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Tony's Dream: A Gay Tale of Desire, Deceit & Death in Montreal
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Patrick Doyle | 19 comments I've just self-published two gay mysteries ('gay' as in both subject and author are gay men) and am stumbling around trying to spread the word. Writing is a snap compared to promotion!

The books are a loosely related series about gay men facing the mysteries of crime and love around the world. So far I I've done Barcelona and Montreal ('done' in a writerly way of course) and I'm now working on a third a mystery in Sydney.

The books have received various reviews, (the good the bad and the ugly) but seem to have survived the onslaught. So hey to ya' all! Patrick

message 2: by Jude (new)

Jude Tresswell | 21 comments Stumbling around - oh, I understand that! I'm just waiting for the cover of the sixth book in my gay mystery series to be completed and then I'll be stumbling around with you! I think that, unless you're lucky enough to have a big family or a whole load of friends who'll help spread the word on social media (I have neither) or you have a foot in the PR/media business (I don't) Ace in the Picture (County Durham Quad, #3) by Jude Tresswell then it really is hard to get known. I tell myself that the actual self-publishing process is interesting and fun and I remind myself that I write for myself as much as for anything and anyone else. That helps a little bit. You might try a couple of the podcasts e.g. Gay Mystery Podcast (I've guested on that) and WROTE (guested recently on that one too) Good luck with the books - Jude

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Patrick Doyle | 19 comments You're right. I used to be a bookseller and know from experience that most sales are comprised of few books. A lot of good books from publishers never get read, so self-published books have that added challenge. I write mainly for myself. I love writing. Everything else is gravy (love gravy too!)

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Patrick Doyle | 19 comments Here I am complaining about having to all the promotional work by myself and I forget to provide the links to the books.

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