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Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)
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Jessica (stitchywitch) | 24 comments This is the second book in the Stormlight Archive series. The first is one of my favorite fantasy novels ever. I was in the middle of a really stressful semester when the sequel came out, so I missed it entirely! This is a long book, so hopefully it doesn't take me too long to read!

Jessica (stitchywitch) | 24 comments When I posted the above, I obviously forgot how fast I read when I'm really invested.

I stayed up til 5 am last night finishing this... no regrets! I have no idea why this series hooks me so completely, as I've never finished Sanderson's other books, and I'm not a huge fan of high fantasy as a genre. Seriously, I read this entire 1100 page novel in a day and a half. My cat had to see the bottom of his food bowl for almost an entire hour, as I ignored his pitiful mewing until I found out what happened to the characters.

I have only two criticisms, which obviously weren't enough to keep the book from a 5 star rating. First, there are several regrettable sequences in which the characters speak to one another in puns. I will admit I'm not a fan of puns, but this was painful to read, as I think it was supposed to be legitimately funny. Second, there are entirely too many characters whose names begin with the letter A. I kept thinking "Wait, is this a character I like, or one that every character in the book has sworn to see dead?"

What I liked: Shallan's character development. Shallan's story was the weakest in the first book, but here she is given a chance to have a backstory, and to grow as a character. At times she verged on being a bit too perfect, but overall her arc was much improved. I continue to adore all the men of Bridge four, especially Rock.

I think I will try to read the first book of Sanderson's Mistwalker series for "Book you never finished." Maybe I was mistaken when I thought it wasn't for me?

Lora (misplacedselchie) | 347 comments I'm glad to hear you enjoy this! It's been sitting there patiently for me to read but I have been waiting until the third one gets closer to coming out. should I just throw caution to the wind and read it? I love Sanderson :)

Jessica (stitchywitch) | 24 comments Read it now - you've already waited a year!

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