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Marethyu The God of Aether For after school fun this is the only place to go...

message 2: by Marethyu (last edited Oct 15, 2020 06:13AM) (new)

Marethyu The God of Aether As you step in the light and sound assaults you. below you in a pit the size of almost 4 football fields you see almost 50 large circular podiums some of them have species of all different kind dancing together. Across from you you see a bar with some sort of construct passing out drinks. Above you you see almost 30 rooms, made for people to sleep the night in. at the end of the hall you see a glittering gold door with the obsidian engraved letters that spell DISTORTION and AKAROT. in front of it stand 2 more constructs armed with some sort of laser weapon.

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(Ok, let's try to keep it PG. a lot of people here are really young, you know.)

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Marethyu The God of Aether ummmm
(what should i do then)

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(You know, just none of the like, actual, you know, couple stuff, But you can still get drunk with your friends and whatnot.)

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