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Follow Train sorta?

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Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
So I've seen this thing called a follow train in another group where basically you post your blog link and then you follow everyone else's link on the page. However I thought this could get super super hectic, like I for one don't want to follow hundreds of blogs (depending on how long this is). So I'm modifying it so you only have to follow 2 blogs when you post your blog here. I'll post my blog first and then follow two blogs once there's an amount of blogs to choose one.
Obviously there's no way for us to know if you've actually followed anyone but please, be a decent human or animal or alien or mythical creature or whatever you are and follow the rules.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Here's my blog, Books with Wings:

message 3: by katie ❀ (new)

katie ❀ (whisperngpages) | 96 comments Mod
This is my blog - The Storybook Sisters


Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Lemme reiterate, you gotta follow two new blogs. For example since I’m already following Katie @thestorybooksisters I can’t say that her blog is one of those that I followed. Just saying!

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Aaaack I still haven't followed two blogs from here....okay I'mma follow Sibella and Em (because I already follow Katie) and I hope that eventually other people will use this!

message 7: by Lillyyy (last edited Oct 23, 2020 01:56PM) (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Here's my blog! https://lillyslittlelibrary288071774....
And I'm going to go follow Phoenix and Em

message 8: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Wait nvm I'm already following Phoenix. Let me see...

message 9: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Now I'm following Em and Sibella

message 10: by Sibella (new)

Sibella | 9 comments Lilly wrote: "Now I'm following Em and Sibella"

I followed you back Lilly! And I also followed Phoenix, I'm just waiting on emails to confirm my subscription

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Huh, they didn't come? That's really weird. Not sure you're following me. That's super weird, when I tried (I have accidentally followed my own blog at least twice because I was seeing if the button worked, lol) the email came right away.

message 12: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Yeah same here. Huh

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Sibella can you do me a favor and tell me....what button you pressed to follow? Like there's different follow buttons on different pages and which one, if you remember?
I'm having difficulty with the follow button. Like when it's in edit mode, the widget shows that people have to enter their email to follow but when it's not in edit mode there's just a button you click.

message 14: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Oooh I was wondering about that. I wasn't sure if I could just use the email follow, and it would show the normal follow because that's what I thought happened before. Hmm

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Yeah I'm confused about all the follow buttons aaah

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Of you're signed into wordpress, it shows a button. If you're not, it says to input your email. So that even people who don't have a wordpress account can follow your blog. So it should work either way.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) | 342 comments Mod
Well yeah I know that....I think that Sibella doesn't have a wp account? And I have a widget thing for people to follow. But it doesn't say to put in your email, it's just a button that says to follow. Yet when I'm still editing it, it says that you input your email. Aaaaah

message 18: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy | 60 comments Oh, thanks Sunny. Well now that makes a lot more sense

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