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dany (elothwen)
      time travel/fiction
      romance OR friendship

    in a past life

        Muse A is on a weekend camping trip with friends in the mountains. They spend the first afternoon exploring the gorgeous scenery, walking the trails and carving new paths near their campsite. One spot in particular catches Muse A's attention, a cave. The group peek their heads inside, but are reluctant to go further without their flashlights and drag Muse A along back to camp with empty promises that they will return the following day. Muse A has dinner with their friends, but is unable to get their mind off of the interesting discovery. After the group has gone to bed, Muse A decides to sate their unwavering curiosity, grabbing a flashlight and a bottle of water to head out to the site of the cave.

        Muse A feels increasingly lightheaded the deeper they delve into the cavern, but they press on. The feeling eventually overwhelms Muse A and they reach out to steady themselves on the cave’s interior wall, waiting for the sickening sensation to pass. When Muse A is again clearheaded, they turn back to leave the damp, dark space and head back down the short trail to camp. Muse A is shocked to discover they cannot find the tents or any sign of the fire that had been burning brightly at the site. Panic sets in as they frantically retrace their steps. They work in slow circles trying to find their friends and calling out, but there is no answer. Exhausted, Muse A sits down and falls asleep.

        Muse B is in the midst of their morning routine when they come upon a sleeping Muse A. Startled by their unusual clothing and appearance, they gently wake Muse A to ask if they need help. Muse A relays the previous night's events and although confused, Muse B takes them into their care and promises to aid them in finding a way back to their group. What will transpire when Muse A figures out they have traveled in time? Will Muse B believe them? Will Muse A be unable to return?

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Jennifer, or Jen as her friends call her, peered into the cave and started to walk in till her friends called out to her. She turned around to look at them. "Come on guys! This cave looks cool," she told them.

Her friends, Sara, Kate, and Haley, were standing a few feet below her. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes before climbing up to where Jen was. They looked into the cave. It was darker than some of the other caves that they had looked into that day. When Jen started to go inside it, Sara grabbed her arm. "Are you kidding?" she asked her. "It's way too dark."

"Oh come on. It's not that dark," Jen insisted.

"Yes it is," Haley said. She was afraid of the dark and had only agreed to come on this trip is there was a lantern lit in her tent all night.

"We can come back tomorrow with flashlights," suggested Kate as her stomach gave a huge growling sound. The other girls started laughing.

"Fine," Jen huffed as the four friends turned to start going back to their camp. "Promise we'll come back tomorrow?" The girls chorused their promises.

All throughout dinner that night, Jen kept thinking about the cave. She decided that she was going to go back when her friends were asleep. It didn't take long for that to happen. They'd gotten up at 4 that morning and had hiked for several miles to get to this spot and then explored for several more. Once they were asleep, she unzipped her sleeping bag and slipped on pink sweatpants and a grey hoodie over her shorts and tank top and pulled on her sneakers. Grabbing her flashlight and her green water bottle, she left their campsite.

It took her longer than it had during the day to find the cave again, but she managed it. When she reached the ledge the cave was on, she shivered a little from the cold air, then walked into the cave. Her flashlight didn't illuminate the path in front of her very much but she pressed on. The further she went into the cave, she noticed, the more she started to feel dizzy. That's weird, she thought. I've never been claustrophobic before.

When she started seeing spots, Jen decided it was time to go back to camp. She pulled out her water bottle and took a drink before turning around towards the entrance of the cave.

As she climbed down to the ground, she noticed that she couldn't see the light from their campfire anymore. Surely she couldn't have been gone so long that the fire had burned out. Holding her flashlight out in front of her, she walked back. When she reached the area their tents should have been in, she stopped abruptly.

Where were the tents? Where was the campfire? Had she gone in the wrong direction from the cave? She didn't think so. She walked around the area, looking for her friends and calling out their names. She did this for about two hours before she started yawning so badly that she walked into a tree. Deciding that she could find her friends tomorrow, she laid down on the ground and closed her eyes.

She was asleep instantly.

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dany (elothwen)
        Scarlett peered down at the softly snoring stranger leaning against the back of her house in the shade, looking misplaced in...whatever sort of get-up they were in. They definitely weren't dressed for the heat, and if that was a girl as Scarlett suspected, then she must have been some type of performer in those pants.

        Kneeling in her skirts, Scarlett reached out carefully, wanting not to wake her–yet–but see her face, wondering if it might have been someone she knew, but couldn't recognize from far away.

        Her hair was a sort of straw blonde, and it was hard to tell if she had just been out of the sun a lot or she came from the north, up from the industries. Something told Scarlett that she hadn't come from anywhere north of Texas; people rarely wanted to come to the Mexican border. Maybe she was a deserter of some sort, or a runaway from her parents.

        Gently pushing some hair from her face, Scarlett narrowed her eyes. She looked...vaguely familiar, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it.

        Scarlett was preparing to shake her shoulder, or call out, when the girl's eyes shot open/drifted slowly open, revealing eyes an intense color of sea green.

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Jen slowly opened her eyes and gave a small scream, scrambling back from girl was sitting right in front of her. Her green eyes were wide as she looked at her. She looked around her wildly, trying to figure out where she was and what was going on.

First was this girl's outfit. Was she some kind of theater kid wearing a dress like that? And what was a theater kid doing out in the woods?

"Who are you?" she demanded of the girl in front of her. "Where are Kate, Sara, and Haley?"

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dany (elothwen)
        Scarlett stood abruptly, taking a step back at the girl's yell. Her presence must have surprised the sleeping girl. Hiking her skirts up away from the dusty ground, she tilted her head at her words. "There's no one of that name 'round here, tell ya that right now. I should be demanding to know who you are. You're the one sleeping in my backyard."

        "And I might advise that you mind your mouth, young lady." The girl in front of Scarlett was young, maybe in her late teen years, whereas Scarlett was 24. Still young in terms of where she lived, considering how many old men there were, but this stranger had no right yelling at her like that.

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Jen rolled her eyes at the girl. "Right. Ok. Very good acting, I have to say. The accent is spot on." She stood up and brushed her sweatpants off. It was starting to get hot, so she pulled off her hoodie, not caring that her tank top rose up a little as she did so. She pulled it down as she looked the other girl over.

"So where did they hire you from? And where did you get those clothes? And you can't be more than two or three years older than me." She looked around her and said, "Sara, Kate, Haley! Jokes over now!"

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dany (elothwen)
        Scarlett stared at her blankly. What was she on about? Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, she responded, "I don't know what you're ramblin' about, but I gotta say, you got yourself a creative imagination."

        Staring as she pulled off...whatever she was wearing, Scarlett couldn't help but to wonder what she was doing in such an indecent outfit. Some sort of pants in an awful material, and a shirt that was just so revealing. Not that she minded people wearing what they wanted--it was just something she had never seen before.

        "Now tell me who y'are and I won't call for the neighbors."

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"Sheesh, no need to get your panties in a twist. I'd like to see how calm you'd be waking up with a strangers face right above yours. My name's Jen. And your's would be?" Jen figured this was her friends getting back at her for sneaking out of the camp last night. It was a pretty good plan, though she wished they hadn't told the actress they hired to be right in her face when she woke up.

She looked around her and frowned when she noticed the house. That definitely wasn't there last night. She couldn't see where her friends would have hidden this from her. Once they'd parked the car, they had walked for several hours on footpaths to the campsite. Carrying materials to build the house in front of her would have taken several trucks.

Then she realized. She wasn't in a forest anymore. She was in the desert. "Wait, where did the forest go? How did I get in the desert?"

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((Ok fixed it))

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        "Excuse me?" Scarlett gasped at her words, but after a moment she sighed and brushed it off as childish exclamation. "My name is Scarlett Bradbury," she finally replied proudly, as her surname was that of her father, a man who had died long ago but left a mark around those parts.

        At her mention of a forest, Scarlet finally decided that this girl was suffering from dehydration. "Ain't a forest around here for miles. You thirsty, girl? Hadn't had some water in a while?" She asked cautiously, wondering if that's the reason she was behind the house.

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Jen frowned at Scarlett's name. "Bradbury...Bradbury... I've heard that name somewhere before," she said, trying to remember. Had she heard it in school in a Texas history class? She didn't really know though because she'd always gotten bored in history. Who cared about a bunch of dead guys anyways?

She looked up when Scarlett asked if she was thirsty. "I have water," she said, pulling out the green plastic bottle she had grabbed the night before. It was half full. She opened it and took a drink.

"I'm not crazy, if that's what you're thinking."

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dany (elothwen)
        Scarlett raised both of her eyebrows at the mention of her surname. Sure, people had heard of her father, but no one all the way out north. Assuming that's where she came from, that is.

        Watching her pull out the water bottle, Scarlett also frowned. She hadn't seen a bottle like that before, and she wasn't so misinformed on the north that she didn't know they didn't use or even have those. Sighing, she continued to speak.

        "Well, if you're alright, would you like to come inside? Perhaps then you can tell me what you're doing here."

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"Alright. Thank you," she said when Scarlett invited her inside. She bent down to pick up her hoodie and cursed under her breath when her flashlight fell onto her foot. Grumbling, she stooped again and picked it up.

Then she looked at Scarlett to lead them to her house as she checked her wrist for a ponytail, hoping she had one so that she could pull it up. "Lead the way, Scarlett."

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        Scarlett eyed the other thing she held, wondering what that was as well. This girl was certainly odd.

        Opening the wooden door inside, musky air greeted them and once they had actually gotten inside, it wasn't much cooler than outside. But they were at least shielded from the sun, and that was good enough out there.

        Closing the door, Scarlett looked over at Jennifer. "Jen, is it? Care for anything?" She headed over to her kitchen, wiping her hands on the apron she had worn while working in the garden.

        "Or we can just sit, and you can tell me why you're here."

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Jen eyed the inside of the house. "I'm alright, thank you. And yes, Jen. I hate it when people call my by my full name." This was definitely a weird morning. She was here with a girl who dressed like it was the 1900s and her accent was worse than some of Jen's friends and her house was something out of that time too! It reminded her of the pictures she'd seen in the history textbooks she hadn't really read. The ones with Texas Rangers in them and things like that.

"I have no idea how I got here. When I fell asleep last night, it was against a tree, in the middle of a forest. My friends and I are going camping for the weekend. A kind of celebration after graduating this week."

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((Are you wanting to continue this?))

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Mally the Impala {Yo нo, yo нo, α pιrαтe'ѕ lιғe ғor мe} wrote: "((Are you wanting to continue this?))"

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