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message 1: by J. (new)

J. Tyler (itsjtyler) | 6 comments Good afternoon,
my book, No One's Hero, has recently published through KDP and I would like for the old cover art to be taken down (or the entire old edition if that's possible. I'm new here so please forgive me if I'm ignorant.)
I much prefer the new cover art and would like that to be what any and all potential readers see.
I also noticed there is a typo in the books description (a leftover from a typo originally in the desc of the published page.)
Line 2 - He wants a queit, normal life.

Summary - I would like the cover art from the Amazon page to be the only cover art available on the good reads page, and would like the typo removed.
Reference Amazon:

Thank you so much for your help, and I'm sorry to bother you all with this.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44174 comments Mod
Goodreads does not delete out-of-print books or editions. Please see and

However, as the author, you have the ability to change which edition of the book is the default, which will show on your author profile. Here's how:

message 3: by J. (new)

J. Tyler (itsjtyler) | 6 comments rivka wrote: "Goodreads does not delete out-of-print books or editions. Please see and https://help.goodread..."

Thank you very much. I appreciate you.

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