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The Galaxy Game
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Jukka Särkijärvi (nitessine) | 28 comments For week four, we have Karen Lord's science fiction novel The Galaxy Game, published on January 6th, just two weeks ago. It's a standalone sequel to The Best of All Possible Worlds, which I read last year and loved to bits.

It promises to be more space opera and less anthropological love story than its predecessor. We shall see.

Jukka Särkijärvi (nitessine) | 28 comments And read it, a bit late but nevertheless. Unfortunately, I was forced by circumstances to read it in bits and snippets, and if able to take in an entire chapter at once, dead tired. I got an impression of a very good book, but not really a good grasp on what it was saying beyond the obvious (a race of humans whose home planet was destroyed and most of their women with it – now, an exploration of how they are trying to manage the situation, in ways that are not always, or even most of the time, very nice). No way to read a novel, that. I'll have to file this away for a reread in the future.

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