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The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1)
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Sofia (sofloaf) | 212 comments I just got my copy of The Cruel Prince, my most highly anticipated novel of 2020! Is it overrated or outstanding?

Ashi | 191 comments It's okay. Other than Jude(who is amazing), there weren't a lot of memorable characters. But if you like enemies to lovers, then this is probably the best book ever. For me, I'm not a fan of enemies to lovers, so it wasn't that great. But the scheming and the drama is definitely outstanding.

Lillyyy | 253 comments Overrated. I know people hype up the enemies to lovers, but I really don't want to go through the mindless pages of plot that's just going to change every 50 pages. @Ashi I like almost all drama, I just found this really immature for what age they were supposed to be. I really don't know whether people consider this YA or middle grade, and I went into it thinking it would be YA and I was disappointed. I also kind of found all of the characters to be really annoying, sadly most of all Jude. I could rant a lot more about this but I'm going to stop because if I keep going I'm probably never going to stop

Sofia (sofloaf) | 212 comments Enemies to lovers is my thing. I'm probably going to love this.

@Lilly - I think it's YA. I'll read it soon and find out

Ashi | 191 comments @Lilly I'm pretty sure this is YA. I didn't feel like MG to me. But yes, Taryn and Locke were super annoying. @Sofia you probably will enjoy this then!

Lillyyy | 253 comments Maybe I should've read farther into it before dnfing because I kind of want to see the enemies to lovers now

Ashi | 191 comments Wait you didn't finish this? How far into it were you? Because the first half of the book is really slow, but it gets so much better later on

Lillyyy | 253 comments I think I had about 100 pages left so I was farther than half way

Amelie | 1318 comments I actually enjoyed this series, and I really liked the enemies-to-lovers romance. Then again, I’m a huge sucker for enemies-to-lovers romances in YA books so that’s probably not that surprising...

Lillyyy | 253 comments Will somebody tell me which book the enemies to lovers starts in???

Amelie | 1318 comments The first book...It’s present throughout the trilogy

Sofia (sofloaf) | 212 comments Now I'm so excited XD

message 13: by Ashi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ashi | 191 comments @Lilly when you read the book, did you read the part where (view spoiler)

Lillyyy | 253 comments Yeah I got to the part she found the note thing with her name on it a bunch of times

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