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dany (elothwen)
    science fiction
    friendship OR romance


        Muse A, Muse B, Muse C, and Muse D are all passengers on the same airplane that crashes on a remote island off the coast of Japan.

        Muse A and Muse B find each other first, and so do Muse C and Muse D. They have to find each other, since it seems the two pairs are the only ones that survived.

        But something supernatural stirs in the forests of the island, and surviving the elements isn't their only problem...

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dany (elothwen)
        Anneliese opened her eyes, exhaling and inhaling sharply and sitting up abruptly. A shooting pain shot down her left temple, and she reached for her head. She didn't get that type of headache unless her clients were being especially nasty that day. But that's when she realized she wasn't just getting up for another day of work.

        Anna could hear some sort of bird, and the smell of saltwater was strong. It was like she was at the beach. Opening her eyes, which were caked in something sticky, she looked around. Damn.

        Wreckage lay all around her, and the stench of blood became increasingly stronger, and not just her own.

        Wiping her eyes, she looked at her hands again--they were covered in blood. She shrieked, turning her head and feeling the pounding in her skull again. There were bodies. Everywhere.


        Cullen groaned, leaning away from whatever sort of uncomfortable stuff he was sitting on. His mouth tasted like cotton, as if he hadn't had a drink in days, and his legs were in such a position that they had the fuzzy feeling he usually got when he sat in a chair for too long.

        Reaching out, he grasped at whatever he could; and that thing turned out to be a slick palm leaf, and he fell.

        Well, maybe fell is a strong word; more like slipped off the rocks he had somehow made his way onto when the plane crashed.

        Of course he remembered the crash; he didn't know why in movies they always forgot about it. It's not like amnesia was a temporary, short-lived thing. When he'd waken up the first time, he'd dragged himself until he had passed out again. Probably a dumb thing to do, but he'd never admit it.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

Lewis was awake. Correction, he was still awake having never lost consciousness during the crash. Luck was on his side it seemed because otherwise he would be long dead and among the corpses that now littered the bottom of the ocean.

Everything seemed so surreal to Lewis as he clutched a piece of driftwood. Maybe it was due to the adrenaline. All he knew was that everything was unusually quiet and that he was losing his grip on the piece of floating wreckage.

Eventually the reality of what would happen should he let go seized Lewis and he desperately gripped the piece of wreckage. Spots danced around his eyes and he did the only thing he knew how to do in this sort of situation, he screamed as his grip slipped and began struggling to keep his head above the surface of the ocean.


Fallyn had not been strapped into a seat when the plane crashed. It was a miracle that she survived being thrown from the plane and even more of a miracle that she survived with so little injury, but her foot was sprained and wrist broken from the fall so she chose to focus on the negative.

"Damn plane. Damn pilots. Damn luck." Fallyn continuously swore as she maneuvered around the wreckage, holding her wrist and limping on her bad foot. She needed to get out of the sun. She needed a place to sit. Fallyn knew it wouldn't take her long to get exactly that.

She remembered faking smiles and a good attitude to some passengers when the plane went out of control. Fallyn had been thrown towards the back of the plane and then the side was ripped open with the horrible sound of screeching metal. She blacked out at that point and woke up who knows how much later in the sand with a feeling of sun stroke. Lucky her.

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dany (elothwen)
        Anna was just trying to collect her wits and stop looking at the dead when she heard another yell, and this time it wasn't her own. Snatching her head up again, she looked for the source.

        Struggling to stand, Anna kicked off her short black heels and felt immediate relief in her legs. It was a surprise they hadn't been destroyed in the crash. Still, she looked down at them sadly, reminiscing about the cost and style.

        Hearing the yell again, it reminded her of what she was supposed to be doing. Brushing some dark hair from her face, she scanned the littered beach full of bodies, and finally saw the splashing in the water.

        Noticing that it was a person, she rushed for the sea and, after a moment of hesitation based on how expensive the suit she was wearing had been, dove in. She swam towards the seemingly drowned figure.


        "Well I'll be damned..." Cullen muttered as he stepped off onto the beach, noticing the lack of wreckage but abundance of bodies. He figured that that half of the plane was on the complete other side of the island. "Must be pretty small," he thought aloud, and when he heard the cracking of branches his words caught in his throat.

        Turning around, he tried to find the person or thing making the sound, desperately hoping for it to be a survivor from the plane. Hell knows what he'd do if he ended up to be the only one left from the crash.

        Walking back towards the woods, he caught sight of some hair, and then a woman's voice. So, after exhaling deeply, he called out.


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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

Lewis was beginning to think that this was the end. He was going to drown just because he refused to take swimming lessons when he was younger. It appeared that the universe was a fan of irony.

Just as he began sinking beneath the waves, Lewis found salvation in the face of an angel in a very expensive suit. He had thought he was going to heaven, but just as soon as he was sure he was going to die, he was pulled back to the surface.

Lewis gulped in breaths of air like it was currency and he was a beggar. It didn't take him long to realize he had just been saved by another passenger and not an angel.

"Thank you." He gasped out.


Fallyn had just sat down a few feet beyond the tree line and was inspecting her wrist. It was mostly likely broken. Okay it was actually terribly broken but she found it hurt less when she believed it wasn't broken.

A voice of a young man brought her back to reality and she whipped her head into the direction it came from. She was disheartened to realize she recognized the person.

"Oh, it's you." Fallyn's typical scowl plastered her face as she gingerly placed her hand in her lap.

Her uniform was torn and bloody, but Fallyn didn't believe it was her blood. Despite her ragged appearance, she was still obviously a flight attendant minus the stupid hat and the smile.

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dany (elothwen)
        Anna tried her best to pull him into shallow water. That was when he should have been thanking her, not when a 5'5" woman trying to lug some huge guy was still in deep water. Why wasn't he trying to help, anyway?

        Anna herself bobbed under the water a few times trying to get him to the shore, and when she finally had, she let go of him and dropped onto the beach herself, making sure to miss any bodies and wreckage.

        "You're welcome," Anneliese finally responded, catching her breath and looking down at her wet suit. Sigh.


        Cullen scoffed. "Ouch," he said sarcastically. "Would you rather find me face down in the sound, surrounded by a pool of my own blood?" He said this light-heartedly, disregarding how many dead people actually surrounded him just then. It was his way of coping; make jokes and pretend it isn't as bad as it actually is.

        He approached her, gesturing at her wrist. "What happened?" He realized it was a dumb question as soon as it came out of his mouth. Correcting himself, he added, "I mean, did you fall on it, get caught in some branches..."

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

"Sorry." Lewis mumbled under his breath, realizing that he had probably been a little too much of a nuisance. He debated whether or not he should tell her why he was really drowning. It obviously wasn't because he was injured.

Eventually he decided it wouldn't hurt. "I can't swim." he whispered, slightly ashamed. He had just been saved by some woman in a suit after all.


"No, I just probably wouldn't have noticed you among all the other bodies." Fallyn replied with a fake smile. She wasn't in the mood to pretend to be nice like her job required. Besides, by the looks of it her boss was dead anyways so she had no need to be agreeable.

She looked at her wrist again with a frown. "As for my useless flailing limb, I broke it because I was out of my seat. It seemed a certain someone had decided to press the call button again. Being thrown around a plane isn't exactly pleasant."

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dany (elothwen)
        Anneliese sat up in the sand again, cradling her forehead once again and shaking her head at him. "Don't worry about it. Just..." she trailed off, hearing the cawing of birds directly behind her. No doubt feeding... on the bodies.

        Shivering, Anna stood up, walking as far away from the bodies as possible to retrieve her shoes. Expecting him to have followed, she grabbed them and turned around. "What's your name?" She asked quietly, wondering if her bags would have washed up, or everything was lost in the ocean. All her papers, files, clothes... gone.


        Cullen sneered, but he dropped the topic as he smelled blood. It was harder to imagine something didn't exist when everything pointed to it being true.

        "Well, it wasn't me," he lied, shrugging casually. Of course it was him, but she didn't have any proof since the plane crashed just seconds before she could reach his seat. Surely she didn't remember the number, anyway.

        "We should probably go look for people. Maybe there's a doctor somewhere. Y'know, like Lost?" He joked, referring to the show about their exact predicament. Not exact, but pretty damn close.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

"Yeah..." Lewis trailed off, only to find the lady had stood up and walked away, quickly he gathered himself to his feet and followed her out of fear of being left alone. The wreckageenough was enough to irritate him. Recently experiencing drowning wasn't helping him remain very calm either.

She had decided to pick up a pair of shoes of course. So Lewis stood there awkwardly as she sorted through the sand for belongings. "Lewis." He responded half heartedly. He should have been in Japan right now with his parents. Family vacations were always better when you were broke and didn't have to pay for them.


"Liar." Fallyn replied bitterly. Every time she had walked by his seat this guy tried to flirt with her. If eye rolling wouldn't have gotten her fired she would have done so. Then maybe he would have left her alone.

"Yeah right. And Jesus is my late cousin." She never watched Lost and had no idea what he was talking about, but it didn't bother her too much. What Fallyn was thinking about though, that bothered her. She had looked at the flight directory to know the name of the guy who wouldn't leave her alone, only now she couldn't remember his name for the life of her. Maybe she hit her head too hard?

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dany (elothwen)
        Anneliese began to approach the edge of the jungle, but stopped herself just as she neared. What was she thinking? Sure, there were too many dead bodies on the beach to stay, but what if someone was looking for them? They'd look down and wouldn't see a living soul. It was likely they wouldn't just leave, but that was a chance she wasn't willing to take.

        But Anna's thoughts couldn't sway her. It was almost as if something was pulling her towards the forest, even though she had no idea where she was and would probably fall or break her neck or something out there.

        "Lewis, was it?" Anna muttered, turning around, "What do you say about heading a bit into the forest?"


        Cullen tsk'd. "Oh, don't flatter yourself," he told her, but his tone wasn't spiteful enough to sound convincing. She was cute, but that was the last thing on his mind. Well, maybe not last. Like, seventh or eighth.

        "But in all seriousness," he stood up, continuing, "we should really go out there and look around, because the forest is probably the last place we want to go, right? If we go in there whoever's coming to get us won't see there's anyone left alive."

        Cullen was good at keeping a cool head, but he wasn't worrying too much. He was on the plane from New York to Los Angeles, heading to see some family. They probably weren't worrying either, at least not yet. It hadn't been long enough for a full-blown, on-the-news search, if his guess that no more than a day had passed was correct.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol)

"Into the forest? Why? Nobody will find us there. I mean if you want the adventure, then sure, why the hell not? But you strike me as someone who wants to be found by coast guard." Lewis said with confusion filling his voice.

He really didn't care in all honesty. Because his plane had crashed that meant he couldn't be fired from his job for not coming in, and he couldn't receive credit denial for his classes. On top of that, he didn't even have to do anything but sit around on an island with a hot chick while she complained about her ruined suit.

It seriously wasn't that big of a deal. At least not yet anyways.


"Why? I'm worth flattering, I mean, have you seen me?" Fallyn paused to dramatically flip her hair. She was going to say something else in a rather sarcastic manner, but she was interrupted by this intense feeling of wanting to go further into the forest.

She hadn't heard anything else Cullen had said, her thoughts being too consumed. "Do you think we'll find fresh water if we go further in?" Fallyn asked. It was only after she said it that she realized she had only been trying to justify her wanting, her need, to wander further.

"Wait, why the hell am I asking you? You're basically useless." Fallyn shook her head and stood, ignoring the pain in her ankle, and proceeded to follow her eerie instincts.

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