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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina (dinobrarian) | 10 comments Mod
Q1: What did you think of the narrator?

Q2: Who was your favourite character?

Q3: I felt this book took a while to get going and then ended abruptly. What ONE thing would you change about this book- or extend?

message 2: by Jessa (new)

Jessa Franco (jrfranco) | 8 comments Mod
Q1: I did not like the narrator, though I am unsure if this is due to the writing style or the character herself. I didn't like how much was told to me, rather than shown to me. Maybe if I experienced more with the narrator, rather than listened to her talk, I would have appreciated her more. I will say that I liked her escape from the kidnapping; that damsel saves herself and I can respect.

Q2: I don't think I have one. I didn't really like the book or any of the characters. Maybe Chip because he seemed easy going and less conceited?

Q3: Shorten the beginning (no one needs that much detail about characters you barely interact with, i.e. the mother in law or Chip's friends). Lengthen the time between mermaids and chaos. These mermaids have stayed really well hidden for years and all of a sudden a vacationing biologist and honeymooners find them? Make them work for it a little. Also, NO APOCALYPSE ENDING. That was so infuriating.

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