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message 1: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas (nik89) | 20 comments Greetings! I've written a manuscript and I desperately need input!

The world darkens, not only within hearts but also the far reaches of the land as well. Lawlessness creeps forward, taking advantage of the grim clouds that begin to blot out the sun. Being estranged, the kingdoms of Men and Tir'ili have no answer.
Amidst it all, a star falls from the heavens, and within it's cold exterior cry out many anguished, unintelligible voices. Who are they? And what do they want? One thing seems certain: whoever or whatever they are, their arrival is beyond circumstance.
It is this riddle that Agono of the house Amariol is tasked to find answers. His path can only be one of pain and injustice. His name will be scorned, and it will be praised. He and his loyal friends will uncover the hand that manipulate their world, and expose it's hubris. Only time will tell if it was all in vain since the beginning.

message 2: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas (nik89) | 20 comments Forgot to mention it's about 100k words, but if someone would like to try it out for a chapter or two that would be fine. I am looking for a full manuscript read but I understand mine is quite lengthy.

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