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message 1: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
This thread is for people who have finished the book and do not want to have to worry about spoiling it for me. Since I may be the only person in this bookclub who has not finished it yet. :(

message 2: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Lawrence | 16 comments I read it when it first came out. It was okay.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (berliad) | 106 comments I also read it about the time it was released. I did leave some comments in my e-book as I read it, but I've been really stretched for time lately and haven't been able to page through the first few chapters.

My overall view is that this was the best book so far in the "Companions" series (Companions, Night of the Hunter, and Rise of the King). War makes for a great backdrop for Salvatore's style, and it was a lot of fun to read. Things are not going well for the Fine Folk of the Silver Marches, and I was surprised how unstoppable the orcs and their drow puppet-masters seemed in this book.

I was very happy to see Spider take the spotlight back in this book. He was easily the most interesting of the "good guys" in the Companions, and he sort of faded into the background in the previous book. This book has him doing all kinds of neat things: infiltrating goblin warrens, fearlessly leading efforts to sabotage the enemy's plans from within, and then, to top it off, rescuing Wulfgar from what looked like near-certain doom. He's just been awesome, and such a wonderful addition to Salvatore's novels. I am getting a little tired of his occasional repetitive pining for his lost love on the other side of the world; it'd be nice if *something* would happen to advance that plot line, one way or another.

My major objection from Night of the Hunter--Catti-brie's assertion that orcs and their ilk are inherently evil, without shades of gray, cannot be reasoned with, and just need to be killed--continued to get some showtime here. Drizzt seems to struggle with it some, so I guess that's good. I'm still sort of holding out hope that Salvatore will surprise and show some indication that this isn't absolutely true, or even mostly true, even if sometimes it is.

This book feels a little like the Empire Strikes Back novel by the end. The good guys tried, but largely failed in their efforts. But despite major losses, things still could have been worse...and perhaps there's still some hope. There are still the Dwarves. And something is brewing with Jarlaxle by the book's end... it'll be fun to see what it is.

message 4: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Lawrence | 16 comments I'm a huge fan of Forgotten Realms, but the Drizzt books don't hold me like they used to. Sometimes I feel RAS is removed from the rest of the Realms. I still love Drizzt as a character, and I will continue to read the books,, they stopped being as good.

I too am curious to see what happens with Jarlaxle

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