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Termination of Distribution

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James Lamborn Inasmuch as I indicated on page 26 of the first edition of American Idols: Pagan Christianity, that this book began as a series of lectures for which I do not use the same standards of citation expected for works of publication, it is with great embarrassment that this morning I found a source that I did not cite. Fortunately, with just a short run and with it being self-published, I have terminated distribution of the book until I reissue it with the proper citation. I am also attempting to contact the author of the source to notify him of the situation. This does not in anyway dilute the argument of the book, it only highlights the fallibility of the author.

My sincere apologies,

James S. Lamborn

Ricardo Pedraza Thanks for your comments. I just received your book today as part of a giveaway and hope to start reading asap. Thanks for considering me for this opportunity to read your book.
Ricardo Pedraza

Shane I consider it having been a honor to have read this. It certainly has rekindled that restlessness within me that keeps me intent on searching in life, searching for those things in this life that have a real value. Thank You for much more than you know James.

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