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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
If you prefer to have your messages turned off but were wondering what was going on, this is your spot. When the Mods send out a message that you want to see, you can check here!

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
From: Ruby Rose
Sent October 14 2020:

Hi everyone! We have two BOTMs this month! Please read them if you can and if you write a review share it on the page for the BOTM you just read! Our two books are:

The Way You Make Me Feel:
Tell Me Three Things:

We also have Buddy Reads up and running! Sign up here:

Remember to have fun and invite friends to this group! I am always open to suggestions, and would love to chat about ideas!

One of your Mods:
-Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
From: Ruby Rose
Sent December 4th 2020:

Hello everyone!

Our next botm is: Eleanor and Park! Feel free to read and join us to discuss here:

If everyone could try to make this group a bit more active again that would be awesome! I miss chatting about books with everyone.

Thank you for taking time to read this!
-Ruby Rose

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Emilie Chase (emilierosechase) | 128 comments Is Eleanor and Park clean as far as scenes, words, etc. go?

message 5: by Ruby Rose, Small Blessings Count :) (last edited Dec 06, 2020 01:35PM) (new)

Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
I have been looking through some questions and I have found these, though I know that Rainbow Rowell can sometimes be not clean, as well as I haven't read any of her books yet.


But if it works better, I can add the 2nd top one and let everyone know there is content (not romance wise) but more mature stuff (abuse and such). Lmk

message 6: by Emilie (new)

Emilie Chase (emilierosechase) | 128 comments Thanks so much for that. I think it would be best to add the second one on top just as a trigger warning about the abuse, and neglect type topics it had in it. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to look those questions up for me! ☺️

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
No problem! I am glad to help :)

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
From: Ruby Rose
Sent: February 26 2021

Hello Everyone!

First off, I apologize, I totally forgot about the February BOTM, though I have a poll made for our March BOTM.

Please invite your friends! Thank you to whichever MOD added a friend challenge in.

So I know everyone is very busy becuase there is such things as work, school, and life other than online, but all I ask is a few posts a week. This group was really wonderful when everyone was posting a tiny bit. I would really enjoy it if we make this group even semi-active for those of us who want to chat about books. I can't answer everything and do it by myself. That isn't a group.

I hope your week has been going wonderfully! Stay safe,
-Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
from: 97693162 Ruby Rose
to: 97693162 Ruby Rose
subject: [Clean Romance Book Group.] Botm for March/April!
message: Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry that it has taken me almost a whole month to get this out, but I have had a lot going on. Here is the link to this BOTM discussion spot.


(I am having some issues posting discussion topics so the BOTM topic will not be there until tomorrow or the day after, sorry)

We have 362 members! Keep inviting! Thanks! Also, if you could try to post 2 times a day/week that would be so awesome, even if it is only to share a review (here: or give us an update on your book you are reading or thoughts on a book you read (here: that would be great.

Happy Reading

This message is from the moderators of the Clean Romance Book Group. group.
Leave this group.

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
Sent: July 18th 2021
Written by: Ruby Rose

Hello! In case anyone doesn't know me, I'm Ruby, feel free to add the "Rose" on but that's just my middle name, so I won't be offended.

Anyways, I have noticed that this group has been really inactive, and I guess it's partially my fault... I just kind of stopped being active myself.

So, since it's mid-summer, I promise to try and get this group up and running... will you help me?

I will:
-Start up the BOTM voting.
-Add more polls.
-Try to pull the games back together.
-Edit our crazy amount of discussions.

If you have any suggestions, have no interest in something, or want me to remove something, add something, comment, are confuzzled with something, ect. Message me, or chat with me in my discussion.

Also, as of next week on Sunday, any MODs that are not active/haven't messaged me with an excuse will be removed until they become active. Again, any questions or comments, please get in contact with me somehow.

Thank you!
My discussion chat thread can be found here:

-Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
Sent: July 31st 2021
Written by: Ruby Rose

Hello again everyone!

So the BOTM (Book of the Month) for August is Anna and the French Kiss! @Library Queen thanks for letting us know that the 3rd book in this series is IS NOT clean. You can find the discussion here:

If you are willing to lead this discussion please message me. I tried to find the two people who put that they would be willing to lead a BOTM discussion, but after I tried my computer has started to become SUPER slow. Sorry!

A message to all MODs- If I have removed you and you want to rejoin our group of MODs, then please message me. Also, if I notice that other MODs are not active throughout this week, I will be removing more. If you would like to be considered for a MOD position, please answer the questions here:

Sadly, the votes have come in and the author discussion spots have been voted out. I will still be leaving them but adding them to the bottom of the group page. I totally just deleted the folder, so sorry... I will be adding the folder back in soon, and then I can tell you I finished. Haha.

If you know of any other fun things we can do as a group please let a mod know!

Also please let me know if I am missing something.

Oh, and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE!!! If you haven't invited your friends, please do, so we can share the clean romance.

Thank you!
-Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose | 1156 comments Mod
Hello Everyone!

Long time no talk! I've been really busy over the past few months, but I hope to be more involved over the summer so we can see if we can get this group back up and running.

I hope everyone's been doing okay and staying positive! Feel free to make some comments in discussions that may start some conversations back up.

Also, I can't remember what our last member count was, but we are over 400 right now! Keep inviting friends and answering book questions that may lead people to us!

I promise not to send a million messages out, I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that I will try not to ignore Goodreads.


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