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Science Fiction Is Similar

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message 1: by zipzim (new)

zipzim | 22 comments I have noticed after reading a few science fiction novels and even discussing with a friend that science fiction novels have similar ideas. Such as the ideas of:

-speed of light travel

-hyper travel (traveling faster than the speed of sound)

-beings are made of tiny particles (comes in many names depending on books) smaller than atoms which originate from in the space between space

hyper travel is done by traveling through that space between space

in the space between space time is infinite

when traveling at light speed time accelerates (EX: you light speed for two days and arrive at your destination to find it had passed a month)

Do any of you sexy science fiction readers notice these similar ideas. If they're any more ideas you saw but I haven't listed I'd love to hear.
-zipzim ^.=.^

message 2: by Joey (new)

Joey (mostlyjoe) | 51 comments Sometimes. Hard scifi novels like Revelation Space don't break the light speed limit. In fact, people have to put themselves in to suspension or extend their lives to survive space travel.

message 3: by zipzim (new)

zipzim | 22 comments Yes I have heard of that. People are put into freezing or sleeping chambers during a long space traveling (both light travel and normal).

message 4: by zipzim (new)

zipzim | 22 comments I came across a very creative idea in Asimov's Foundation series (I believe it was Foundation's Edge). Asimov pointed out how each planet has a unique smell. I thought that was worth putting out there. Very creative.

He also went on to explaining how the inhabitants of the planet do not notice the smell since they've lived there for so long, they have grown custom to it. It is similar to working in a horse barn for so long that the horse stank doesn't exist to you but will be very noticeable to a visitor.

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