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message 1: by Angella (new)

Angella Graff | 3 comments Hi, I need to have some old covers updated to new ones if possible. I'm adding links to the images on my public FB page.

My profile is here

And the link to my cover album is here :

The covers that need updating are The Awakening, Judas Kiss, Cry Nike, and Alexandra Fry, Private Eye: Curse of the Lion's Heart

If I need to do this a different way, please let me know. I don't have the covers archived anywhere else online presently but I can probably upload them to another site if need be.


message 2: by Paula (last edited Jan 19, 2015 01:41PM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments GR does not delete / change covers on published books but adds alternate cover editions. You can set the default edition by following the instructions in msg4 in the link below

Are the covers changing on all formats of the books? Kindle, Paperback and ebook or only some?

If only some please indicate which formats for each book

Alternate Cover Editions created for Kindle Editions only if others have changed post the details for some one to create new editions

message 3: by Angella (new)

Angella Graff | 3 comments Okay. And yes my books changed covers on all platforms, paperback and ebook, and for all venues the book is sold. I was just hoping to have the new covers displayed.

Thanks for your help.

message 4: by Angella (new)

Angella Graff | 3 comments Okay my only question is how to add an additional cover. When I went to add images to the book itself the message said that feature was not for book covers, but rather for images related to the books. I can certainly change the default edition, just not sure how to get the updated versions added on there as alternate covers.


message 5: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments #4 - You just create a new edition by using the "add a new edition" link on the book page. When you do that make note of the ASIN/ISBN in the description, but do not put it in the ISBN/ASIN field.

If you do not feel comfortable doing that, just post it here and somebody will take care of it.

message 6: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments You can see the alternate cover editions for your kindle editions by going each book page and selecting to view all editions link under the little book cover images, you will then get a list like this

You can then see the edition with the new cover - select that edition and follow the instructions in the link I gave in msg 2 to set the default edition.

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