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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Ok. So do you have any ideas to add to the original one?

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Ok. that sounds really good. Maybe the other guy could be, like, a outcast or something, and is abused, but the jock falls for him anyway after an accident gets them to know each other better.

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments That's fine with me. Do you want to make characters, or just go right in? Oh, and I tend to like the posts to be detailed (3-5+ sentences) If you don't mind.

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Yeah, I get it. I just don't like the rps that are always 1 sentences. You get what I mean. Do you mind if I start?

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Ok.

Toby got out of his car, locking it. Instantly, he was swarmed by a mob of his friend and wannabees. The group walked toward the doors, with him in front, of course. He didn't see Brittany, his girlfriend, and was glad. He was getting tired of hiding. He slipped on his sunglasses, and someone took a picture of him.

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((what do you want the accident to be?))

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((ok))

He swaggered past him, and he heard some of his friends making bad jokes and comments about a small cluster of outcasts. He didn't care to be rude to them. One was even cute, but treated him like dirt. "What class do I have first?" He his friend Micheal, interrupting his teasing. "Gym."

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments He decided to go the shortcut way, which was go outside and come back in the doors to the boys locker room. He stepped outside, saying bye to his crowd. A couple of his friends who had the same period walked with him. He heard hushed talking, and what sounded like kissing as her rounded the corner. He couldn't see either of their faces.

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments He grabbed the back of the guy and hauled him up against the wall. He nodded to his friends, who grabbed her and did the same. Chad was his enemy, who was constantly competing with Toby. He didn't care for Brittany, because he knew she only cared about his popularity. "Look," He growled. "I don't care about you, but if you think you can compete with me, then you are very wrong." He pushed him up harder, then kicked him hard between the legs.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Is cursing ok?))

He dropped him on the ground, where Chad curled up into a ball. "Yeah, right. I won't hurt you, because your a girl. We're over. And trust me, I will ruin your live's." He motioned for his friends to drop her. She just crawled over to Chad. "Stupid piece of crap." Chad said. "I hope you can't have kid's, because we have enough bad people in world." Toby said, scowling.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((lol ok XD))

"Yeah, whatever." He was mad, but he felt bad about what he did. Still, he smirked. "Reality check: sluts and dicks don't get anywhere in life." He said to Chad and Brittany. He walked inside and flinched as Melvin purposely bumped the cute boy he had seen earlier. He quickly slipped into his gym uniform and walked outside.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((can you make the posts a little longer, please?))

"OK, folks. Today we're doing dodge-ball! I'm Coach C" The teacher yelled, who was also coach of the football team. He separated them into 2 separate groups, but it was unfair because he put the popular people on one and the 'weird' people in the other. "Here you go." Coach C passed out soccer balls. He heard a few mutters and complaints, so he yelled "This isn't kindergarten! We're not using foam balls. These are the real thing!"

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments At the coaches whistle, he ran up to the line of ball's and picked one up. People were already falling on both sides. (lol sorry i'm making this sound like the Hunger Games) Obviously the soccer balls hadn't been a good idea. He turned around and heaved the ball in a random direction, not paying attention to his aim. It sailed straight toward that boy he kept seeing's face.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments He ran over to pick up the kid's glasses, and chased after him into the boys locker area again. He felt really, really bad. He ran in, and heard someone crying. He followed the sound. He found him sitting on the floor of a shower, crying, with his nose pouring blood. He was holding a pocket knife in one hand, and was making angry gashes in his wrists. Now Toby understood why he never wore short sleeves. He cut himself. Toby slid down next to him on the floor.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Wait! Stop!" He cried, tuning the shower to cold, and grabbed the knife out of his hand before he could do anything else to hurt himself even more. By now he was soaked, to, and his blood was on his uniform and arm's. "Please," He whispered, keeping eye contact. He didn't really even care that he was naked. He just didn't want to watch him kill himself.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((his toned body or Toby's?))

"Be- Be- Because" He stammered, not able to put his thoughts into word's. Toby didn't want him to end up like his dead mother. Also- he realized that he really liked Adrian. His back was to the shower head, and he cringed really hard as he felt the burning water on his back, neck, and the back of his head. He felt his entire back blister from the heat. "Shit!!" He screamed, jerking the water to hard, bringing it to ice cold. He howled, feeling the cold of the water on his raw back. He knew his 'friends' wouldn't come. It was to loud outside for anyone to hear. He started sobbing from the pain, coughing up bile.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((oh ok))

He flinched from the blisters and peeling on his back and neck. "Because," He sighed. He noticed Adrian checking him out, but he was used to it. Beside's, he was the naked one. He started over as he peeled off the destroyed gym shirt, gingerly touching his sore, tender back, and winced again. "I haven't really told this to anyone before, so don't go telling everyone this. But my mom did the same thing you did. Cut herself, then burned her arms. She did that until she died from a Heroin overdose. And, and also, I like you. I know that probably sound's stupid, but I'm gay."

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Hi," He said, giving him a weak smile. "I'm Toby Grey. I'm really sorry about your mom." He watched his face for a moment, then finally allowed himself to look at Adrian's body. It was surprisingly well built, with nice muscle's. But his body was laced with scar's and bruises that he figured were from his dad, along with his own self hurt. On top of that, there were the new cuts all up his arms. Either way, he looked really sexy. "Hey," He said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Even though you and your dad don't care, I do. Okay?"

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Look, I'm not asking to fuck you or anything. I'm just saying I care. I don't just jump into relationship's. And I've never told anyone about my sexual preference. I've been going out with the same slut, who's a girl, for 4 months! But I'm done with her." He paused, then added much more quietly, "You should really take car of those cut's before your blood drains, or it get's infected. They won't have anything to help you here, anyway."

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Can you make the post's a little longer, please?))

He stared at Adrian for a minute, before coming back to his senses. "Sure. I have a spare jersey. Hold on a second." He said, before scrambling up to open his locker, which was right next to the shower's. He grabbed the jersey. "I don't have any pant's though." He told him, handing him the shirt. "Not that I would mind," He muttered under his breath. Adrian slipped it on, and the deeper cut's bled through the shirt.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "No problem. Sure, grab your stuff." He grabbed a too small gym shirt that was in his bad and put it on. It was tight against his biceps and chest, so you could see his muscles thru his shirt. "Oh, before I forget!" He said, twisting Adrian's broken glasses so they were able to be put on. "Sorry about nailing you like that. I'll replace these." He said and handed them to him. His skin tingled as he touched him.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((i need to go to bed really soon.))

"Yeah, I really do, even though I barely know you. Ready to go?" He asked, but instead of walking toward the door, he walked closer to Adrian. It felt like little lightning bolt's were sizzling and shooting up his arms from his touch. He didn't want to get ahead of himself, but he wanted to do stuff with him that were really ahead of where they were. For once, he didn't shove those thought's away.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Toby smiled, slightly lopsided, and kissed him back, harder. His mind was racing. Everything about him was just... so imperfectly perfect. He loved it. He cupped Adrian's cheek, staring into his beautiful blue eye's.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Toby was about to kiss him again, but stopped when he heard the coach yell that it was time to wrap it up. He regretfully walked away to pick up his thing's. "Come on." He said, slipping out the back door. Once they were outside, he held out his hand. He knew they would probably need to go to Adrain's house, and that his dad was most likely home. Toby wanted to be sure that he would give support to Adrian, in case something happened.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Sorry this wasn't a long comment. I won't be on for a couple of hour's))

He gently squeezed his hand as they got to his car. They got in.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Of course not. It's all up to you." He said, even though he knew that if Adrian told his dad he liked a boy, his dad would probably go ballistic, and seriously hurt him. They pulled out of the car parking lot, and Toby clipped on his seat belt. "Where do you live?" Toby asked, lovingly reaching over to re-position Adrian's glasses. Before he could pull away, Adrian took his wrist and held it to his face.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Fine. But the second I hear trouble, I'm coming in. You never know if he will be home or not. He stroked his cheek for a minute, then let his hand back on the steering wheel. "Don't worry about school. You can just say you got sick, and I'll take care of me. In a way, you won't be lying." He said, and then asked again where he lived.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Want the dad 2 be home? I could be him))

"Don't worry about it. I don't really care what it look's like." He said as he parked across the street. He turned off the engine and turned to face Adrian. "Be careful, Okay?" Even though he said his dad wouldn't be home, he wanted to be safe. Still, he kind if thought the place looked kind of crappy. But he could relate, this is what his moms house had looked like.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Adrian's dad lumbered up the stair's, stumbling. He walked into his room, with a full beer bottle in his hand. "What the fuck is wrong with you!!??" He slurred, stepping over to Adrian. He shoved him down roughly. "I raised a decent kid, not a homo!" He screamed, kicking him hard in the neck. "Your mom would be so ashamed of you! No wonder nobody care's. That fake little drag queen out there just want's to use you!" He spit on him, and it splattered on Adrian's cheek. He brought the bottle down on his stomach, and it shattered into a bunch of pieces, the alcohol burning on his cut's.

Toby waited impatiently in the car, tapping his finger's. He didn't hear anything (yet), so he just waited.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments His dad punched him, and snarled, "Your mother never cared about you. All you were is a mistake. A screw-up. Your mother left because of you. That boy is the same. He's just pretending. Nobody can really care about you. I raised a fine boy, but look what you made yourself." He punched him again, in the cheek this time. His glasses came off, but his dad stepped on them.

Toby heard what sounded like glass shattering, and went to make sure Adrian was okay. He cautiously walked into the house. Empty can's and bottle's littered the floor over an ancient blue carpet. The hole place was like a 60's horror movie gone wrong. He heard talking from upstairs, so he quietly went up to see.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "At least your thinking straight now. Now you understand how much you have ruined my and my dead wife's life forever. Your the reason she's dead!" He screamed, and reached into his belt and pulled out a kitchen meat knife. "You want me to end you? How nice of you to let me do the honor's. Or should I do your fake ass boyfriend first?" His dad sneered, then turned around to point the knife to the door, where Toby was standing. "Don't move." His dad growled, and walked closer to Toby. At least he had gotten his attention away from Adrian. He might be able to get away now. "I'm going to fucking kill both you now." His dad slurred.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments His dad swiveled around. "Where's the fun where I kill the guilty first?" He leaned down, his rancid breath in Adrian's face. He looked at the knife, entranced, and began cutting, calmly, on Adrian's chest. Not just straight, but in curve's, zigzag's, and shape's while Adrian was screaming. Toby watched in horror, and came up behind the dad. His hand's were shaking, but he had to get Adrian away before he gets unconscious. He realized that when they make it out, they couldn't go to the doctor because they had to be accompanied by a legal guardian, and his dad was on a business trip, and Adrian's would never.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments He continued, making completely random, his face a serene mask. He was unaware that Toby had grabbed one of the old encyclopedia's that were strewn across the floor. Biting his lip, he swung at Adrian's dad's head. It knocked him over. His dad whispered some unintelligible thing's before going unconscious. Toby laid down the book and ran to where Adrian was lying. "Oh my god," He whispered, gently brushing the hair out of Adrian's eye's.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "OH MY GOD NO!!" His voice rose, panicking. He was shaking, but he still pulled out his phone and dialed 911. He answered the operator's question's, then hung up. He kissed him, than got up and ran to the door. He opened door's until he found a linen closet. He grabbed an armful of towels, wet some of them with the sink, and ran back to Adrian. He gently began patting his chest, cleaning it of the pooling blood. When he saw what the cut's looked like, he nearly passed out. But he hold on, for Adrian. It was very obvious that he would need a lot of stitch's. Adrian tried to say something.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Shh, it's okay. You don't have any reason to be quiet." He said, softly stroking his cheek. Toby was worried sick, and tried to keep his cool for Adrian. It hurt him to see Adrian like that. He knew it was weird and inappropriate, but right then he realized that even though he was in a urgent condition, Adrian had never looked better looking. He truly looked beautiful ((lol sorry it's cheesy))He kissed his forhead and laid down next to him, still gently patting the wound's. He heard loud siren's, and got up to go to the window. There was an ambulance and two police car's. They saw him waving, and two paramedic's ran up into the house with a stretcher.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Wait, is he dead))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Oh ok))

Toby got into the ambulance after they had loaded Adrian in. The ambulance's tires screeched, and they pulled out. Toby stood their, praying, griping Adrian's hand as they worked on him. Eventually they pulled into the ER section of the hospital, and they all ran out. They asked Toby to wait in the waiting room, and when he refused, they got security to make sure he did. He anxiously paced the room, desperate to hear new's. He hoped with all his heart that Adrian would make it out.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments After about 5 hour's, Toby was told what they did. They said Adrian would most likely survive, but would remain in a urgent condition for a couple of day's. A social worker came and talked to Toby. She said that Adrian's dad was in rehab, and Adrian will have to decide whether or not to press charge's once the medical drug's effect's wear off. Toby told her what had happened at the house. He was finally allowed to see Adrian the next morning. He walked in, and gave Adrian a shy smile when he saw he was awake. The nurse smiled and winked at Toby, and said "Take your time, just push the button if you need my help."

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Adrian, calm down. You'll give yourself a heart attack. I have nothing to do with her. I'm still your's if you'r still mine." Toby said, going up to the cot. He sat on the very edge of the bed, and rocked Adrian's head with his hand's. He began wondering if this had been a bad idea, coming here to see him so soon. Toby felt Adrian's heart beat faster and faster, and got a paper towel to wipe his face. Toby caressed Adrian's cheek, murmuring that it's going to be alright,

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments "Your dad doesn't hate you. He's getting better right now. Neither does your mom. She's gone because of your daddy." He said soothingly. He figured it was part from the drug's and part real. "I'm not going to leave anytime soon. If you want, you can stay with me for as long as you like. You didn't do anything. You have a hoem with me, where your welcome. You have many friend's, realize it or not, who miss you. Shh, quiet down. It's okay." Toby continued comforting him, rubbing Adrian's shoulder, until Adrian became quiet. Toby lay still for a moment, realizing just how exhausted he was. He had forgotten to mention his back to anyone, so he began scratching it a few hour's ago. Blood dried on the back of his shirt, along with sticky liquid from the blister's.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Sorry it's taking so long. We have guests over.))

"I'm not, don't worry. Please calm down." Toby said, but he was happy he was in his arms. Toby hugged him, hard, and rested a hand on Adrian's chest so he stopped shaking so much. "I'm right here. I'm not going to leave. But please, relax. Your scaring me by moving so much. Give your body time to heal." He hugged him to his chest, and kissed Adrian's forehead.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Okay, time skip to back to school?))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Sorry. What do you mean? I dont get who))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Ohhhh ok. Dang, you like drama. I'll post tomorrow. My moms getting mad that i'm not asleep.))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Thanks. Night))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Oh, before I forget, do you want Toby to see part of it happpen? Like when he lays her?))

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((kk))

Toby was walking down the hall, talking to his friend's. They were making rude comments about the kid's who didn't fit in. Toby hoped they wouldn't mention Adrian, but they did anyway. "Hey," One of his friend's sneered and spat on him. "Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home? Because if I was born as ugly as you, that's what my parent's would have asked." His other 'friend' added to that when he saw Adrian slouch down. "Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent!" They laughed, and Toby laughed weakly along.He didn't really know what to do, because standing up to them would make them think something was up. Finally, he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion? Because Honestly, whatever you use really work's."

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((how do you want Toby to find out about the party?))

"What the fuck is up with him? Maybe he's your stalker, Toby." One of his 'friends' said, and they all laughed. He tried his best to keep his cool, and excused himself to go to the bathroom. He ran in, and threw up into the sink. He was miserable. It felt like his heart was tore out of his chest. He felt so bad and stupid, all those insult's could have applied to himself. He frantically called, emailed, facetimed and texted Adrian, but didn't get any reply. After quickly cleaning himself up, he got in his car and drove to the only place he could think of Adrian going; Toby's house. When he arrived, everything that belonged to Adrian was gone.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Maybe he left his phone, and Toby find's it?))

Toby just stood there for a minute, tears running down his face when he realized wherever Adrian would go, it wouldn't be a good place. He knew Adrian made bad mistake's when something bad happen's to him, and this was certainly not an exception. This happened because of him, and he wanted to be the one to end it. He stumbled up the stair's, desperate to find something, anything that would tell him where Adrian went. Toby didn't want him to hurt himself.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments ((Want me to be the girl? We might need to bring it to pm))

Toby walked into their- his room, looking around for something to tell him where Adrian went. He thought he heard something, and realized it was something vibrating. He followed the sound to his bed, where Adrian's phone was siting. Toby put in the code and read the text. "Shit!" He yelled. He ran back down the stair's to his car, and started driving toward the place. Maybe he's just their to talk to someone. He tried to convince himself, but it didn't work. A few minute's later, he pulled into the street. All around the house, car's were parked, some empty, some not. He could feel the ground shake with the rhythm of the loud music. He parked a little way's down the road, and walked toward the house.

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