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Owned by Eros and wear he spends most of his time. It is popular mostly with locals and especially those who maybe don't have the best home life. The patronage are not only those of the LGBT variety but also runaways and street kids as well.


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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos appeared from the shadows within the club tasting death wa sin this place and he had an appointment to meet. He watched a guy no older than seventeen sat in the corner then he twitched his eyes over to a tall dark and handsome stranger watching him closely. Thanatos knew what was to play out. Stranger offers a drink drugs homeless boy takes homeless boy to secluded area, rapes and then kills him and hides the body...oh how artistic no one knew how to be original anymore with death and that meant that his sister Ker or one of her death spirits, Keres, were to be following them closely. Death was something to be seen as artistic to him and these days was the only true love he could find without scaring away. Thanatos sat in a far corner of his own in a black silk suit.

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Eros sat at the bar watching many of his regulars hook up and smirked darkly at seeing the young kid in the corner being cornered by some rich man. He wondered if he should intervene but decided not to as after all many a person paid him for easy targets for their sick and twisted games and who was he to decline them? After all he got richer and more money meant he had less of a reason to return to his mothers side which was a good thing in his books. He rarely even saw another god anymore since his tantrum in the early 1920's.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos almost instantly sensed Eros. "Well, things just got interesting." He walked to the abr and ordered a dirty martini. "So tell me Eros what brings you so close to home? Haven't felt the presence of lust in a while and yet here in a place that feels death Lust reigns supreme." He says having no care for a mortal hearing what he says. They were simple pawns in this world and he played the game like a master of chess.

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" I got bored with the Americans. So predictable. Thought I would try my luck here as it one of the only places I haven't extended my company to," he said smirking. It wasn't really much of a company, more like a string of illegal casinos and underground fight rings. This was probably his first actually legal business in a while not that he cared for mortal laws. He just liked causing chaos and seeing people lust after each other with all their self control gone. It was just raw primitive ,no conscience telling them what is right and wrong.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos laughed coldly, "Your cute, Eros, but have you ever considered that you could lose power if you continue to hang around these mortals so closely?" He asked looking deeply into his eyes. "Your mother is a bit obsessive and as is your father, but can you not find peace in your dear consort...sorry...ex-consort, Psyche. Surely, you two stay in touch what abotu your kids?" Thanatos never saw help to be made for mortals but he always liked Eros and he had the idea he could fix him. The same way he had the idea he could fix the insomniac Hypnos.

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" Lose power? I can only gain it. The mortals may not know who I am but they worship me which is more than I can say for the rest of you. What do you have 30'00 thousand followers between you? Pathetic. As for Psyche and my parents, it is none of your business," he said crossing his arms and huffing much like a teenage who hadn't gotten their own way would. He lose power? What a stupid thought. He liked his life here. It was much better than hanging around with people who didn't care and just ignored him.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos laughs once more coldly, "You have a fire inside of you Eros that burns as wild as my own admitted pride. I am no mere god. I am the existence of Death. I need no worship for death will always exist. My sister Kers is simply why death becomes violent at times and her minions who do my own bidding provoke homicides and suicides. Who needs worship and prayer when all god's are compared in sequence to me. When all fear my power for I have existed to kill many gods long forgotten. You know Norse gods once existed...I got rid of them. When Rome brought us into their lives to be worshipped I destroyed the Egyptian gods. I only answer to three goddesses more feared than myself...the Moirai." He rubbed his eyes and drank his dirty martini. "I only look out for you Eros. As dark and prideful as I may be I have goals in life and in this century my goal is to figure you out and help you figure yourself out. It isn't good to be separated from your own children. Pothos could be out there right now getting into trouble that could have him ending up like Prometheus did so long ago. Hanging upside down from a cliff with birds pecking out his liver and eyes." Thanatos explained more concerned for children than adults as far as gods go, but mortals he could care less as all were pathetic. He never felt the care of others and learned to not feel the care to experience it.

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Eros just raised his eyebrow as he listened to Thanatos speech. He didn't need saving. He was perfectly fine, better than fine actually. He had his own life and he didn't need to fear disappointing anyone as no-one expected anything of him. His father didn't expect him to be more war-like and his mother didn't try to make him more like her- why would he want to be like her anyway? She couldn't even keep her lover- a feat he was pleased to say had never happened to him. He had always been the one to discard them. " And what if I don't want your help? I am happy as I am." he said glaring at the interfering god. How dare he try to say he knew what was best for Eros. He had had that all his life and look where it ended up- with him estranged from his family. " And people fear love more than do death. Love is the cause of many a war and murder." he said darkly. He wasn't all love hearts and romance, there was a dark side to him as well, a side that loved murder, sex and danger.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos allowed a cold smile to work across is lip as a heated black flame glowed in the core of his eyes. "You have a fire boy and I like it. I am not trying to tell you how to run yourself or your dominion of power, but I am looking out for you. Note that Death favored Love so greatly because Love was coveted by Death." Thanatos told him trying to keep the air cool because as Eros got heated people...mortals especially became animalistic as far as love went and things were getting heated in the place as Thanatos looked around. his own aura drowned out by the power of desire and temptation and well everything inbetween. Thanatos smirked back at Eros once more..."You are quite powerful, young Eros, and quite handsome in such power, perhaps if you attempted to open your eyes and ears and stop feeling judgement you may understand I only look to help your life from judgement. As Death I judge none for all will see my eyes one day. I'm sure as love you hold the same concept, but not everyone finds you...Perhaps that is the reasoning to you having wondered away for so long." Thanatos was studying Eros as he was a handsome youth who could easily be compared to himself and it actually turned the primordial god on.

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" I thank you for the compliment and you will do well not to forget it. I can make anyone do anything in the name of love. Do you know how many crimes are crimes of love and passion. Crimes inspired by me and the mortals eagerness to court me and everything I represent. Love does not feel judgmental. Everyone is worthy of him and him of no-one," he said shrugging ignoring the first part of Thanatos comment as he had no remark to offer in return. Was it to much to ask that the gods leave him alone? It had been nearly 100 years without any interference beyond the odd hello and now here someone was trying to tell him what to do again. It didn't end well for them the first time around, so why did this god think it would this time.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos smirked, "Perhaps you will one day discover that your childish attributes can make you strong just as they make you weak. My life as a hermit makes me strong just as it makes me weak. I do not feel your power in my life for it has never extended to me. I will never experience what you offer and for that I must covet and thank you." Thanatos tried for a kind smile, which was off for him. "You know you mean the world to existence without you procreation could not exist nor could the other gods, without me sadness could not exist and mournful sorrows and pains could become obsolete. If anyone should feel the world is trying to control them it should be me. I cannot feel your power for so many deem death to be lonely and frightening. I should be the one who has gone off the grid and yet here I am talking to you abotu problems of no concern of mine nor yours." He pinched the bridge of his nose pointing to the glass, "Another please, dear Eros." He asked feeling overwhelmed a bit. "I suppose I should leave you to your hiding from the gods. Your secret place is a safe secret with me." He promised. "Just one more drink before I go. I will not bother you with the issue any longer as you are feeling judgement and commandment form me as you do with all others. Typical, desire only has the ears to listen to itself while all other concepts in life feed from one another. I feed from life, while you simply exist to be selfish and childish with children of your own who show more reason to listen than yourself. I hear your son, Pothos is growing into a lonely hermit as well, I expect he feels like a disappointment to his parents just as you do. Yet, he has only the ears to listen to everyone's judgement while you push to be your own being apart from the gods." Thanatos laughed lightly under his breath. He found it off how Eros strived to please neither of his parents because both pushed him into their own dominions of pwoer, while Pothos would only desire to be and feel apart of his parents dominion.

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Eros just shrugged while half listening to the other gods tirade."If you wished to feel the heartache and pains of you love you had only to ask. I can make both mortal and god mad with passion. You should remember Apollo and his grief at young Hyacinth's death. Who made him fall for the mortal? And who made Zephurus mad with jealousy. That's right me. So if that's what you want I would be more and happy to give it to you," he said walking behind the bar and pulling out his bow and arrow that he kept there for hen he felt like causing a bit of mayhem. He walked back to the other god and strung the bow with one of his many arrows. " So who do you want to fall for?" he asked with a dark smirk. He remembered the second part of the speech and decided to deem it with a reply. "Ah but you forget one thing, god fellow. I am the child of the Goddess if Love so even without be love would still exist. I have no domain of my own. I share it with my mother who is much more powerful than I like to admit. And if it is all the same to you. I would like to remain here, much more peaceful with no gods barging in all the time demanding this, that and the other. Pothos will realise in time it is better away from his father who is the laughing stock of the gods. He can make his own way in life after all he is not a child and hasn't been one for at least 900 years.

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Thanatos raised an eyebrow at eros grabbing his bow and arrow, "Really, Eros. If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to test me. As I am well aware of what happened with you, Zephyrus, Apollo, and that mortal as I had to be there to claim his life. You gained amusement and a servant out of Zephyrus, well done. I on the other hand simply did my job and sent the soul off to the storage unit at the entrance of Hades to await the arrival of Hermes to guide him to Elysium." Thanatos studied Eros momentarily. "Well, as I covet you so dearly Eros and as you seem to doubt your own abilities make me fall in love with you. I find it would be interesting to see the interest that Death and Desire can strike up with one another. As for your son, well...I expect he will spend an eternity in Hades if he chooses soon enough." Thanatos promised with a sly smirk. Eros was highly attractive and that cute ass sitting on his lap kissing him would certainly be a change of pace. However, Thanatos already knew of the split he was having with Psyche and that being a big reason that the gods have taken it upon themselves to tell him how to run his life. Thanatos smirked at the thought of what Psyche might do or say should she see the two together.

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((Sorry been busy with school work))

" Test you? I do not know what you mean. You wanted love and all I was doing was asking you what pathetic being you wanted so you would leave me alone. I am happy here away from everything and everyone. And you really don't want me. Trust me with that." he said trying to think up excuses to get the other god to leave him alone. Okay he was fairly hot but being hot meant nothing to them, nearly all the gods were attractive beings of some description. So why did it matter if Eros though him hot? " And what do you mean Pothos will find himself in Hades?" he asked confused and a little concerned for his son. What had he gotten himself into? Had he made a deal with Hades? Or had he found some way to die? After all the rumours about Zeus' precious son had reached him even with his self-imposed exile.

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Thanatos laughed coldly, "Your son has taken up a position for hades. torturing souls. I'm sure if Hades commanded it of him as Aphrodite holds no sway over the boy that he will fall to the Underworld and simply be a good slave to the Lord of the Underworld. Have you really been gone so long that you can't even take an interest into the lives of your own children?" He asked slyly. "Perhaps it is simple statistics that an immortal child falls into the clutches of death once bad parenting comes into play. He can't love anyone and is the worst excuse for an Erote that I've seen since Hermaphroditus. Even now I am sure he plans to pack up and abandon the world of the living and become a footstool to dear Hades. " He rolls his eyes dismissing the subject.."As for you...I am the god of death. If I don't know who I want then what do I have?" He says almost playfully like Eros was something to be toyed with.

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(( Sorry...))

Eros frowned. Psyche was supposed to keep an eye on their children and stop them from acting out. He wasn't exactly the best parent but what did you expect from someone who had never really grown up? There was a reason the romans depicted him as a winged baby after all. They captured his childish spirit. " My mother may not hold any sway over him but she is the mistress of the Erotes, she an forbid him from going." he said trying to think of other ways to intervene so his son didn't sign his life away. He thought he was bad but when he left at least he didn't try and give his life in service to the King of the Underworld. He had more sense than that but Pothos was Psyche child as well but he thought she had common sense even if she was ruled by her emotions. He really did wish he had never married the bitch. " I don't know, what do you have?" he said irritably wishing he would just go away. He looked at the mortal in the corner and smirked wondering if he could get away with piercing him with his arrow and making him fall for Thanatos, it would provide a distraction at least.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos laughs coldly, "You really think Aphrodite will waste her time on the one child of love that was most neglected. You gave him up for adoption to Zephyrus. Why would you care anyway?" He then pondered his last question. "Well, if you are as powerful as you say I would have you." He said contemplating what would happen if Eros actually did it...if he did he would have no choice but to offer help to him and get Pothos out of his job in the Underworld. The kid already worked there, but Hades clearly wanted him to stay there more permanently as an Underworld deity.

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" She's not as insensitive as everyone thinks and I did that because I knew I was never a good parent for him and Psyche well, I don't know her reasons. I care because he is my child and I do have some parental feelings towards him." Eros said sighing. He didn't regret giving Pothos to Zephyrus but he wished his servant had ever told to his child that he was the gods of loves son. It would have made life a lot easier and maybe the younger god wouldn't be signing his life away to Hades right now. " You don't want me. I'm crazy remember?" he said remembering one of the rumours that was spread round Olympus and the Underworld about him. He did kind of want to see Apollo again just to remind the god he couldn't escape loves wrath.

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Thanatos couldn't help it but this guy was giving him a smile. "See I knew you weren't all do care...slightly." He said unable to restrain himself as he leaned a bit closer. "And between me and you..You're not half as crazy as my brother, Hypnos. You simply are held at a standard of instability within the mind. I can sense that. You may be separated from the gods now, but you certainly can sense insecurity still lingering form within." Thanatos felt the charm from the stalker in the corner as he lured the twink to the back. "I suppose it is a good thing I came because someone is abotu to get raped and killed." He said nodding back to the creep and the twink.

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Eros turned in the direction of the creep and the twink and shrugged. He was used to people being killed in his bar and even had deals with some of the men to turn a blind eye to young runaways going missing. "And I should be bothered because?" he asked with a bored look on his face. He had even killed a few of them himself as after all not everything in this bar was strictly legal and if someone threatened to tell what was he supposed to do? " And that is just a polite phrase to say someone is crazy," he said. He looked at the mortal he had been eyeing earlier and fired an arrow at him. The bow and arrow was invisible to the mortal eye.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments ((Thank You...I try to post letters in Greek from my Character Map or Notepad and it doesn't work at all. so In your skeleton I needed those letters badly.))

Thanatos smirked, "Alright..if it is mortals love for death you desire by all means." He said coldly. He turned just in time for the boy to look at Thanatos who smiled charmingly. It was a matter of minutes before the mortal stood and left to go to the bathroom. "We will see how this one plays out." He said his eyes solid black with no whites now. You play your love game avoiding what I desire and I'll play my death game." Thanatos finished his drink..""Another Eros." He said pointing to the glass. It was only seconds later that someone entered the bathroom running out screaming something about a guy was ODing on the bathroom floor. "Huh,'s not wise for mortal to fall in love with death it can become something fatal." In truth that was why Thanatos wanted someone as handsome as Eros. He was dark in a sense, but not just that. thanatos couldn't fall in love with mortals because they fell for death not the person that death was.

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((Np :) Your welcome :) ))

Eros grabbed the glass and filled it up behind the bar and placing it in front of the other god. " I'm not your servant you know." he said crossly. He hated being ordered about but it would do him no good to cause a scene here of all places. This was his sanctuary, the only place that was safe from the other gods. He didn't want to destroy that. " All I desire is for you to leave me alone and go bother some other god. Everything can be fatal, you just have to take a chance," he said.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos gave no expressive look as he took the drink and downed it. "You own the serve the of my current place of sitting I am a must serve me as I am paying." He said a smirk working across his lips. "What makes you so weak that you won't even try such a thing as me and you? If you haven't noticed I live in the Underworld..there is nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already seen ten times worse." Thanatos assured the young god. "So are you a man who will suffer in the end or a god who makes his own fate?" He challenged.

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" I'm not the barman. The barman is behind the bar, if you want a drink ask him." Eros said snappily. He was getting very annoyed and him annoyed was not a good thing. He tended to take his anger out on both gods and mortals giving them heartbreak and tragedies after all the story of Romeo and Juliet was true and his fault.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos rolled his eyes tapping his glass as the bartender poured one more. thanatos threw some golden drachma onto the counter. "Sorry, I'm all out of mortal cash." He smirked standing after finishing his drink..." look like you need to cool down and relax. I'd offer my services, but I'm feeling hostility beyond the measure of what even Hades holds. "Perhaps some other time there lover boy." He said with a rather arse of a move when he cupped one side of the young gods cheek and kissed the other. "Later, young god." Thanatos said moving toward the door as he removed his jacket tossing it over his shoulder.

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Eros growled lowly at him not appreciating the god treating him like some mortal lover. " Goodbye," he said trying to be polite so he didn't cause a scene and didn't attack the other god here in this very spot. He didn't think the mortals would appreciate a fight between two godly beings. " And I'm not hostile!" he called after the older god.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments Thanatos put up a hand dismissing Eros as if he were a simple fly. "Yes, of course keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you might make it back to Olympus with that attitude." He laughed slightly with a cold grin. Thanatos moved to the door and someone brushed against him only to collapse where they stood going into shock. "Clean up that mess for me won't you cutie?" He said knowing Eros had a few nerves to get ticked which simply amused him ever more so.

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He hated cleaning up after others. "Clean up your own mess," he said retreating into one of the back rooms hoping to find some mortal to sleep with him. That always released the tension in his body after a confrontation with one of the gods. How dare Thanatos treat him as if he were a child. He was a god, maybe he wasn't as old as some of the others but did that really matter- no, he was still someone to be respected but yet they didn't seem to get that. Both Apollo and Thanatos made fun of his abilities and underestimated him.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments ((I smell a boy Eros have a habit of crushing on guys who down him and try to get him to grow up at the sametime? ^_^))

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(( Pretty much :) He is obsessed with Apollo and he'll fall for Thanatos with a bit of work :) ))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 424 comments ((lol I think Thanatos is already working on things. he is the sort to get under the skin of the ones he is interested in. He is a pusher...))

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(( :) Eros will fall eventually, he just needs pushing and maybe some sense being knocked into his head every once in a while :) ))

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