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Welcome!! Thanks for joining!

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) hey! i’m lemon girl and i love tiktok dances. however i don’t have tiktok hehe. thanks for the invite sophie!

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Hi lemon girl!! Thanks for joining
Same here tho, I don’t have tiktok
I made this group so people who dont will still know what’s happening there😁

Urvi (Just another lost angel) | 16 comments Hi everyone! I'm Urvi from India. This group is really interesting!
And thanks for the invite sophie! :)

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s m o k e Hiiiii im shayna, I love tiktok XD and I have an account but im taking a break from it. thx for the invite :)

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Hi! Welcome!
Thanks for joining!!

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Hey! This is Hazel Grace! Ummmm, I don't have tiktok, but I o watch with a friend sometimes, or the dances on pinterest XD.

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Welcome Hazel!!!
Same with you hahah!

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I created this group so people who don’t have tiktok can still stay updated 😅

River Bakugo  He Him   (riverbakugou) | 1 comments Hi, i just wanna say thank you to Hazel for inviting me to this group.

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Yep! Anytime!

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Thanks Hazel!!

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Sophie wrote: "Thanks Hazel!!"

Of course!

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Ash ~ bookmaniac~ (aakanksha99) | 1 comments hi I'm asha

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Hi asha!!

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