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Great Expectations

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message 1: by Melon (new)

Melon | 3 comments Hi!
I have just joined this group and share a great love for Charles Dickens' works, as i am currently involved in a project which involves analysing 'Great Expectations' and how it has affects and reflects the 1800s society. I would really appreciate it if anyone would contribute by completing my survey based on how 'Great Expectations' has affected you, if you have read the novel.
This is the link to the survey:
Thank you!!!

message 2: by Imran (new)

Imran | 2 comments completed the survey, hope it helps you.When you complete the project let me know what result or inference you arrived at. Best of Luck

message 3: by Melon (new)

Melon | 3 comments Thank you very much, I will make sure I post a comment on my results.

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (KTressler) | 15 comments Took the survey as well! Hope it helps! Can't say it has impacted me much, other than it is one of my least favorite of Dickens' novels. I feel like it is a condensed version of David Copperfield, but that is coming from a non-professor of literature haha!

message 5: by Melon (new)

Melon | 3 comments Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion in completing my survey

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