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A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)
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Heather Reads Books (gothicgunslinger) | 495 comments Whew, I'm finished!! Finally!!! Book 3 of my epic ASOIAF reread is complete.

I did review this book the first time, and it's interesting to compare notes to myself eight years in the past. I definitely found this book more riveting this time around. Eight-years-ago Heather didn't care all that much for the macro political conflict in the book, most of which plays out in dialogue between the characters, and she said the book dragged. That Heather was a very different person than I am today. I'm here for all the political schemes, the lore, the prophetic dreams, the songs playing out in their entirety... give it to me, I want it all, I'm basking in the splendor of this gloriously fully-realized universe.

A few other things that were clearer to me this time around:
(view spoiler)

All that said, this book IS huge, and sprawling, and requires incredibly close reading to not miss things. I did find the first three hundred or so pages a bit slower than the rest, as there was so much fallout from the previous book to wade through, but after that it picked up nicely. Can't wait to continue the journey in the next book, of which I confess I remember very little.

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7973 comments SO funny Heather-I always thought i would be Samwell too!

Heather Reads Books (gothicgunslinger) | 495 comments Joanne wrote: "SO funny Heather-I always thought i would be Samwell too!"

Ha! I'd like to think I would be Arya, but I'm definitely Sam. The scene in a previous book where he gets really excited about a stash of old maps to study convinced me.

Mary B | 112 comments On a good day I'd be Samwell. Most likely I'd die in the first chapter.

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