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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Here's where you can just chat about bible stuff :)

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Guys, can you imagine how buff all the men in Bible times must have been? Especially David and his Mighty Men!
I went to Israel and my tour guide was a Messianic Jew who is crazy in all his Bible knowledge!
He took us to the Valley of Elah and the exact spot where David killed Goliath, and he showed us how the scene would have played out.
And apparently David ran down this path from the mountain where the Israeli Army was standing and ran to the brook to grab some stones.
Now I climbed up AND down that mountain, and let me tell you, neither was easy at all. I was one of the few in our group who dared to do it. Even the crazy-fit doctor gall didn't want to do it.
Climbing down it was so steep that I had to do the side ways zig-zagging and at one point it was so steep that I actually slid down it several feet and received several splinters (most in my clothes, though :)
Can you imagine how fit and sure-footed David must have been to have RUN down that?! We were all amazed!
And also going to the Cave of Adullam where he hid with 400 men from Saul was a VERY steep climb past large cliffs to get to it where you had to crawl backward and jump down to get into the cave, then literally crawl/climb out.
Like, my mind is blown.

message 3: by Angelina (new)

Angelina (fableslibrary) | 1 comments I would love to visit the places where the Bible happens, I can only imagine Isreal beauty ^_^! that sounds amazing! getting to see where it all happened :) sounds amazing! And yes 0.0 I can only imagine their inner and outer strength haha ^^

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Guys I was just watching a video of all the universities in America and how pro-Israel people are being persecuted and threatened by their fellow classmates and how the schools nation-wide are beating down on Israel. It makes me so sad.
I literally almost cried because I love Israel. I love Israel so so much. How could anyone wish for it not to exist? It is so sad.

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sydney (sydneyelaine) | 81 comments Mod
I know... it's super scary. And what makes me mad is that people claim to be friends, but then when a Christian states what they believe, their so-called friends turn their backs on them and threaten them and all of this, and it's fine and no one cares.
But when gay people are bullied and talked down upon, it's the worst thing in the world and everyone and their mother comes to their defense.
Now it's not the fact that gays are defended, because even though I don't believe in homosexuality I could never be mean to someone who is gay.
What makes me mad is that everyone thinks everyone should be treated fairly, but when a Christian, who if they are a true believer, treats everyone fairly, is beat down no one cares and they just think because "Christians" beat down Muslims, gays, and liberals and everyone else they can just let it happen.
I don't know... sorry for the rant. I'm just very passionate about this type of thing.

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
No I totally agree with everything you just said!! It's soo unfair!!
What happened to free speech? If we state our beliefs against gay (whether we're being mean or not -hopefully not-) everyone freaks but if someone says something mean against Christianity or Judaism the rest of the world agrees and helps out with persecuting us!!

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sydney (sydneyelaine) | 81 comments Mod
I know! It ticks me off.
It's like there are guidelines for free speech.
Not all non-Christian people are like this, but the people who are have their voices heard the loudest and that's whats sad and scary.

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
k so guys, the other day my dad and I were talking about dreams.
And you know how we have our physical body and our soul, but then living inside us is our spirit man? So like, when you die, your spirit man leaves your body and yeah. That is the spirit man I'm talking about.
Well, I was talking with my dad about dreaming. ((This is not written in the Bible, just what we understand/ think)) And we were talking about how when you dream, your soul and spirit overlap. And when you dream, the things that are deep in your heart/soul can come to the surface. So for example, the silly things like dreaming that someone took your braces off before they were ready and you tried to find the person so that they could put them back on. That was part of my dream last night lol, and I'll get to that. But those things come from your soul, as well as fears in your heart/soul can be turned into nightmares.
But when you dream, God can speak to you and reveal things to you. But it's like when your body is resting, your Spirit man is alive and active in the spiritual realm, and sometimes God reveals/shows things to your Spirit Man through dreams, or which can then be received in dream form.
One thing we talked about was how once my sister dreamt that my other, special-needs sister, fell out of her second-story bedroom window. That morning, my mom and my sister prayed against the dream. Later that day, our neighbour rang our doorbell to say that my special-needs sister was hanging out of her window and was about to fall. My mom and sister ran up the stairs and just as my special-needs sister fell from the window, my mom caught her by the foot.
So my dad and I were talking about this and he said that God could have just revealed to my sister's spirit man what was going to happen and she received it in a dream and was able to pray against it.
I've had it where I've dreamt something that then happened a few months later. It's a fascinating thing if you think into dreams.
And then he also told me how he knew a lady who had dreamt the exact same experience another lady had seen, and they hadn't know about the other until they told each other.

But guess what?
This morning I was telling my special-needs sister's helper the dream I had last night, where the world lived on ships and the ground was so dry, but people could foresee a huge wave, bigger than any other, coming and lifting up all these ships. And I could see it and I saw dozens of ships being stuck in the eye of the wave and tossed to their sides and many ships would disappear. And so after we 'foresaw' this in the dream, the wave actually came in my dream and swept up all the ships off the dry land, and many sunk. But after that wave, more and more kept coming.
I believe that was my spirit man dreaming that part, cus part 2 of my dream was where a lady on the ship randomly started to take my braces off and when I saw that my teeth weren't straight yet, I started searching for her to put them back on. I think that was my soul dreaming then, cus something in my soul is that I don't like my braces and want them off, but want them to be straight when they come off.
But anyways, when I finished telling my dream, my dad was looking at me funny and he looked really excited. He asked me when I dreamt that and I said right before I woke up. He asked me when I woke up and i said around 9:10, but that the ship part would have been earlier because part 2 with the braces took a while to find the lady.
He then told me that right before he woke up, he dreamt that he was on a ship and the ship started to lift and tilt on its side and that he knew he had to get off the ship because a huge wave had come and knocked it over. With our guess-temating calculations, he would have dreamt that around the same time as I dreamt all the ships being turned over by the huge wave.

I don't believe in coincidences.
I think that God was revealing to our spirit mans the same thing.
Now I'm not saying my theology is exactly correct with dreams being your spirit man/soul living, but the Bible does say that we will see visions and dream dreams come from Him. And wouldn't it make sense if God does speak to our spirit, which lives inside us and is filled with the Holy Spirit?

message 10: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) Wow....that is all i can say.

message 11: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) Speaking of dreams and stuff like that. You know about Heaven is for Real? Well, my brother has a theory of why the little boys story can't be real. When you die you body dies but your soul goes up to heaven. How can the little boy know what happened if he body died and his soul lived. It is hard to explain but it makes sense. Can anyone explain that?

message 12: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Wilderman | 2 comments Zoe - My grandfather interprets dreams and teaches others to interpret dreams :)

The Lord told me to start a children's choir through a dream/vision. I heard a choir and look around and saw a children's choir leading worship and leading countless people to the Lord.

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Haley, the book doesn't actually say he died. Just that he went up to heaven. And I believe his story because i, too, have seen heaven, as well as my mom, through visions and encounters.
And your spirit (which is the one that goes to heaven) can still know things that are going on and see, they may not be just as clear. For example, I can't remember everything from my vision of heaven, maybe partially because I was only five when it happened, but I do remember seeing the place where John the Baptist lived in heaven.
And theres the whole thing of the painter girl who also saw Jesus and painted him and Colton was able to recognize him.
I believe 100% that Colton went to heaven.
Its the same as 23 Minutes in Hell. The guy who wrote that book (its a true story) was actually sent to hell and forgot that he was a Christian so that he could experience the full terror. Why did God send him to Hell? Because our generation has started to disbelieve in Hell, saying that God would never send someone there and it must not be real. But this man was sent there and came back so that he could remind the world that Hell is real. And he remembered everything in his experience. You're still aware of what is going on even when you leave your body because your spirit is still alive and active. So don't let your brother's theory stop you from believing what you believe.

message 14: by Zoë, ~Faith Moderator~ (new)

Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
And Rachel, thats really cool! I'd love to be able to interpret my dreams, considering I get a lot of them!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Zoe ~ *Team Luca* wrote: "Haley, the book doesn't actually say he died. Just that he went up to heaven. And I believe his story because i, too, have seen heaven, as well as my mom, through visions and encounters.
And your s..."

Okay. I am still doubting that the little boy's story is true but...I hope to find out.

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Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Ok that's fine. I hope you do too!!

message 17: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) Thanks!!

message 18: by Zoë, ~Faith Moderator~ (new)

Zoë (zoeblife) | 122 comments Mod
Guys I'm actually so angry because we were driving home from Costco and someone had a swastika hanging above their door. Antisemitism is horrible and getting to be too much!! How can people hate the Jews just because they exist? I'm actually so angry. It's horrible!!!

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Haley S (haleyjs) That is horrible. I can't believe what out country is coming to...

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sydney (sydneyelaine) | 81 comments Mod
So yesterday in church we were listening to the pastor speak about the coming times and he said "In the end, we really only have two choices. Smoking, or non-smoking."
I just thought that was funny and I wanted to share it with y'all. :)

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Haley S (haleyjs) Lol

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Haley S (haleyjs) Yes!

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