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The great room is a very large room on the first floor of the castle. It is used just miscellaneously for anything that comes up. It is furnished based on the event.

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Sara-Mae came into the room, having been told to do some extra cleaning before the Selection began in a few weeks. She saw Amara, another maid, already cleaning. Sara had always somewhat enjoyed Amara, and said, "Hello." Perhaps conversation would make the cleaning less boring.

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((And Maeve walks in "DIIIIIEEEE!"))

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"Yeah," Sara-Mae replied. "Hey, are you going to work for a girl in the Selection?"

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Sara smiled. "I'm assigned to Rose Blythe," she replied. "And I mean, you know, I think it'd kind of suck. Having to choose your one true love from just 35 people." She grimaced. "After all, what are the chances your soulmate will be chosen? Pretty low, when you think about it."

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Sara-Mae gave a look of pity. "That poor boy," she said. "Trust me, I've been in this castle forever, and I've gotten to understand him." Sara looked over at Amara. "That boy is looking for his soulmate. No less."

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"It's looking good!" she replied happily. "One second, though." Still a bit displeased with some of the chairs, Sara-Mae ran over to clean it off.

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Sara smiled at the thought of the corn chowder. "Ooh, that's my favorite meal," she replied. "Well, I guess I better be off." Sara still needed to clean the third floor hallway before dinner started.

((Sorry it's been taking forever to reply, I'm just always on mobile, especially now))

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((Thanks for understanding!))

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William walked into the magnificent room, surrounded by several guards. While the Selected had already been in the castle for a night, he wasn't allowed to see any of them until now. Now, Will would meet the girl who would become his wife. Scanning the room, he spotted a few who drew his eye. One, a gorgeous girl with raven black hair. Another had a perfect smile that made him feel amazing. The next had hair the color of fire. All of these beautiful women, and more, were going to try to make him love them.

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((Jacqueline, can you try to use proper apostrophes next time? Thanks!))

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Xavier walked into the great room, Clara on his mind. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her since he had seen the selected that resembled her so closely it was frightening. He had gotten his hopes up so many time, just hoping it was really her. But Xavier knew it wasn't. And it would never really be her because of his mother, who he couldn't even call family anymore. Family does not do that to one another. Xavier sighed and stood leaning against the wall as his brother and the selected arrived.

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Realizing he was the person in charge here, William finally spoke up. "Um, hi," he managed out, speaking above the quiet chatter of the girls. A bit louder, he continued, "It's great to finally see all of you. You'll all come over here," he pointed to a few chairs in a corner, "one at a time. In the meantime, you can talk to my brother or chat amongst yourselves."

((How about we go in the order that y'all first posted-Azalea, Anastasia, Nova?))

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Audra walked in behind all of the selected wearing a simple red dress. She noticed that the prince had just finishing talking, and Audra moved over to where he was motioning. She hoped she hadn't missed anything important. Even though the dress she was wearing wasn't bad, the matching red heels definitely were. They were pretty high, with lace over the top with a bow topping it off. Audra sat down and waited for her turn to speak with the prince, wishing she had brought her sketchbook.

(view spoiler)

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((Jacqueline-again, seeing that problem with the apostrophes. Also, in dialogue, you said "do we gots". I don't know if that's your character's dialect, so if not, please change it. Finally, you say "she" a lot instead of Azalea. You don't want to say Azalea every time, so try to switch every other time. For example [this is just a bad example don't copy this], Azalea leaned against a wall. She thought about how she didn't want to get called on by the prince. Azalea smiled because she was comfortable. See how I switched every other time I could've mentioned her name?))

As the girls begin to chat and move around once more, Will smiled, pleased with himself. "Okay, before you get too comfortable, let's see which one of you is going first," he called out. Glancing over a maid's shoulder to see the list she was holding, Will said, with some poor pronunciation, "Azalea Khione Jackson." Looking for the girl who seemed to perk up at the mention of her name, he said, "I'll be talking to you first."

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Will laughed gently. "No need to curtsy," he said, politely motioning for Azalea to sit down. Right away, Will noticed that she looked unhappy. Azalea was either really, truly unhappy, shy and not wanting to go first, or not wanting to talk to the prince. Whatever she was doing, it was working for Will. He knew that she would most likely not become his wife. Willing to give her a chance, though, Will said, "So, tell me about yourself."

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Xavier shrugged. "Eh. Could be better, I guess." He looked over at her one last time before leaning back against the wall and pushing his hands in his pockets. "You go mingle, get to know some of them. Who knows? You might make some friends!" Xavier smiled at his sister before pushing her lightly towards the selected.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Audra somewhat-glared at her, jokingly. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not my choice. Not my choice at all. You look great, by the way." Audra grinned and stood next to her. "So...I think I might go talk to the other girls for a bit. Or maybe the princess. I don't know. Might as well make as many friends as I can while I'm here, right?" She smiled at Aria. "I'll be back soon, you should go talk to some people too!"

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Will cocked his head slightly when Azalea mentioned how she loved being around kids. "That's fine," he replied. "You know, I love kids too. I've never told anybody this, but I want to have at least 3 kids when I'm older, if not more. Growing up with a big family does that to you."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments ((Oh, so, where would I fall in the cycle of posts?))

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sucre'd fiend wrote: "((Oh, so, where would I fall in the cycle of posts?))"

((Just post your Selected girls coming in-we're doing it in the order that you first post. After Azalea, we're doing Anastasia, Nova, Audra, Aria, Bella, and Helen.))

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Jacqueline~Schreave/Lockwood/Jackson/Herondale/Rajaram/Westfall~ wrote: "Azalea smiled wider, at what the Prince said. "Really?" She asked curiously. "Gods, I want my son to be the oldest. A protective brother has always been a favorite of mine, considering I have one."..."

Will was glad she understood wanting to have a large family. The only thing worse than telling Azalea that would be if she didn't feel the same way. "I'd want to have a daughter first," Will responded. "I've always felt like girls would be more fun to raise, you know? Also, I feel like a girl would generally be easier."

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Savannah (dssharris) Happily moving on from the entrance of the royal's home into what she presumed to be the great room, Emilie kept off to the side of the group as she had before, not really sure who to talk to. Most of her time was spent working and therefore she only really knew a handful of people. Around her friends and colleagues she could be herself, but now she just felt like the odd one out. Bad thoughts were building up in her mind about the Prince not wanting to marry a cook or someone who could sometimes be as bossy as her, but she fought against them. Being bossy doesn't always bode bad things. It means efficiency. I run a professional kitchen. That shows leadership ability... All was going well in her mind until she suddenly thought, "I don't want him to like me because I'd make a good ruler! I want him to like me for me." Shaking her head, Emilie looked up to see if anyone had joined the Selected girls while they waited.
(view spoiler)

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Xavier noticed she had moved from the area where the selected were and was leaning against the wall a few feet from him. Deciding to take his own advice, Xavier let out a deep breath and walked over to her. He put a smile on his face, that was mixed with both sadness and joy. Thankfully Juli had left to talk to some of the other girls, though, because only someone who actually knew him would be able to notice the sadness. "I've been instructed to speak with some of the selected," he said formally. "So...hello. What's your name?" She looked so much like her, it was incredible. "You look like someone I used to know," he blurted out.

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Will listened carefully to what Azalea was saying. "The real answer or the short answer?" he asked in response to Azalea's last question. The truth was, Will was not doing well. It was only the first girl, and he already felt like he was being bombarded with decisions. The short answer, though, was that Will was doing just fine. After all, from what he could tell, most of these women were polite. Will's siblings seemed to get along well with them. What was their to be distraught over?

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Will chuckled. "I'm afraid, miss, giving you the full, real truth would take far more time than we're allotted," he said. With that, Will stood up, and reached out his hand. "I must talk to the other girls now, but perhaps later we can fully discuss." Without even realizing it, Will had sort-of promised a date.

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((Red, it's time for Anastasia to start))

Will remained standing, this time allowing to let the maid call out the name of the next girl. As the thought of going on a date with Azalea sunk in, he began to get a bit nervous. After all, Azalea was nice, but she was the first girl he met! Was Will going to offer a date to every single girl he met? What if he couldn't eliminate anybody? No. That would not happen. Mentally trying to calm himself down, Will reasoned. Chances are, he would know when he met the perfect girl. Right? Isn't that how it was supposed to work? If not, Will was, simply put, screwed.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Aria. Not Clara. Of course it isn't Clara. Stop trying to think it's Clara!! Xavier shook the thoughts out of his head, a small sigh following. "Aria…that's uh…a pretty name." Xavier mentally smacked himself on the head. Why did even come over here in the first place? It was just going to make him feel worse. He noticed she seemed a bit nervous-more than she should be. It's not like she messes up one thing around him and she's eliminated. He was barely allowed around the selected except for now and during meals, anyway! "Are…are you alright?"

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"Pleasure to meet you," Will replied. Anastasia had long, brown hair and beautiful bright eyes. She was tall, skinny, and looked like a model. "So, tell me about yourself," he probed. Hopefully, Anastasia would have an interesting life story-Will didn't think he could sit through 35 girls saying things like "I was born, I was raised, I came here."

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((I'm about to go off, sorry, but I'll be on in about an hour and a half or so))

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) ((XD I'm stalking Will and Azalea's conversation and I know exactly how each of my girls would answer, lol. Is that terrible? Maisie would be like Will and want a big family and a daughter, though she'd love a son too, one with Will's smile and her eyes.)) Andromeda was walking around, watching the crowd, not really talking to anyone. She wore a long purple gown that had a plummeting V-neck, something she was comfortable in but she was also showing that she was a beautiful, sexy woman. Most of the girls here were, too, but she wasn't afraid to show it. (view spoiler) Her frizzy hair was loose, falling down her shoulders in curls. She took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and stood by herself, sipping it gently. She was a mature woman, a graceful woman, someone who didn't care for small talk or a bunch of ditzy girls that she was convinced she'd never see again after this competition.

Sandra had gone with a bold red gown with expensive jeweled accents. She usually went with lighter colors, light blue or pink or lavender, but she had been overwhelmed with all the beautiful clothes she'd been offered and ended up in red. Now she was wondering if that was the right choice, and unfortunately her only friend so far was talking to the prince. (view spoiler)

A late Maisie was running down the stairs, murmuring excuses as she weaved through people. Somehow in heels, she didn't fall, and hurried into the Great Room. Reminding herself to slow down so she didn't look so terribly informal, she took a breath and walked in. She wore a sparkly dark blue dress that went to her knees, the hem in lace, with long sleeves. With it she had blue heels, slightly sheer with a ribbon flower on the toes, and barely noticeable but still there polka dots. Her hair had been straightened, falling down loosely to frame her face. She'd been late because the makeover had been so much fun, she'd seen everything. The clothes, the jewelry, more wealthy items than she'd ever seen in her life. She'd seen royals and rich people wear such things from afar, imagining herself in something as grand, but now she actually got to wear it. Even so, what she chose was surprisingly plain and simple. She wasn't even wearing any jewelry, just a heart locket around her neck, not even earrings. She didn't have any makeup, just some lipgloss, keeping it simple. (view spoiler) She gazed around the large, grand room, her lips parting in awe. She could feel her mouth go dry, her eyes widen. Sure, her mother had spoke of this room, having cleaned it before, but this... this was beautiful. And the she noticed how many people there were. The Selected, the royals, the guards. The room was packed, and it made her heart beat just a little bit faster as she stood alone, just watching everything. She was a little claustrophobic, but she could handle this... Right? Even so, she looked just a little bit more pale. Taking a glass of water from a waiter, she smiled at him and said a quiet, "Thank you." Sipping it gingerly as he, whoever he was, walked away.

The king slid into the room, his eye scanning the crowd for his blood sucking witch of a wife, Maeve. He didn't know that Maeve had Xavier's crush executed, but he didn't know half of her plots anymore. He wore a simple suit, his face freshly shaven, his hair wavy that night.

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Penn was well aware of how late she was, and had in a way planned for exactly that. A late arrival, while partially showing some irresponsibility, got everyone looking at her. Eyes on her meant that one set might as well be the Prince's, which was exactly what she wanted. Her heels clacked against the floor as she strode in, tossing her sleek black hair back. Lips rouged and spread in a grin, she headed to where the other Selection girls had seated themselves.

Graceful strides carried her over, and she lowered herself into a free seat. "Apologies for the late arrival," she proclaimed, just barely shrugging with a short chuckle.

Ron, on the other hand, had been one of the few to slip in quietly. She didn't want to be noticed, not in the slightest. She wanted nothing more than to fade into a recognizable invisibility, enough that the Prince would notice, but not go out of his way to speak with her just yet. A sigh left her lips as she took her seat, brushing back a stray strand of hair from her face.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments Xavier stopped. Everything stopped. His heartbeat, his breathing, the world around him. It's short for Clara… Xavier closed his eyes quickly, before taking a big breath. Of course. Whoever this girl was, she looked exactly like his Clara. Her name was apparently Clara. But it was impossible, because Clara was dead. And he couldn't trick himself or have any other trick done on him that could change that. "Sorry, that's…that's really nice, but…I have to go." Xavier turned around and ran a hand through his hair, and began slowly walking around the selected towards the door, his world coming back and crashing around him.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Sandra beamed at Azalea, giving her a careful hug in greeting. "Me? What about you! From what I saw, he liked you!" She told Azalea, pulling away from the hug to smile at her. "So? What's he like? I want to know everything." She said, needing something to talk about and focus on. Besides, a fear she'd had was that the prince might like her but she wouldn't like him. Maybe whatever Azalea thought of him would make her a little less fearful.

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Zaera slowly but confidently entered the Great Room. She realized immedietly that the prince had already started the first meetings. Zae walked over to a seat and fixed her beige skirt before sitting down. She was thinking about what she would say to the prince. Would she tell him about her sister? Zaera sat and thought about it until her head burned. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, attempting to calm herself down.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) ((Ooh, Anna, do you want me to introduce Kristin, my lesbian guard? I could have her patrolling the room.))

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Sandra rolled her eyes. "Az, that doesn't help at all. Could you be any more vague?" She sighed. "I guess I'll have to find out for myself." She explained. Looking at the prince from across the room, she made the brief comment, "I'm not sure that we're compatible. I mean, I don't know him yet, but appearance wise. I'm probably not his type, and I don't think he's my type... I might be pleasantly surprised though." She admitted, looking thoughtful.

Kristen, a guard, was patrolling the room. Even with just the royal family and the Selected, she was ever vigilant. Just because she liked to party and have fun didn't mean she couldn't be good at her job. Plus, she liked watching the Selected. She was filled in a room full of beautiful ladies, that was never a bad thing. The bombshell blonde was dressed in black. Black heeled boots, black leather pants, black turtleneck, black jacket. A gun was strapped to her waist, alongside a sheathed knife. Her blonde hair was loose, falling in messy curls down her shoulders. Her skin was newly tanned from a recent vacation, her lips had pink lip gloss. She was one of the few female guards, and she rocked it. (view spoiler)

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Kristen glanced up, seeing Juliette approach her with one of the Selected. Instead of curtsying like a lady would, she just dipped her head to them. "Lady Juliette, hello. And Lady..." She looked to Belle. She was pretty, Kristen realized, with her brown hair and beautiful eyes. Even so, she didn't get her hopes up. She assumed all the Selected were straight, and all of them had eyes for the prince. Moving on to conversation, she smiled at them both, "How is your evening? Is everything going well?" And then, briefly wondering why they were even paying attention to her, she asked, "Is there anything I can do for you two?"

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit)
Lily entered the great room and stared at the room in awe. She may have been a two who had seen a lot of elaborate places, but this certainly topped it. And it was beautiful. She wishes she had a camera to take of picture. Twirling a lose piece of hair around her finger nervously Lily surveyed the other Selected. They were all gorgeous and she idly wondered which one of them would win the selection. She wondered if it would be her. She didn't think so...but she'd certainly try. Call her optimistic or a hopelessly romantic fool, but she had personally came here as a chance to find love. Looking at her dress she wondered if she had made the right decision and decided that she yes he had. It was definitely her and not just something she wore because she wanted to be noticed. Not that being noticed was a bad thing, she just believed you also had to look yourself while doing it.

(view spoiler)

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Savannah (dssharris) Upon entering the great hall, Maiya couldn't help but widen her eyes in surprise. Of course she had seen many lovely places in her life, being a Two and everything, but the amount of money that must have been spent on this one room was more than most would earn in their lives. She didn't hold this against the royals, though. Well, not the living ones. This building was hundreds of years old and therefore she couldn't fault the Prince or his family for being greedy and snobbish... yet. Maiya guessed that in due time she would meet the Prince and be able to form her own opinion of him without having to rely on what the cameras led everyone to believe. She was perfectly willing, at that moment, to think that the Prince could either be stuck up, or genuinely caring. Hoping it was the latter, Maiya found that unlike last time she was now at the front of the group entering the room, her flowing dress billowing out to the sides every so slightly and giving her an even more graceful appearance than what she usual retained. Her positioning meant she was able to look at the entrance to watch the last few Selected girls enter along with the group. It wasn't too long before she saw that someone she recognized but didn't know personally had entered. From what Maiya could tell she had seen her on the television a few times, but she couldn't recall more than the fact she was a Two. The girls name thus far eluded her. "Hi," Maiya said brightly and walked over to the fellow Two, glad to finally have someone to speak with that didn't involve barging in on someone's conversation.
(view spoiler)

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit)
Turning around at someone's voice Lily saw another Selected behind her and smiled brightly. "Hello. I'm Lily." She told the girl offering her hand for a hand shake. Lily had always liked meeting new people. She just hoped that this girl wouldn't care that she was famous and treat her differently. Well that was if she even knew who she was. If she did know who she was though she hoped it was because of her singing career and not because of her mothers murder, because that was something she had no desire to talk about at all. Least of all with someone she didn't even know.

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((Wow, you guys were busy! I just got back))

ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Anastasia smiled, thinking of where to start. "Alright. Well I'm a six. I make dresses for a living—but not as flashy as this thing,"Anastasia said, holding the fabric of the ruffles in her fingers. "I have two sisters and two brothers, whom are all quite annoying, young and old. I like sweets too. It's kind of bad actually. "Anastasia said, frowning a bit at the thought. "How about you?" "

Will looked up to the ceiling, thinking of where to start. He thought it was nice how the girls were asking about him. From what his father told him, Will was expecting all of these girls to be only concerned about themselves. "Well," he began, "I'm the prince. That's kind of obvious. I live in the palace. I've only traveled twice-once to Swedenway, once to New Asia. I've got 5 siblings. My favorite color is blue. What else is there to say?"

/ / /

Princess Astrid came into the room, totally late. She'd been out in the gardens and knew that her brother was meeting the girls today. But, it was spring and the tulips had just bloomed and she couldn't resist! Anyways, Astrid was very, very late. She'd decided to be a bit more late than she would've been and dressed nicely. Astrid was wearing a short dress in a nice, light shade of pink. Her hair was down, per the usual, and she was wearing no makeup. (view spoiler)

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Maisie sipped her water, sitting on her own, her eyes sweeping the room when they fell on Will and Anastasia. She'd seen Will before, of course, both in person and on tv. But he looked so handsome tonight! She couldn't help but smile just by seeing him from a distance, looking a little less pale. Even so, she then focused on Anastasia. She was so pretty! All the girls were. Instead of being jealous, she couldn't help thinking, wow, they'd make such a cute couple.

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Will had to actually think about this question. What would he do if he wasn't the prince. "I think . . ." he continued, "I think I'd be a gardener." If that didn't shock her, he didn't know what would. Elaborating, Will said, "I mean, I've never really done much outside the palace. But I like flowers, and I like trees. I'd probably run my own gardening business, so that'd make me a Four. Yup, a Four."

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((Okay, official order for meetings with the prince:
If anybody would like to have their Selected girls go at different times rather than in a row, just tell me))

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Kristen's smile widened to show her pearly white teeth and she laughed lightly, "Darling, calm down." She told her, amused. "It's alright. And you didn't tell me your name yet. No need to apologize." She told her, reaching forward to give a comforting touch to her arm. However, she turned her attention to Juliette and nodded. "I'd be happy to, m'lady. Any Selected vying for your brother's heart is a friend to mine." She smiled, slightly flirtily, at Belle. "Anything you want is my command, Lady Belle."

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) ((Sure? Would you like to post first or shall I?))

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 480 comments ((Sorry guys, I'm back!))

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