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Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)
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Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments oh my the prologue gave me tears in my eyes. So sad.

Really enjoying the retelling of Travis's side. What a jerk! The drinking and the girls. Men can be such pigs!

Lauren (bookworm1987) | 344 comments Mod
I'm not sure I've ever read a book where it's the same story as its predecessor but a different characters perspective. I find Travis a jerk too but a very interesting character. I thought the prologue was heartbreaking myself. At least we know he feels some sort of remorse for his actions.

Shannon (kitchandpages) (leaninglights) | 713 comments Mod
I enjoyed the prologue a lot. I thought Travis' thoughts on being a 'slut' and how sluts are treated was really interesting and helps me understand his perspective on Abby and himself better.

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