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message 1: by Jessica (last edited Jan 04, 2017 06:16AM) (new)

Jessica | 37 comments Having missed my goal of only 12 books last year, I decided to start there. I hope to expand on that, though. So far, my year is off to a good start! I'm focusing on the Genre challenge this year, to expand my horizons. I am open to suggestions of great books to fill in the gaps!

Genre Challenge 2015

January: Historical Fiction - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenThe New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
February: Romance - Jane Eyre
March: Contemporary - All the Pretty Horses
April: Poetry & Plays - The Importance of Being Earnest (The Collected Oscar Wilde)
May: Fantasy - Wit'ch Gate
June: Minority Studies/LGBT - Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
July: Manga, Graphic Novels, or Humor - The Underwater Welder
August: Mystery - Poppet
September: Science-Fiction (includes Dystopian) - The Martian
October: Horror/Thriller &/OR Short Story Collections - The Haunting of Hill House
November: Adventure &/OR Travel
December: Children's Lit &/OR Traditional Lit - Der Struwwelpeter

message 2: by Holly, That Geeky One (new)

Holly (hollycoulson) | 1949 comments Mod
Glad our challenges are able to help you, Jessica! :)

Good luck!

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 37 comments Thanks, Holly!

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 37 comments Well, I'm a little behind on my genre challenge, but I just picked out my book for March, and I'm excited!

message 5: by Jessica (last edited Dec 14, 2016 03:59AM) (new)

Jessica | 37 comments 50 New Books

This challenge keeps popping up, so I thought I'd oficially add it. No deadline, just check them off as I go. Books I read can count for this and another challenge, but I'm not marking anything I have already read as complete.

My 50 New Books Challenge Shelf


[X] A book with more than 500 pages - The Name of the Wind
[X] A classic Romance - Jane Eyre
[X] A book that became a movie - The Martian
[X] A book published this year - Husk
[] A book with a number in the title
[] A book by someone under 30
[X] A book with nonhuman characters - Wit'ch Gate
[] A funny book
[X] A book by a female author - The Haunting of Hill House
[X] A mystery or thriller - Poppet
[X] A book with a one-word title - Survivor
[X] A book of short stories - The God Beneath My Garden: Short Horror Fiction of Robert Ford
[X] A book set in a different country - The Woman in White
[X] A non-fiction book - Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
[X] A popular author's first book - The Rising
[X] A book from an author that you haven't read yet - Edge of Dark Water
[X] A book a friend recommended - Wit'ch Star
[[] A book based on a true story
[] A book at the bottom of your to read list
[] A book your mom loves
[X] A book that scares you - The Exorcist
[] A book more than 100 years old
[] A book based entirely on its cover
[] A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't
[] A memoir
[] A book you can finish in a day
[] A book with antonyms in the title
[] A book set somewhere you always wanted to visit
[] A book that came out the year you were born
[X] A book with bad reviews - The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
[] A trilogy
[] A book from your childhood
[X] A book with a love triangle - Before I Go to Sleep
[] A book set in the future
[] A book set in high school
[] A book with a color in the title
[] A book that made you cry
[X] A book with magic - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
[X] A graphic novel The Underwater Welder
[] A book by an author you've never read before
[X] A book you own but have never read - The Traveling Vampire Show
[] A book that takes place in your hometown
[X] A book that was originally written in a different language Der Struwwelpeter
[] A book set during Christmas
[] A book written by an author with your same initials
[] A play
[] A banned book
[] A book based on or turned into a tv show
[] A book you started but never finished

message 6: by Camille (new)

Camille (camillesbookishadventures) | 812 comments Good luck with your challenge!

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 37 comments Thanks, Camille!

message 8: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 37 comments I've moved this challenge into my 2016 challenge thread, so that this year's progress is captured there.

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