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Fef (hatius hatius) Peixes (fey_pokes_the_goodreads) | 361 comments )(ello~ ask m-e anyt)(ing you can dar-e too. but just so you know im
)(ardly in act 5 y-et so i would reely apr-eci-eat-e it if you didn't spoil.
well, ask away~!

message 3: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Why are you so cute?

Fef (hatius hatius) Peixes (fey_pokes_the_goodreads) | 361 comments awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. you flatter me so. i dont know. i guess w)(o ever my parents were did the pail t)(ing so well i turned out cute. and you are so sweet. i guess t)(ats were sollux gets it from. description

message 5: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Thanks :)

Fef (hatius hatius) Peixes (fey_pokes_the_goodreads) | 361 comments your welcome!
*i did not draw this credit goes to who ever.

message 7: by Daemon (new)

Daemon I have another question for you:

Do you think that if you were to ever assume the Empress' throne, that there is something you would change from her rules?

Ultimate Sugglett | 55 comments if you had to fill a bucket who you choose to fill it with?

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