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I noticed a possible mistake...

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message 1: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan I don't know if it is. You know when Katniss goes to the feast for Peeta's medicine? And Clove attacks her, later after Tresh leaves her for dead, Katniss says this.

When Thresh whirls around on me, the rock raised, I know it’s no good to run. And my bow is empty, the last loaded arrow having gone in Clove’s direction.

Later, when she's running from Cato, she says that she "loads an arrow" or something like that. My question is: how does she have an arrow left? Or am I just misunderstanding, maybe it was her last LOADED arrow, but she had more. I don't know. Can someone clear this up? You will find the answer in chapter 21 of the book.

Ruth I was thinking she retrieved the arrow she shot at Clove, but idk

message 3: by Nuran (last edited Jan 21, 2015 02:36AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nuran It could be she just hasn't got her bow prepped with an arrow and she won't have time to 'load' it. I'll have to reread that part.

Rachel Paige  Hamlin Maybe she left some with Peeta, to keep some of them safe?

message 5: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan You could all be right.

Karla Irle i went and reread that part. she reffered to her bow not being loaded cause a bit further down she says "my hand reaches up but not for a arrow that i know i will never reach. just to wipe my knows" so she has arrows in her back back pack

message 7: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan Oh thanks, I thought that may have been it. And I think the name of where she keeps her arrows is "quiver"

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