The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5) The Blood of Olympus question

what are your thoughts about the book?
Leann Castillo Leann Jan 20, 2015 07:34AM
personally i loved it but kind of wish there was an epilogue but i do applaud him ending it nicely.And after i finished it at about 12:40 i just sat there looking at the book wishing i could reread it again to hear all of leo's and everybody elseses jokes and i'm glad nico found someone.

It was really good, although there were some things I didn't like. Personally, I thought Percy should have done the last chapter since he started the original series, but I guess I get why Jason ended it too. But I think he should have done chapters from the point of view of all seven demigods, along with Reyna and Nico. That was my main problem. Then, I really didn't like how Percy and Annabeth were seriously downplayed--I mean, Percy LOST a fight with a giant and then JASON had to finish it (sorry, I just don't like him that much). Annabeth got all scared and couldn't even use her logic. I mean, Riordan made Piper and Jason look better than Percy and Annabeth, which is terrible because Percy and Annabeth are obviously better. However, I did like getting to know Reyna and thought the ending with the camps was excellent. However, I thought that he (once again) ended with a cliffhanger, which was kind of annoying. Where does Leo go? I mean, come on. I did LOVE Octavian's ending, though. I laughed. Mwahahaha. I wanted to strangle him like Reyna. And I was glad Thalia survived Orion's attack, although it was sad that so man of the Hunters did not. Mostly, the book was great, as usual, but there were some things I disliked about it.

Leann Castillo same here i totally agree with you that percy should've ended that last chapter or even have all the demigods have a chapter,but i probably would've c ...more
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