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Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult? Fantasy series. Powerful mage, steals magic and can talk to his dog

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Mr T A Bruno | 2 comments Hey guys, thanks for taking a moment to help me out on this. I was told about this book, possibly a series, thought it sounded epic, but I can't recall the name and googling what I remember has not yielded anything.

So, the book follows a magic user, I seem to recall he was pretty powerful in the world, something about him seeking out these elemental beings or gods or something to gain their magic, there was something about magic users in this world weren't supposed to get more than one kind of magic but he was going around like "gotta catch em all" and some beings or people were pretty annoyed at him because of it.
The other thing I recall most was the guy describing the main character's dog. The MC can talk to the dog, psychically maybe, or it's a talking dog maybe. He said the dog is obsessed with food and female dogs. He liked sausages the best I think, and he had that dog thing of having no concept of time. Like the mage would come home and the dog would get mad for leaving him for so long, I remember being told about a scene with the mage and the dog, the dog said something like "you've been gone for three thousand years"
"I was just gone a couple hours" says the mage
"you were gone for THREE THOUSAND YEARS"

Something like that. Hope that rings a bell for someone. I don't think I remember anything else about it. I got the impression it was fairly modern book, and that it was maybe set in present time, can't be sure though.

Mr T A Bruno | 2 comments Reddit solved it. It's the iron druid series by kevin hearne

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