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Lori (lorilovesbooks) | 350 comments #11/15
Title: In My Bed
Author: Jennifer LaCross
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel
Formats ~ Mobi & Epub
Copies ~ 10
Goodreads link:

Synopsis – The past can shape us …

Jenna Fitzgerald’s beliefs have become her truths.

She’s discovered that it’s easier to stay away from love than it is to try and deal with the loss of it. She doesn’t want a relationship and she has no plans to fall in love. But falling into bed with a guy …

Well, that’s a different story.

Nate Campbell’s rules have been set.

He’s learned that it’s important to really get to know a girl before you move forward. He’s not looking for something simple and easy. He’s looking for something real.

And he won’t give up until he finds it.

But what Jenna and Nate soon realize is that love is truth. And it doesn’t always follow the rules. Sometimes you don't get to choose who you fall for.

Sometimes you don't get to choose whether you fall at all …

This is the second novel in the series about the members of the band, Second Story. Some of the material from In My Bed may be considered inappropriate for readers under 17.


To sign up please leave your email and what format you'd like. Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the book, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know via Goodreads message, so we can remove your name from the list and allow someone else to review it. Thank You.


Signed up to review -
1. Theresa - mobi
2. Danielle - ePub
3. Shire - ePub
4. Kaveshni - ePub
5. Jennifer - mobi
6. Lisa - mobi
7. Taryne - mobi
8. Lesley - mobi

message 2: by Theresa (last edited Jan 19, 2015 06:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Theresa (tjarosick) | 65 comments I would love the chance to read and review this novel. Book one of the series - On the Floor was amazing.
My email is
Mobi please :)

Danielle (daniellemo33) I would love to! epub please :)

Shire (shirenye) ePub
Please & thank you!

message 5: by Kaveshni (last edited Feb 11, 2015 11:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaveshni Naidoo | 14 comments Yes please. Epub.

message 6: by Jennifer (last edited Jan 20, 2015 09:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jennifer Hamilton (jennaferh) | 23 comments I would love to read and review this book. I use the kindle appsoi guess that's mobi. My email is Thanks

Lisa F

message 8: by Taryne (new)

Taryne | 2 comments I would love to review kindle

message 9: by Derna (new)

Derna | 5314 comments Mod
Copies have been sent. Please remember that you have until 11th Feb (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let me know. Enjoy!

Danielle (daniellemo33) Done and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Hamilton (jennaferh) | 23 comments Finished! and here is a link to my Goodreads review. I will also post a review on Amazon as well.
Thank you!

Lesley (laparks) I would love to read and review this if it's not too late!!!!
mobi please

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Derna | 5314 comments Mod
Lesley wrote: "I would love to read and review this if it's not too late!!!!
mobi please"


Theresa (tjarosick) | 65 comments Thank you for the chance to Read and Review. I will post my review on Amazon as well.

Lesley (laparks) My reviews are up! Thanks for the chance to read this. I LOVED Nate!!



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Lori (lorilovesbooks) | 350 comments If you have not posted or linked your review, please do so!

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