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message 1: by Arthur (new) - added it

Arthur Coombs | 10 comments Hi,
I am the author of the book dON'T jUST MANAGE, lEAD! I would like to change the description of my book. However, when I click edit details it shows that permission is to access metadata only.

Can someone please help me change the description to:

Managing stops after work…

…leadership extends into all aspects of life.

Which do you want to embody?

The truth is, anyone with tasks and a team can be a manager, but it takes special skills to lead. Whether at work or with family, those who cross the threshold into leadership leave exceptional impacts. And when someone takes up the mantle, they open doors to endless opportunities.

Using the tools laid out in Arthur F. Coombs III’s Don’t Just Manage—Lead!, you’ll learn how to identify and apply the traits of a leader to your life. Through his own dynamic analogies and examples, Coombs demonstrates:

* How leaders communicate
* How they meet and exceed goals
* How they exemplify their own values, and
* How these traits inspire those who follow them

Managers are a dime a dozen, but leaders? They're something special. What they contribute to an organization doesn’t just get the job done—it sets it apart from the competition. Get Don’t Just Manage—Lead! now and take the challenge of innovation and trailblazing.

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25163 comments Done.

message 3: by Arthur (new) - added it

Arthur Coombs | 10 comments Sandra wrote: "Done."

Hi Sandra, Thank you so much! But I hope this isn't too much to ask. I saw that you have changed the description of one edition. Can you also make the changes to other editions as well? Thank you!

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25163 comments Fixed. Usually, doing 1 & clicking the box does them all, but in this case not.

message 5: by Arthur (new) - added it

Arthur Coombs | 10 comments Thank you so much for the help Sandra!!

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