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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
Welcome to the Written in the Mitten Goodreads Page! Please free to post information about your books, book trailer, Amazon reviews, blog pages, or anything that promotes your books!

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Christina Cattane | 1 comments My first book is coming out on November 14th. It is called 'Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun'. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5...
I am accepting advanced readers for those who subscribe to my newsletter at christinacattane.com
I will be having a book launch party at Beloved Books in downtown Linden on the 14th from 12 to 4 pm.

I also am a co-host of "The Christian Indie Writers Podcast" and we are releasing a workbook as a podcast on October 30th. "30 Days of Writing Sprint Prompts"
We are accepting advanced readers at christianindiewriters.net
You can also catch the podcast every Friday at 10 am on Youtube, Facebook, and all podcasting platforms.

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
Welcome aboard, thanks for sharing your information!

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Nan Pokerwinski (nansanpo) | 1 comments My memoir, Mango Rash: Coming of Age in the Land of Frangipani and Fanta (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4...), came out a year ago.

My blog, HeartWood (www.nanpokerwinski.com/blog) focuses on creativity, connection, and contentment.

I'm currently working on a novel about outsider art, creativity, and madness.

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
Excellent, thanks for sharing!

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Troy D. Wymer | 2 comments Hello. My name is Troy D. Wymer and I am a science fiction space opera novelist from Michigan. I started writing in 1984 when I was 15. I enjoy reading and writing science fiction novels. I also enjoy graphic and web design, drumming, trains, and listening to various subgenres of metal music. After a long hiatus in writing, I continue to capture the imagination of readers with new science fiction stories.

My first three books are together in one spectacular trilogy…
Lightyears Trilogy by Troy D. Wymer

Lightyears Trilogy

Book Overview
Lightyears Trilogy is an adventurous science fiction novel with three stories, the novel Lightyears, the novella Lightyears II: Intragalactic Terrorism, and the novelette Lightyears III: Ominous Intervention. It’s a story of two brothers whose lives are changed forever as they travel through space and time, destroy evil empires, and save the galaxy.

Book Description
Baas and Roedie live on the desert sand planet Kaskoon with their father Olossky. When their father is taken prisoner by the BlueMar Empire, the two brothers set out on a quest across the galaxy in search for him. They soon join in a fight to destroy the BlueMar Empire. Later, embarking on a mission to explore uncharted regions, they come across an advanced civilization. Their journey takes them through time to another galaxy where they defeat yet another evil empire. The group splits and some remain in the new galaxy, while the others return back through time to their own galaxy. An investigation takes them into the past to an ancient kingdom to find out the coordinates of a device they must destroy before it destroys the entire BlueMar Galaxy.

Generations later, the galaxy is littered with terrorist organizations and the evil descendants of Baas. Roedie travels to the future to help his great great grandson, Destin, defeat the evil and restore freedom to the galaxy.

A time of peace has finally arrived. The advent of new inventions makes space travel quicker between galaxies and provides protection for both galaxies against the certain doom of an alien onslaught.

Lightyears Trilogy Book Trailer

Lightyears Trilogy Goodreads Quiz

For more information or to purchase, please visit WymerNovels

My fourth book is absolutely fascinating…
Treasures From Afar by Troy D. Wymer

Treasures From Afar

Book Overview
Treasures From Afar is an inspiring science fiction novel that captures the imagination. It is a story of friendship, government intrigue, of personal change, of a chase, a rescue, a story of love. It is a story of a search, a discovery and a war…all on a galactic scale.

Book Description
Shane is attending an art festival when he is desperately urged to search for a treasure. He soon finds that the Galactic Government is also searching for this mysterious treasure. Running from the government with a scroll and a hunch, Shane flees to space and escapes the Galactic Government’s jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, some rapid changes are happening inside the Galactic Government. After an assassination, a new threat sets himself up as emperor and merges with the Universal Expanse Church.

Shane’s adventures lead him to distant worlds, to a sail ship on the sea and to the rescue of his girlfriend, Shanda. Shane realizes which planet the treasure is on and travels there with Shanda, only to be followed by the newly reorganized Third Tiffan Siram Empire. On their way to the ancient temples, Shane proposes marriage to Shanda. They soon discover and befriend an alien who has also been searching for the treasure. Finally, in the depths of the dark temples, the mysterious treasure is revealed.

Together, they travel to the alien’s home world and join in a galactic war against the evil empire and church. Even in the midst of a chaotic galactic war, beautiful things can take place…

Treasures From Afar Book Trailer

Treasures From Afar Goodreads Quiz

For more information or to purchase, please visit WymerNovels

My fifth book is an erotic space opera novel, Xeno Tryst. It is book one of the Xeno Tryst Duology.

Xeno Tryst by Troy D. Wymer

Xeno Tryst

Book Overview
Xeno Tryst is an erotic space opera about a woman who is sexually expressive and advocates for sexual freedom, including relations between humans and Xenolfans. When she’s not busy with her job as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician, she’s engaged with duties as vocalist for the symphonic metal band Maranadda.

Book Description
Sierra is the vocalist for the symphonic metal band Maranadda. She has a no-nonsense attitude, is a sexual freedom advocate, and a swinger in the Lifestyle. There is never a dull moment with her job as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician, where she is always on call to help during galactic disasters.

When she responds to a distress signal from a frightened and seemingly delusional space traveler in the mysterious Shardaa Sector, an eerie feeling comes over her as she discovers odd feather symbols.

An emergency leads Sierra to victims of a terrorist attack at a thermal cube factory in the Industrial Sector.

In another emergency, she finds herself torn between her responsibilities as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician and her duties as the vocalist for Maranadda.

She is there to help in more ways than one when the resort snow planet, Aamaress, is attacked by the Xenolfan Government to disrupt the intermixed species tryst of forbidden sex.

Just when things are starting to go smooth for once and she gives her long awaited sexual freedom speech followed by a Maranadda concert on the band’s home planet, she is confronted by a strange being and a familiar eeriness...

Xeno Tryst Book Trailer

Xeno Tryst Goodreads Quiz

For more information or to purchase, please visit WymerNovels

My sixth book is the forthcoming erotic space opera novel, Feathers of Shardaa. It is the epic conclusion of the Xeno Tryst Duology and should be available in 2021.

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J Rose | 3 comments Terror on Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose
Here's what readers say about the book--
FL retirement community plagued by mysterious deaths... who knew it could be so fun?
"Creep" Factor in Florida - Oh, Yeah!
Fun in the Sun, Fright in the Night!
Move Over Stephen King
A Real Page Turner

Want a scary read for Halloween??? Check out this paranormal novel, Terror on Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q, Rose

Tagline: Rescuing a naked woman lying in a geranium bed? Investigating mysterious murders? These are not the usual calls in a Florida retirement community for volunteer first responder Jim Hart.

Download your copy at your favorite digital bookseller: https://books2read.com/Terror-on-Suns...

Order the paperback at amazon: http://amazon.com/dp/0228609259

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Jean Davis | 1 comments My books are primarily science fiction and fantasy, but I do also venture into other genres under the speculative fiction umbrella. Links to all my books can be found on my blog
You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram @jeandavisauthor

I have two short story collections. Destiny Pills & Space Wizards features a mix of paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy appropriate for YA and above. Dreams of Stars and Lies is all science fiction and geared toward an adult audience.

Then I have three stand-alone novels. A Broken race is YA Dystopian, Sahmara is Fantasy, and The Last God is Science Fiction Romance.

The Narvan is my Science Fiction series (Space Opera). The first two books are Trust and Chain of Grey. The last two books, Bound In Blue and Seeker will be out in 2021.

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod

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Katherine Karrol | 1 comments Thanks for creating this group! I write Christian romance set in a fictional northern Michigan town not far from Traverse City. I love reading books set in our beautiful state and supporting other mitten authors!

Here's the latest, coming out on Kindle tomorrow (paperback is live):
Playing Married in Summit County A Standalone Faith-filled, Sweet Marriage-of-Convenience Romance (Summit County Series Book 9) by Katherine Karrol

Can two friends fake a whirlwind marriage long enough to find a home for a baby in need of protection?

Best friends Zack and Laci have been there for each other through thick and thin, most recently through his war injuries and her exit from an abusive relationship. Neither has been willing to risk what they have by declaring their feelings, so the friendship has remained just that.

Even after adjusting to his prosthetic leg and being treated for PTSD, Zack has declared himself unfit for relationships. He lost his chance with the only girl he ever loved, so his focus is on college and work, not the things he can’t have.

Laci’s joy is returning after leaving the man who beat her down mentally and physically for two years. After going against her own convictions and standards, she’s certain that no good man — or even God — will want her, but she’s determined to build a new life.  

When a positive pregnancy test leads to threats, Laci needs someone to sign on the dotted line so her baby can be adopted by a loving family. Zack has always helped her, and this time is no different. Can they hide a pregnancy and fake a marriage long enough to carry out their plan, or will love intervene? 

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Jacquie Sewell | 1 comments Mighty Mac: The Bridge That Michigan Built
Hello! Jacquie Sewell here. Thank you, Ingar, for creating this group.

I write primarily for children but am researching an adult historical fiction novel inspired by two amazing sisters and their homefront service during WWII.

My first published picture book, Mighty Mac, The Bridge That Michigan Built was published by Peninsulam Publishing in 2018. I think you can guess what that one is about! I wrote it for young readers - ages 9-12 - to give them an understanding of all that went into the building of our "miracle bridge".

Whale Fall Cafe, my second Picture Book, is scheduled for release by Tilbury House Publishers, in April, 2021. It describes the fascinating ecosystem that develops on a whale's carcass on the ocean floor.

You can read more about me and my books on my website. There you can also view some wonderful video footage and historic photos of the Mackinac Bridge. www.jacquiesewell.com.

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Glenys Nellist | 2 comments Ingar wrote: "Welcome to the Written in the Mitten Goodreads Page! Please free to post information about your books, book trailer, Amazon reviews, blog pages, or anything that promotes your books!"

Jacquie wrote: "Mighty Mac: The Bridge That Michigan Built
Hello! Jacquie Sewell here. Thank you, Ingar, for creating this group.

I write primarily for children but am researching an adult histori..."

Ingar wrote: "Welcome to the Written in the Mitten Goodreads Page! Please free to post information about your books, book trailer, Amazon reviews, blog pages, or anything that promotes your books!"

Thank you so much, Ingar!

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Glenys Nellist | 2 comments I'm a children's author. My newest picture book, Little Mole's Christmas Gift, released Oct 6th. It's a story of kindness and generosity that contains no religious references. I have a virtual Christmas PJ and book launch party livestreaming from Baker Book House Friday Nov 13th 6-7pm. I'd love for you to add it to your shelves! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4...

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Troy D. Wymer | 2 comments I released the book description, cover reveal, and book trailer for my forthcoming novel, Feathers of Shardaa.

Xeno Tryst

Book Overview
Feathers of Shardaa is the epic conclusion of the Xeno Tryst Duology... A much darker theme, the backstory of the Shardaa Sector is revealed. Sierra Shalinsky is persuaded to advocate for the Humolfans and their repatriation back into galactic society. Through a series of dramatic events, Sierra falls in love.

Book Description
One thousand years earlier... Siiteper Affelum begins a genocide campaign to eliminate interspecies families. The Humolfan “half-breeds” are banished to the Shardaa Sector and left to die, until they receive help from an unlikely source.

Present time... Sierra Shalinsky has been missing for seven months. She wakes up from a coma in the mysterious Shardaa Sector and flees her captors.

The history of the Humolfan people is revealed to Sierra. She is persuaded to advocate for them and their repatriation back into galactic society.

After receiving a feathers of Shardaa tattoo, Sierra is brutally assaulted by the Dissident Faction, but is rescued by a mysterious man. Through a series of dramatic events, she falls in love with her alluring rescuer.

Sierra is finally found in the Shardaa Sector by a Syrenthian Government fleet when they prepare for battle against an unknown aggressor. She explains her disappearance. Sierra then speaks at the Humolfan Repatriation Conference to advocate for the Humolfans. She reunites with her bandmates, her parents, her friends, and her co-workers.

In a surprising, personal discovery, Sierra realizes that her usual promiscuity is no longer satisfying. She attributes this profound change to the new and unexpected romance that develops.

Feathers of Shardaa Book Trailer

Feathers of Shardaa Goodreads Quiz

For more information, please visit WymerNovels

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
Next time you're looking for something to read, consider supporting an indie author. Here's a whole list to get you started:
Becoming Nadia by Cyrus Keith
Bottom of The Ninth by Tony Aued
Daisies In The Rain by D.A. Reed
Dancing with Shadows by D.A. Reed
Dare Accepted by D.A. Reed
Dark Doorways by Peggy Christie
Destiny Pills & Space Wizards by Jean Davis
Devil's Bane by Ken MacGregor
Devious by Mark Love
Discovery by Sherry A. Burton
Emmett Elephant's Love by Diana Kathryn Plopa
Empty Hallways by Andy Lockwood
Free Will by Diana Kathryn Plopa
Hell Hath No Fury by Peggy Christie
Just A Train Ride by Elizabeth Wehman
LightYears Trilogy by Troy D. Wymer
List Your Life by Angela K. Berent
Night Warrior by Jordan J. Scavone
Nothin' But Gutters and Pocket Change by D.A. Reed
Omega Rising by Douglas Pierce
Promise At Daybreak by Elizabeth Wehman
Sub Rosa by Kate McNeil
The Odin Inheritance by Victoria Scott
Tamaishi by Ian Tadashi Moore
The Adventures of Jesse and Owen by Ted Lemon
Binge Watcher Guide to Dr. Who by Mackenzie Flohr
The Griffin of Greed by Diana Kathryn Plopa
The Healing Star by A. Kidd
The Midnight Man by Chelsea Gouin
The Origin of The White Wind by Xander Cross
The Passionate Plotter by Diana Kathryn Plopa
The Passionate Plotter Kids by Diana Kathryn Plopa
The Reckoning by D.M. Taylor
The Rejects of Room 5 by D.A. Reed
The Rite of Abnegnation by Mackenzie Flohr
The Rite of Wands by Mackenzie Flohr
The Secret Hat by Peggy Losey
The Vessel by Peggy Christie
The Year The Stars Fell by Elizabeth Wheman
Though War Shall Rise Against Me by Marie LePres
Treasures From Afar byTroy D. Wymer
Trust by Jean Davis
Under The Windowsill by Elizabeth Wehman
Vengeful Son by Andrew Allen Smith
Witch'd by Gabriel Mero
Wolfe Cub by Diana Kathryn Plopa
Xeno Tryst by Troy Wymer
A Duck Quacks by Diana Kathryn Plopa
Apologia Diogenes by Elizabeth Thomas
Arden's Act by Elizabeth Thomas
At Calendar's End by Andy Lockwood
A Tryst of Fate by Diana Kathryn Plopa
Barn Tales by Diana Dawn
Betrayal High by Mark M. Bello
Betrayal In Black by Mark M. Bello
Betrayal In Blue by Mark M. Bello
Betrayal of Faith by Mark M. Bello
Betrayal of Justice by Mark M. Bello
Blood In The Rain by J. A. Bullen
Can I Borrow Your Skin by Angelique Clemens
Celestina's Burnings by Annemarie Schiavi Pedersen
Deadly Daughter by Andrew Allen Smith
Deceptions by Diana Dawn
Ethan's Healthy Mind Express by Erik Bean
Fallen Snow by Diana Dawn
Fateful Friend By Andrew Allen Smith
Forget Me Not by Diana Dawn
Greenwich Meridian Memoir by Emma Palova
Guardian by Sherry A. Burton
Gypsy Flower by Diana Dawn
House of Thirteen by Andy Lockwood
Ideate Avail by Diana Kathryn Plopa
In His Own Words by Kenneth L. Powers Jr.
It Takes A Forest by Amy Klco
Leaving Nirvana by JulieAnne Sisung
Legends of Valoria by J.A. Bullen
Menopause Ain't No Joke by Angela Verges
Mirror, Mirror by Diana Dawn
Mystekos Summer by Amy Klco
Mystery In Bonsai Gardens by N.G. Gallegos
Nightshade by Kate McNeil
Olas Grandes by Barbara Mahase Rodman
Pistils by Kate McNeil
Plague of Man by Peggy Christie
Red Morning Child by Michael Asselin
Rise of The Divine Knight by J.A. Bullen
Shifting Sands by Emma Palova
Shameless by Sherry A. Burton
Secrets by Emma Palova
Silent Sister by Andrew Allen Smith
Sinful Father by Andrew Allen Smith
Sophie's Lies by JuliAnne Sisung
The Lie by Chavonne D. Stewart
Father Daughter Dance by Chavonne D. Steward
The Dragon Game by Xander Cross
The Elephant in The Room byJuliAnne Sisung
The Hunted Maiden by Douglas D. Pierce
The Seedling's Song byDouglas D. Pierce
The September Surprise by Ryan R. Ennis
In The Space Between Universes by Amanda Morningstar
The Thursday Surprise by Ryan R. Ennis
Unexpected by Ryan R. Ennis
The Way To Be From A To Z by Rosemary Schimmel
Theft Between The Rains byLuba Lesychyn
Theft by Chocolate by Luba Lesychyn
Thin Ice by Diana Dawn
Thistles by Kate McNeil
Threshold by Andy Lockwood
Trace Your Travels by Angela K. Berent
Treachery by Sherry A. Burton
Unbound byJ.A. Bullen
Under The Watchful Moon by Amy Klco
Web Of Deceit by D.A. Reed
When Darkness Killed Her by D.A. Reed
When Death Whispered Her Name by D.A. Reed
When Vengeance Reigned by D.A. Reed
Yana by Amy Klco
Accidentally Yours by Joan H. Young
Bad Coffee & Worse Luck by Ken MacGregor
Bury The Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp by Joan H. Young
Cold Blooded Hot Demons by Ken MacGregor
Dead Mule Swamp Druggist by Joan H. Young
Dead Mule Swamp Mistletoe by Joan H. Young
For No Reason by Kathleen Gauer
Forever Is A Really Long Time by Kelly Bolton
High In The Sky by Kathleen Gauer
News From Dead Mule Swamp by Joan H. Young
North Country Cache by Joan H. Young
North Country Quest by Joan H. Young
Paddy Plays In Dead Mule Swamp by Joan H. Young
Storming The Castle by Ken MacGregor
The ABZ Affair by Joan H. Young
The Bigg Boss by Joan H. Young
The Hitchhiker by Joan H. Young
The Hollow Tree At Dead Mule Swamp by Joan H. Young
The Lonely Donkey by Joan H. Young
The Secret Cellar by Joan H. Young
The Wish Carvers by Kathleen Gauer
Upping The Stakes by Ken MacGregor
When The Swan Sings On Hastings by Thomas Galasso
One Man's Opus by Boyd Craven
Give Place To Wrath by Steven Harms
Fleeing Beauty by Mark Love
Better Boxed and Forgotten by Andrew Lark
The Sun Never Sets by Cate Caldwell
Dead Reckoning by Mary Anne Back
Cold Dark Lies by Donald Levin
Guilt In Hiding by Donald Levin
The Uncertain Accomplice by Donald Levin
The Forgotten Child by Donald Levin
Falling Awake by Kristoffer Gair
Falling Awake II: The Revenant by Kristoffer Gair
Zebulon by R.L. Herron
An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor
Honor Unbound by Kristoffer Gair
Letters To Cora by Colleen Nye
Winthrop Risk Detective by M.J. Belko
Desolation by Michael Cieslak
Return of The Orb Weaver by Michael D. Jones
The Accused Architect by Christian Belz
An Exercise of Passion by Lisa M. Wolfe
Awaiting Identification by R.J. Fox
The Final Mission by Arnold D. Jones
Journal of A Lifetime by Lisa M. Wolfe
The Stars Care For None by A.D. VanKirk
Bobby Carolina by Anthony Marchese
American Fries by Jared Morningstar
A Fistful of Dead Folks by Peggy Christie
Where All The Little Things Live by Ian Tadashi Moore
Dragon Box by Nancy B. Kemler-Oakley
Dig It Out by Katie Spin
A Girl Named Adam by Jordan J. Scavone
The Proof Is In The Pudding by Clay Boura
Juxtaposition Paradox by Charles R. Stern
Sadie Sees Trouble By Linda Jarkey
Crane by Stacey Rourke
Stream by Stacey Rourke
Raven by Stacey Rourke
Murder In Breakbroke Pass by Dave Kilgore
A Broken Race by Jean Davis
A Unicorn For My Birthday by Brenda Hasse
Bernie and The Putty by Steve LeBel
Crimes of Love by Donald Levin
Custodians of The Cosmos by Drayton Alan
Dead End Street by R.L. Herron
Dead Lock by David Warner
Dear Santa, I know It Looks Bad But It Wasn't My Fault by Norma Lewis
Driving Crazy by Randy D. Perason
Eros & Psyche by Lisa Peers
Finder In Hell World by Charles R. Stern
Git Commit Murder by Michael W. Lucas
I Don't Belong Here by Melissa Grunow
In The Context of Love by Linda K. Sienkiewicz
Letters Lost Then Found by Amy L. Johnson
Living Beyond Terrorism by Zieva Konvisser
Love and Other B-Sides by Lisa Peers
Might-E! by Jordan J. Scavone
My Horsey and Me by Brenda Hasse
On The Third Day by Brenda Hasse
Overture and The Dance by Michael D. Jones
Realizing River City by Melissa Grunow
SSH Mastery by Michael W. Lucas
Stepping Stones by Carol Trembath
Sunday Nights With Walt by Richard Rothrock
Tell Me A Story by Randy D. Pearson
The Baker's Men by Donald Levin
The Druid of Royal Oak by Neil Paananen
The Elephant In The Room by Clay Boura
The Field Trip by R.A. Andrade
The Fishers byNancy Shattuck
The Founders Gifts by Drayton Alan
The Freelancer by Brenda Hasse
The Last God by Jean Davs
The Maiden's Courage by Mary Lynne Gibbs
The Man of Nightstone by Devon Drake
The Mud Princess by Jordan J. Scavone
There Was A Crooked Man He Flipped A Crooked House by David Erik Nelson
'Til Death Marriage Poems by Janice Leach
Trac Brothers by Randy D. Pearson
Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm
Unlikely Trees by Michael D. Jones
Vanishing Act by Mark Love
Viking Sagas in Verse by Donald Frederickson
Waterfalls of Michigan by Phil Stagg
Why 319? by Mark Love
Wilkenshire by Brenda Hasse
Yes, I Am Loved by Brenda Hasse
Zosan by Ian Tadashi Moore
In The House of Night by Donald Levin

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
With over 600 members on Written in the Mitten Facebook Group, we are a diverse group of authors with many talents. We have editors, book trailer designers, book cover designers, etc.

PLEASE feel free to drop a website link and description of your talents in the blog thread. Let everyone know how you can help each other achieve their writing goals!

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod

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Joan Young (sharkbytes) | 1 comments I am the author of 15 books, fiction and non-fiction. However, I also offer editing and formatting services. Contact me for prices and timeline. jhyshark@gmail.com.

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod
From Barbara Kompik:

If you'd like to learn how to market your book and begin to see sales, Barbara Kompik like to talk to you.

30 years experience in top marketing and sales is what you'll get when you choose to learn from Barbara Kompik.

For just $29 a month you receive unlimited phone calls, texts, and emails of marketing and sales techniques that have worked for Barbara Kompik over the years.

You can start and stop at any time as there is no limit and no contract involved.

This is payable by invoice that will automatically repeat until you choose to stop receiving this service.

Barbara Kompik believes in helping others to reach their goals by sharing what I have learned to reach my goals.

Barbara Kompik also believes in Zig Ziglar's, the expert in sales, philosophy of, "he reaches the highest who first helps another up."

Please feel free to request Barbara Kompik friendships and PM Barbara Kompik for a free individual consultation by phone.

Barbara Kompik looks forward to speaking with you.

Barbara Kompik
Your Personal Sales and Marketing Coach

Hart, Michigan
Eastern Standard Time

- Retired but still kicking
- Author of 12 books
- Genre: Self-help, Cookbook

* No one will believe in you until you believe in yourself first.

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J Rose | 3 comments Arranging A Dream: A Memoir

Start the new year with a brand new release on New Year's Day--Arranging a Dream: A Memoir by JQ Rose, a Michigan author with a story set in West Michigan.

Back of the Book:
In 1975, budding entrepreneurs Ted and Janet purchase a floral shop and greenhouses where they plan to grow their dream. Leaving friends and family behind in Illinois and losing the security of two paychecks, they transplant themselves, their one-year-old daughter, and all their belongings to Fremont, Michigan, where they know no one.

Will the retiring business owners nurture Ted and Janet as they struggle to develop a blooming business, or will they desert the inexperienced young couple to wither and die in their new environment?

Most of all, can Ted and Janet grow together as they cultivate a loving marriage, juggle parenting with work, and root a thriving business?

Follow this couple’s inspiring story, filled with the joy and triumphs and the obstacles and failures experienced as they travel along the turbulent path of turning dreams into reality.

Here is what readers are saying about Arranging a Dream--
Sprinkled with fascinating tidbits, such as the origins of the floral wire service FTD and the necessity of keeping knife in hand while creating bouquets, and populated by interesting characters like Galloping George, Arranging a Dream gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at a business most customers may take for granted. What’s more, this memoir is an intimate portrait of a loving couple becoming partners in every sense of the word.” Nan Sanders Pokerwinski, memoirist, author of Mango Rash

This story chronicles the dreams and hardships of a couple moving to a new state and a small closely-knit town to make a living. Not only will you see the insights of operating a floral shop, but how each decision could make or break the business. But don't be misled, this isn't a dry read but filled with humorous and heartbreaking anecdotes surrounded by a love story. I'm not a regular memoir reader but this one hooked me from the first chapter!” WS Gager, author

J.Q. Rose's Arranging a Dream (BWL Publishing 2021) is a how-to in buying a family business (in this case, a flower shop and greenhouse) in an industry you know nothing about in a town you'd never even visited before all this started, with a tiny support system of unknown provenance--all while raising a family. In Janet's case, she and her husband gave up solid predictable jobs for the unpredictability of being self-employed. Janet took classes to learn the basics and then trusted herself to solve each problem as it arose. Turns out, with passion, drive, and a clever mind, that works nicely.

This is a delightful memoir of the growth of Janet's family business and how it fits nicely with her personal dreams. I'd categorize it as a Quiet Memoir (link may not be available yet)--memoirs that deal with more common topics that are made uncommon by the author's voice. Dorothy Rice says:

“Memories...are often quiet, more echo than boom, more lingering sense than clamor, more subtext than headline.” Jacqui Murray, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

Order now to escape into the 70s this winter.
eBook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NDZNYQJ
and major online booksellers

Paperback at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Arranging-Drea...

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Ingar Rudholm | 13 comments Mod

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J Rose | 3 comments Thank you, Ingar!

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Andrew Smith | 2 comments Ingar wrote: "Next time you're looking for something to read, consider supporting an indie author. Here's a whole list to get you started:
Becoming Nadia by Cyrus Keith
Bottom of The Ninth by Tony Aued
Daisies ..."

Good idea!

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