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The Paris Mysteries (confessions #3)

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Nora L | 8 comments Ah Paris, a city filled with love, passion and deadly secrets. Here in this lovely city we follow Tandy as she whisks us along in what can only be described as an extravaganza entangled with homicide, drama and witty quips.
Relationships and betrayal can be hard, especially if you've been living without emotions for your entire life. Tandoori Angel and her brothers have been moved to Paris ever since her parents were murdered mysteriously in New York. Having been reunited with her first love, James Rampling, life is a blur of romance, Euphoria and ecstasy. But sadly, nothing can ever be normal for Tandy. As questions about her sisters death arise, and her love life hits a wall, Tandy finds herself back where she started. In Paris, confused, and with lives on the line.

My, my, my! James Patterson does it again! What we have here is another spectacular page turner, not unlike the second in this series of murder mysteries. Some would call it a stellar representation of modern literacy! One of its many great qualities includes the intensely realistic feelings emitted by Tandy. In this book we learn more of Tandy's TRUE character, and she never reacts in a way unlike herself. Basically there is no break of character when it comes to her. Overall this was an amazing book, and I look forward to reading more from the great mind of James Patterson.

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Haakon N. | 12 comments Nice job

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