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message 1: by Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs), 2nd in-command | I'm alive-ish. (new)

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 270 comments Mod

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 300 comments Autumnwind tried to get Lightpaw's attention

message 3: by Kadence (new)

Kadence Burns Lightpaw snapped back into focus, "What?"

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 300 comments "I'm waiting for you to go" Autumnwind siad

message 5: by Kadence (new)

Kadence Burns "Go what,"Lightpaw tilted his head to the side. He couldn't remember what he had been doing.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 300 comments Autumnwind sihged. Gravelstrike had always been paitent but she was impatient. This came slightly from the fact that she was adaptive and learned quickly. there fore she expected others to do the same. "Attack" she said with a forced paitence

message 7: by Kadence (new)

Kadence Burns Lightpaw lunged forward, claws sheathed.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 300 comments Autumnleaf easily dodged.

message 9: by Kadence (new)

Kadence Burns "This always happens,"Lightpaw huffs, "I'm sorry Autumnleaf. I'm the worst apprentice ever."

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 300 comments Autumnleaf didn't answer. How could she? Saying no would might lead him to think he was doing good, whivch he was't, but saying yes would crush him even more. "Nobody is ever the worst" Autumnleaf said quoting her mentor, Gravelstrike. "Nobody is ever the best. Every ledge on a mountain always is shadowed. Just like that, every cat can improve"

message 11: by Kadence (new)

Kadence Burns Lightpaw stares at his mentor in awe,"When did you become so wise?"

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