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yay RP!!

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Thats fine

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Ok but first , who is the girl or boy? or do you want a girl x girl romance ???

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Sure but is this a girl x girl or girl x boy

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Okay ^__^

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Mason walked through the hall heading towards the library. He was tall, but not the tallest in school but he was the nicest boy there. All the girls loved to be near him even if he didn't want them there.

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Mason entered the library and went to the study room. As he walked in he noticed Laura. He'd seen her before they and a few classes together "Hay there mind if I join you?" he asked as he walked toward the seat next to her. He waited for her answers before sitting.

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"Why would someone hate you? You seam nice enough." He said taking a seat on her right.

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"Ohhh. Ok that makes sense. I get so many confession a day I can't normally remember them all. Sorry." He said as he pulled out a big book from his bag.

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He looks over at her, "Are you okay your a little red?" He asked concerned.

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"Are you sure?" He asked putting his hand on her forehead.

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"Oh sorry." He said pulling his hand away. "Did I do some thing to embarrass you?" He asked looking towards the door. You could here some yelling from the others side. He sighed and said "I think the girls found me."

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"You should never talk about your self like that." He said as he got up and locked the door to the study room. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable but I really don't want them around right now." He pulled down the blind that covered the door window. "Now they can't see you and if they do harass you come tell me okay?"

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He smiled kindly at her and hugged her back.

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"No problem. And you are pretty at lest to my standards."she said smiling at her.

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"Definitely. What reason do i have to lie to you?" He asked

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"Thank you. Lets play something." He said walking over to the seats.

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"How about we tell riddles. I love those." He said sitting down

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"Ok than, how about ... We tell story's. The wildest and most a mazing story you can come up with."she asked

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((That was meant to say he not she sorry ))

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"Ok. So there once was a girl who looked just like you and me but she kept a bark secret. She came from a long line of ghost seers. At the age of 11 she discovered her powers and how strong they where." He started smiling

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"One day at school she was being pestered by some ghosts, she went in to a hall way where she believed there was no one and tried to get rid of them with salt she had stolen from the lunch room. But she was not as alone as she had though. There was a hunter of the supernatural watching her from a far. Ok you think of how to carry on the story." He said leaning back on the chair.

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"Interesting twist." He said smiling at her

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"Ohh, your good at this." He said with a big grin.

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"Ok, so as soon as he takes the mask of she knew it was a hunter so she tried to run but he caught her arm and pulled her back and asked her "if you don't want me to kill you will you let me take your power away?" He smiled at his own little twist.

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"Your turn." He said taking her hand in his.

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He grins back ,"he said because i did just ask you out that's s why I'm giving you the choice to live. I love you he said to her than kissed her."

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"I wish I could let you keep them but if I don't get rid of them than another hunter will come and kill you its the only way to keep you safe . He said in between breaths."

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"He replied, of course i will save you but do you really what to keep this power of yours? Isn't it scary? He asked concerned." Mason kissed her hand and said "I love where this story is going."

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"I don't know why but if you're safe I don't care he said passionately to her." Mason pulled her on to his lap.

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"So long as we are carful I can keep you safe. He said leaning in for another kiss." Mason kissed Laura.

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He stopped and said "I'm sorry. But I couldn't what any longer. I love you." He said staring in to her eyes.

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He smiled brightly "Me too." He said and kissed her again.

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He gave a small moan. "I love you." he said in between kisses.

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He laughed a little " i doubt that." He said smirking.

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"Sure. But one more kiss first?" He asked

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He kissed her back just as deeply and whispered "you're amazing."

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"Ok time to make this official." He said after the kiss.

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He blushed "Ok you figured it out."

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"Thanks." He said embarrassed

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He kissed back but was a little surprised at first.

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That comment made him even more embarrassed.

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"Oh ok." He said let her stand up.

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"O-okay, if that's what you want. Where on your back."

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"Alright." He said rubbing her back. As he did that he kissed the back of her neck.

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He continued to rub her back as his kisses moved up her neck towards her ear. Once he reached it he lightly bit it.

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He put his hand under her chin and moved her so she was facing him and kissed her passionately.

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There was a loud nock on the door to the library. The loud nock surprises mason. "I think those girls figured out that I'm in here."he said with a sigh. " I wish they'd just leave me alone they don't have a chance with me. I don't love them. The only one I love is you." He said kissing her cheek.

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There where 6 of the most popular girls in school. The looked devastated as he kissed her back.

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