ""

So... they did ultimately pardon this woman after only thirty years. Well, good for El Salvador, seeing as the measure actually failed a few days previously by one vote. All I can say, Jimmy, is "increíble!" But more to the point, the mindset that allowed this to continue for thirty years represents the direction in which the artist formerly known as "The United States" (but now, in large part, consisting of "The Confederate States of Gilead") is heading. I don't think the involuntary ejection of a blastocyst is murder, but I think the 30-year incarceration of a women for having experienced that trauma is a Crime Against Humanity of unspeakable magnitude, meritorious of prosecution at the ICC in The Hague. Es decir, que esto quede perfectamente claro a todos los a quienes pueda interesar, es una atrocidad indicible y imperdonable en absoluto!

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