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message 1: by TapiocaStories (new)

TapiocaStories | 16 comments * Title: The Invisible
* Author(s) name(s): Alcides Villaça and Andrés Sandoval
Translated from the Portuguese by Flávia Rocha, in collaboration with Endi Bogue Hartigan
* ISBN: 978-1-7347839-1-9
* Publisher: Tapioca Stories
* Publication date: December 8, 2020
* Format: Hardcover
* Description:
Do you ever imagine being invisible? What if you could go around and peek at your love without being seen? Imagine licking from auntie’s ice cream or munching at the candy shop with no one able to see you. This book invites you to play with a boy who is a master in the art of being invisible. Join him as he indulges this special talent—and witness his transformation when he tires of not being seen.

“Better than being invisible
is to imagine the invisible.”

Alcides Villaça wrote this playful poem as an ode to his favorite childhood superpower, invisibility. The illustrator and designer, Andrés Sandoval, explored the relationship between the visible and the invisible: colors, transparencies, and opacities are combined in such a way that every turn of the page hides—and reveals—a surprise.

* Page count: 36 pages
* Link to book page which includes the cover:

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25360 comments Book added but I couldn't get the page to save.

message 3: by TapiocaStories (new)

TapiocaStories | 16 comments Thank you!
Here is the link again:
Do you need me to send any cover image by e-mail to upload, or any other link?
It's in google as well,

message 4: by Javier (new)

Javier (palchetti) | 7517 comments Cover image added.

message 5: by TapiocaStories (new)

TapiocaStories | 16 comments Thank you!

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