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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Poirier | 5 comments I just painfully finish the Republic Commando series and I feel exhausted by the way Karen Traviss write book. I never feel like this before reading SW EU book and I'm use to read all book in their chronological order.

I'm actually reading and enjoying the Medstar series and looking to buy the next batch of SW EU book that is The Clone Wars series from Karen Traviss.

As I personally have hard issue to read Karen (Republic Commando) book's should I skip this series or the tempo is different?



message 2: by Albert (new)

Albert Nguyen I assume you're talking about the books The Clone Wars (movie novelization), Wild Space, No Prisoners, Stealth, and Siege. While I haven't read any of them myself, I've only heard good things about the movie novelization.

Interestingly, of the five books in this series Traviss only wrote the novelization and No Prisoners with the remaining three written by Karen Miller instead. Both of Traviss's books are also quite short at around 250 pages each so I say go ahead and read the series.

On a related note, could you explain more why you didn't like the Republic Commando series? I really liked the first book but have been on the fence about finishing the rest of the series because I've heard mixed things about it.

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Poirier | 5 comments I'm talking about True Color, Triple Zero and Hard Contact. It's hard for me to explain (my 1st language is French) but I just feel the pace was heavy, much dialogue without much interest and the non-stop military style she impose by her pass background.

I personally never go to army and I just cant remember all theses acronyms - neither wish to remember all.

Was more a military book then a SW book for me...

I can see she a good author but her style simply didn't fit me for the Republic Commando series...

So basically I wish to know if all other's book she wrote have same pace and military style or if she can adjust and make a more standard SW pace book?

message 4: by J0e (new)

J0e | 1 comments Only my opinion but I enjoyed the republic commando novels and wish she would have finished her story

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