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message 1: by Jules (new)

Jules Barnard (julesbarnard) | 10 comments I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but can someone help me change my series name?

I'd like to change the MEN OF LAKE TAHOE series to the NEVER DATE series.

Thank you!

message 3: by Lieke (last edited Oct 16, 2020 03:15AM) (new)

Lieke | 3390 comments Was the series first called Blue?
And are all the publishing dates correct?

message 4: by Jules (new)

Jules Barnard (julesbarnard) | 10 comments All the published dates are correct. The original series was call Blue, then the Men of Lake Tahoe, and now it's called the Never Date series. I spent hours yesterday updating all the covers and information, and now it's all been reverted to really old covers and the very first Blue series. (insert crying emoji). Can someone update the series to the Never Date series? Thank you!

message 5: by Jules (new)

Jules Barnard (julesbarnard) | 10 comments I went in and changed the primary books back to the current covers. Thank you to whoever changed the series name to the Never Date series!

message 6: by Mantvydas (new)

Mantvydas | 1093 comments We don't remove or change old editions, so people who added them can keep it on their bookshelves.

If you want the newest version to be shown make it a default edition.

You can set a default edition following these steps:

message 7: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 3390 comments Old books keep that cover, title and the series name they where published with. Since the series name got changed you will see that when you are on the page of books in that series, but people with an old edition can still search for the cover they own and with the title and series name they know.

message 8: by Jules (new)

Jules Barnard (julesbarnard) | 10 comments Absolutely. I want readers to keep their editions. I understand they stay in the system forever, and that's all good. Thank you to whoever added the Never Date series into the system. The only issue now is that somehow the last new edition book in the series is not connected anymore. Can someone add this edition as book 5 in the Never Date series?

Thank you again for your help!

message 10: by Jules (new)

Jules Barnard (julesbarnard) | 10 comments Thank you so much!

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