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" what if?" speculations of what would've happened.

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message 1: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan What would happen if? That's the main idea here. I'll start with one.

What if Peeta had died by the time Katniss confronted Cato at the cornucopia? Would she have survived? Let's forget for a second that she's the main character.

Belle i guess... she is really brave

Maryam What if Gale was chosen as the male tribute instead of Peeta?

Who would have won out of Katniss and Gale? Though both would make a very strong team.

message 4: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan For one, I think they would've been together all the time, that is, until the final tributes were left, then it's hard to say who would win. It would have been hard for them to fight each other.

message 5: by Maryam (last edited Jan 19, 2015 03:47PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maryam They may have left each other for that reason, so it would not come down to just the 2 of them.

Oh you mentioned that. Yeah, I dont know who would win...

message 6: by Fearthgfan (new)

Fearthgfan If it was down to the two of them, and Katniss had her bow and arrows, I think that gives her an advantage.

Speaking of which, what if she got those before Glimmer? Well she said herself that she probably couldn't take down more than 1 or 2 at the bloodbath , but still, would she have fared better with them? I don't know if it makes sense.

AgCl depends, if she forced herself to get those bow and arrows and went to the cornucopia at the start of the game, then she would've just died, there were too many tributes and too many careers at that time. Remember the feast? she got to beat Clove but if Thresh didn't spare her she would've died then. It wouldn't have mattered how good she was with those bow and arrows. Its a really sucky short range weapon.

What if foxface didn't accidentally eat those nightlocks? I don't think she would've fared well on one on one combat but we all know she's quite clever.

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