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message 1: by Doreen (new)

Doreen Petersen | 439 comments Chapter 1 Summary: "Where are you from?"
The question of Jesus' origin as a question about being and mission.

message 2: by Manny (new)

Manny (virmarl) | 3746 comments Mod
Let me get the conversation going. I was struck with the genealogy in Matthew observation Pope BXVI made. First I had never really paid attention to any of the bible genealogies. He points out the four women mentioned, Tamara, Rahab, Ruth, and the wife of Uriah (Bathsheba), "were all sinners," all leading the Blessed Virgin Mother, who was sinless. Now it's clear that Tamara and Rahab, who prostituted themselves, are sinners, and so is Bathsheba, who committed adultery, but what sin did Ruth commit? I always took Ruth to be a model of womanhood.

message 3: by Doreen (new)

Doreen Petersen | 439 comments Just a personal opinion but I much prefer Matthew's observations over Luke's.

message 4: by Nicolás (new)

Nicolás | 11 comments I'd like to know which of the three books of Jesus by Joseph Ratzinger you are dealing with in this thread. Thanks.

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