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Ken Priddy | 589 comments Hey

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments I kinda want to do romantic with few pm scenes but not alot what are your thoughts

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Sure Can i be the female?

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments Yea ill make my character

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments Name: Sean Hoven
Occupation: College student
Personality: Sean is very funny and loves to make people laugh. He also likes to cook considering that is what he is majoring in. He is very flirty and a very outgoing person. If there is something on his mind he'll tell you.
Looks: Dirty Blonde hair, sky blue eyes, clean shaven, muscular build. He's 6'4" and likes to wear black chef pants at all times.

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Name: Zoe Black
Occupation: College student and waitress
Personality: Zoe is closed off from people because her parents were murdered. SO she is very mysterious. She'll keep her thoughts to herself.
Looks: Dark, black hair, green eyes. She's 5'6".

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments Ill Start

Sean walked off campus after class was done. He doesnt have a car but only lives about 10 blocks away from school. His teacher told him he needs a job as a chef or prep cook. Theres a diner right around the corner from his apartment. He decided to get a bite to eat and try to get a job.

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After Zoe got registered for her college she was looking at her list of classes that she was going to attend at a diner that was about 10 blocks away from the school. She was majoring in cooking.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He was walking towards the diner when he saw a girl. Walking towards the restuarant. Being the flirt he is, he walked over to her and said hey.

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She saw the guy come in but couldn't believe that he was coming over to talk with her. "Hey." She says.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " Where are you headed looking so beautiful." He said it and looked at her. She was much shorter than him. She looked about 5'6". He liked that.

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She blushes. "Umm... nowhere just waiting for my food and looking at my class schedule." She looked at him and saw that he was much taller than her and she liked that, at least he wasn't shorter than her like her old boyfriend.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " what kind of classes are you taking" he said. He looked at her and he just wanted to grab her up and take her to his dorm and just make love.

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"Umm, well I'm majoring in cooking, but I have the regular classes like Math, English, History, yada yada." She laughs nervously. "But I'm also taking American sign language or ASL, for a backup plan." She says. She looks up at him. "Would you like to sit?"

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He sat down. " your majoring in cooking. Same. We'll be in the same class" he said he ordered some food

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"Oh cool! Have you been here a long time or have you just started like me?" She asked. It was hard for her to stop staring at him, he was just so darn hot. She wanted him to scoop her up and take her somewhere where they could make love all night.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " About a month " he looked at her boobs becoming entranced by them. "Class is fun" still staring.

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"I bet it is, I can't wait to start. Hey, are there partners in this class?" She asks, leaning in.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments Looking up and getting closer " Theres not but there can be" he wants to kiss her right now. He know he cant but the urge is so overwhelming.

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"Cool." She says quietly, noticing that he's leaning in. She wants to kiss him, but... She leans back.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He leans back mad that he didnt kiss her. Their food shows up. They sit and chat for about half an hour. " that was good."

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"Yeah that was really good." She looks at her clock, and sees the time. "Well, I better get going it's 3 but I have to find where I'm sleeping for the night. Their still working on the dorms..."

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments "You can stay in my dorm. " he was hoping she would accept. This would be his chance.

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She ponders it over in her head. "Umm... Well, I don't want to be a bother, besides what would your roommate think?"

message 27: by Ken (new)

Ken Priddy | 589 comments " i dont have a roomate. There was an uneven amount of guys so i got one alone. And you wouldnt bother me, if anything youd make my night.

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"Umm... alright. If you're sure." She said with a smile.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments "Yea its cool. Lets get outta here and go somewhere." He said, leans in, " maybe somewhere to do a little something something."

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She blushes."Umm... Listen Sean... I just got out of a relationship and the last boy I did that... Well let's just say it wasn't pretty. So..."

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " thats fine, im just trying my best." He felt like he wasted time. He thuaght maybe someday.

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She notices that he was let down, so she leans over to him and kisses him. "Maybe someday... Just not now. Wait till we know each other better." She smiles at him.

message 33: by Ken (new)

Ken Priddy | 589 comments He smiles, " yea maybe someday" he pulls out $50 from his wallet to pay for the meal. He sets it on the table. " wanna see the kitchen on campus"

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She smiles. "That sounds fantastic! Lead the way." She grabs his hand and follows him.

message 35: by Ken (new)

Ken Priddy | 589 comments They walk into the kitchen. There are demostations everywhere and ovens, stoves. Its is the best top of the line kitchen. "How is it"

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She looks at the kitchen in awe. She was from a small town and she only had her family's kitchen to cook, which was maybe one station size. "It-It's incredible!!" She laughs and smiles at him.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " That's what I thought too. You get used to it. " he walked over to a pastry station where he opened the fridge and pulled out a cake. It had flowers and designs on it. " Do you like it. Its my project."

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She looked at the cake and smiled. "It's beautiful."

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " Thanks I worked for 5 hours decorating." Sean put it back. "So do you like pastry or savory."

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"Both! But I am really interested in the pastry's. You?"

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments " Savory, but I needed to do this for a project." Sean was sad because he wanted to make out with her. He needed to get to know her fast.

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"Cool!" She smiled. She really wanted to kiss him but she had said what she had said and she meant it. 'But what could one little kiss do?' She asked herself. She pulled him into her, waiting to see if he would kiss her.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He looked at her and locked his lips with hers. He didnt stop.He felt the love and never wanted to let go.

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She loved the way his lips felt on hers. She never wanted to stop kissing him, she wraps her arms around him.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He puts his hands around her and picks her up and sets her on a prep table.

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She gasps. Putting her arms around him.

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments he keeps kissing her. but stops. " I can't do this. you didn't want to." he waited for her response

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"Yeah, you're right." She hops down off the prep table. She sighs. 'Why did I say that!' She looks up at him, and smiles. "However, when I kiss you, I-I don't want to stop."

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Ken Priddy | 589 comments He moves the hair out of her face, " me neither " he looked into her eyes.

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She pulls him close and kisses him again. She pulls back a little. "I never knew I could feel this way for a guy I just met about 3 hours ago."

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