Helping the Retarded to Know God Helping the Retarded to Know God question

Very Helpful
Carlitos Carlitos Jan 19, 2015 01:33PM
I must agree that this book is not only useful in helping retarded people but also immigrants who find meaningful communication very difficult. I also found it to be very useful in assisting the elderly who frequently share so many characteristics with retarded people.
I used it to frighten my 92 year old aunt into remembering the Lord's Prayer and she now constantly recites it whenever she sees me. The feeling of saving someone who is at a stage of their life when they are so close to seeing the benefit of their faith is very rewarding. This is "must read" for all carers.

Good to know. I'm currently using this book to see if it will benefit my dog. Unfortunately, I think my dog is beyond retarded. I did try it on my cat, stubborn thing remains convinced he is a god.

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