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Kate Kid (katekid) Hello!

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Kate Kid (katekid) Good question. XD Obviously, it's MxM. But we need a plot. Wht kind of plots do you enjoy doing?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Alright, what kind of fantasy?

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Kate Kid (katekid) I see. And I haven't read or watched Harry Potter so I wouldn't really know what was in there. So, wizards, elementals, kind of like Dungeons and Dragons kind of?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Haha, I do like D&D. But it has multiple races(species) in there. So you can really do anything with the game. It's extremely high fantasy.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Haha, alright. Sounds good! Magic school, or just living everyday lives?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Haha, alright. Sounds good.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Um... What if there are different types of Warlocks? Like... Say Yin and Yang. One controls dark, the other light. Then life and death and so forth? So it creates a little tension.

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Kate Kid (katekid) I have a rule with it. If it doesn't help move the roleplay forward I won't do it. So it has to be important to the roleplay. *nods*

And Coolio. XP let us do that then?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Sounds good. I do have a request though, can you please put a little history down? It drives me crazy when there is no history. (Doesn't make sense probably, just a weird quirk I have.)

But that's fine with me. :3

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Kate Kid (katekid) Just a paragraph at least. And I gotta head to bed. I'll reply in the morning.

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Kate Kid (katekid) I'll write on it tomorrow. I was very busy today. XP

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Kate Kid (katekid) Alright. :3 Sounds good.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Can you add a bit of his history? Both of them were personality. O.O But so far I like him. Do you want me to make his opposite? Or would you rather have my character be dark as well?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Sweetness. I'll get on my character now.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mine is updated.

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Kate Kid (katekid) By the way, he is up above where I put my character template. Message 22.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Haha, thank you! And I can. Wait, how do you want to start this? Do they go to a school or something? O.O

And I'm amazing, that's why you're excited. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) Sounds good to me!


Mika held his books close to his chest as he strode down the halls, his white tee and his blue plaid over shirt hanging from his shoulders. He was wearing skinny jeans that were a normal denim. His converse were the galaxy print on them. He was stylish, and he loved it. He pushed into his science class, getting straight A's in all of his classes, including this one. Sure, through his whole years he was glad that he ended up with the looks of a high schooler. Much better than some of the older warlocks that he had ran into. Some of them looked almost dead already. But not him, thank the lord. He sat down in his normal desk, waiting for his partner. He opened up his book and started taking notes with the work that they were going to do today, since the task was on the board. He got there usually early, since it was the first class to his day.

He wondered who he was going to be put with, some mortal probably. He wondered what life would be like if he was a mortal like them all. How he would have to think of hurrying his life up, finding a job and making sure that they made it all through life without a hitch. That would be interesting. He didn't know if he would ever do that, since he was still taking these classes though he probably already knew most of the stuff. He had lived so long it would be sad if he didn't know all this trivial stuff.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika didn't pay attention to the mortals who were joking around and then hitting the cute guy in the head. He looked at the guy as he threw the plane, his curiosity growing as he could see the flames instead of the plane. Did he set it on fire? He couldn't feel much magic on the thing. He didn't know, and he wasn't going to jump to conclusions. He had done that before and almost blew that he was a warlock. He looked up quickly to see an equation that the teacher seemed to be playing with. He watched over it, standing quickly and walking over.

He had his hands in his pockets, his long legs taking him over easily. He popped off the dry erase marker's lid and quickly fixed up the problem, it having two problems. He wasn't paying attention to an advanced rule with it. He sighed and then wrote down the answer as well. It was child's play. It was almost boring. He turned again and returned to his seat, starting to take notes and read again. He was a good multitasker, so he could write notes, answer questions, and read through the book in a few minutes. He tried not to look at the adorable guy across the room. Well, not adorable, sexy.... Mika was adorable, his boyish good looks... But this guy didn't have that. He had the edge that made Mika swoon.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika could feel the looks of the guy that was looking at him, and he glanced over. He blushed bright red, waving at him shyly. He looked down more, his shoulders moving nervously. He wasn't used to having people look at him like that, and he wasn't going to be against it. He was a little worried that he might know what he was. He didn't want anyone to know about that. People always looked down and wanted to make warlocks some sort of show pony. He played with his pencil, not even knowing he put the eraser to his mouth, only rubbing the soft part against his top lip.

He was glad when the bell went off, going to get up and go to his next class when that sexy guy got up and started talking to him. He instantly turned red, his eyes widening a bit. "Y-You want me?" He asked. "I-Sure..." He smiled softly at the boy, holding his books close to his chest. He felt like a teen girl, which annoyed him.

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Kate Kid (katekid) "C-Camero- I mean Mika." He said jetting out his hand to shake. He didn't know what the guy was thinking, especially that it would be that dark. Mika didn't care about people that much, but he didn't wish harm on them. They didn't deserve it. They were born just like any other person. Mika wasn't even a warlock his whole life.... He just kept smiling shyly. "S-So I'm guessing you need my number?" He asked pulling out the electronic and typing in a new contact, looking at him again, "I didn't catch your name." He said. He wasn't small, but he still looked like a kid sometimes. He rubbed the back of his head, feeling as if he should be wearing some sort of beanie. Oh well. He'd grab one later.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika didn't understand the statement about being a man, but then again, the guy did think that Mika was what he looked like, a teenager. He pushed some hair from his face, though he often acted like it. He might be wise from his years, but he was still a kid. He smiled softly at him, "Y-Yeah. I'll call you after school." He said. He watched the guy walk away, blinking a few times. He looked at the ground, "What just happened?" He wouldn't know. He just pushed himself forward, going to his next class. He wanted to go somewhere more interesting. Maybe he would just disappear again.... He had done it before. But he would finish this project with this kid and then leave. He wasn't going to leave him high and dry.

((What is a mundane?))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((Ohh! Okay. Thank you! I was confused. And haha, I've never read that series yet. It's on my list, but I haven't gotten to it yet.))

Mika had to run a few errands after school, running through the town, his long legs stretching and moving quickly to push himself through the crowds. He stopped at his apartment, ringing the guy he had met today. He waited patiently, but also nervously. He was panting, and his racing heart wasn't helping much with it at all. He leaned over when he got into the house, his hand on his knees as the phone waited to be picked up. He was panting into the phone, though he was trying to keep it quiet. He didn't know what they were going to plan on doing, since he had done this project time and time again.

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Kate Kid (katekid) "H-Hey. You said I should call you." He bit his lip, feeling awkward again as he brought his things that he recently purchased in the right spots. Mika's house was organized, nothing out of place and everything was clean. He did have magic after all. Though he usually did things himself, he would always use magic to get out that stubborn stain or something he didn't want to clean up. He didn't really know what to say, "Did you want to meet up today? Or tomorrow? Anything works for me. Just so long as we get the project done." Mika didn't worry about his grades, because they didn't follow him, he just liked making sure his brain was well exercised. He didn't want a large change to come out and him not know about it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika stopped, knowing where the house was because he knew what was in the house he was speaking of. He guessed it right, he wasn't going to tell him that though. He turned to his window, walking to the edge and down the street. He was only a few streets away. He bit his lip, then realized he was supposed to say something back. "O-Oh, oh.. Yeah, I can come over.... Is your parents going to be okay with it?" He asked, looking at the phone as if he was looking at the person. He didn't know what this guy was, or who he was, but he was getting nervous about it. He just hoped this wasn't some sort of trap to get a warlock. He could fight his way out.... Hopefully.

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((I gotta go to bed after this post. I'm really liking this roleplay.))

Mika felt terrible for that. He had no idea that his parents.... He blushed again and started out of the house. He had hung up too soon for him to even say he was sorry. So he just grabbed his bag and was on his way. He knew the place well, running was simple even though he was already tired. He stopped at the door and knocked on it, panting again and trying to catch his breath. It wouldn't take too long to clam down, but still. He waited patiently, hoping that the guy wouldn't be too upset with him, though bringing that up must be difficult. He wanted to say his was too, because they were.... But he didn't. No need to. He just wanted the guy to have a friend. Mika didn't know if he had one, or if he had family. But he wanted to give him something. Love.... If he so got the emotion from Mika. It wasn't hard to get Mika to love, he did it easily. But for more than just friend love took a bit more.... Though his looks were already suiting Mika's fancy quite well.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika blushed more when he told him to stop being cute, his blue eyes looking up at the very sexy guy. He walked in along with him, wondering if he too, was gay. He didn't know, and he wasn't going to force a relationship on him. Mika didn't force anything. Everything was always forced against him. He sat down with him, opening his book and started writing down the notes that he had taken about ten times in the past years. He rubbed the side of his head, again, pencil to his lips as he read everything that they were going to need. He knew by heart, but he didn't want to just give this kid an A. He looked up suddenly when the book burst into flames, jumping back and knocking the chair he was sitting on to the ground. "Woah!" He squeaked loudly. He reached his hand out, putting out the flames suddenly without realizing what he did either. He just knew the fire needed to be put out.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika watched the guy, knowing what he was. Books don't just do that. He took a step back, wondering who this guy was. He wanted to say it, but also didn't want to do the stupid Twilight thing. So he just watched him in shock, knowing the feeling of magic more than ever. It was strong as ever. He was a warlock. He looked down suddenly and put his hand through his hair. Oh no. Was this bad? He didn't know. He looked at him, "I knew you were one." He stated. "Ever since the plane caught on fire." He said, "Or looked as if it was on fire."

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika's eyebrows furrowed in a bit of terror and confusion. He didn't understand how someone could take such joy in burning someone to death. He rubbed the back of his head, taking a step back only to find the guy kissing his cheek. He reached up and put his hand on his cheek. "I- UH.... I don't agree.... burning bodies.... is not..." He sighed, "I'm a good warlock. I only do things to help people.... Not to harm them." He said trying to put his foot down, though he was flustered by the sudden kiss on the cheek. This guy had a crush on him?

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Kate Kid (katekid) He thought all of these things were disgusting, looking away from him, he blushed bright red. He was about to throw up, in fact, he walked over to a trash bin and lost his cookies, holding his stomach. Why would someone do that to another person? He looked terrible after that.... He stood up straight, "That' disgusting." He hissed. He turned around after wiping his mouth clean. He was pissed, and it was hard to get Mika pissed. "You, sir, have a lot to learn. People are meant to be here, not some.... some toy!" He moved his hand up, his stuff teleporting to his side. "I am not someone who will do that to another person."

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika didn't return the kiss as this guy just forced himself on him. He wanted to show love to this guy, but right now he just wanted to disappear. He wasn't angry anymore, but he was scared to all heck. He closed his eyes and he almost gagged from the tongue. He was a warlock, he was about to energy blast this guy off. How dare he think he is so much better! He narrowed his eyes at him, "Get off!" He pushed suddenly, moving away quickly, his bag on his shoulder as he tried to make a dash for the door. Mika didn't want to play this game!

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mika narrowed his eyes, seeing the fire as he stepped back. He used his own magic, pushing it against the creatures of the shadows, he wasn't weak, and he would fight back if he needed to. He created orbs of light, something that would fight against the shadows. He was choking, but he didn't dare make his heart race, he needed his oxygen. He pulled them up, but shot them at the other boy. The freak that he was. He brought other ones up, daggers almost and let them fly through the shadows, exploding into small bits, making the shadows vanish, screams filling the air as his light reigned loose. "What is wrong with you!?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((What is even happening right now?))

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