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So, here we can make any important announcements. now, only i am allowed to make clear rules (sorry, but i am the creator of the group,) but the rest of you can come here to be like 'oh hey, i'm going on vacation for two weeks. Cya, suckers!' and stuff like that.

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So, first thing; i made the folders and stuff for a reason. Please stick to your folder, like, for example, if you're a human, don't go to the dragon beach unless you have a dragon friend accompanying you. because if you do, any dragon can just stroll by and eat you, and poof, your character is dead. Yeah, so I'm basically saying, 'If you're out in someone else's territory, they have the right to murder you.' Have fun now, children.

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AaAlSsSoO, I froze all the character-making places. Please create a topic for your characters, and once everybody has put all their characters in their topic, you can make more again.

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Lol sure just make sure to put a quick description of their personality and stuff so we know.

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Also guys, i might make a zoom meeting one day and post the link here so ya'll can join. Maybe. One day. Hopefully.

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I already knew that.

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not surprising, really. you just seem like such a gay guy lol

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Marethyu The God of Aether Dude i respect you, go howler

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Marethyu The God of Aether lolrlbwaly
(laugh out loud really loud because we all love you)

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Marethyu The God of Aether trademark

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